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Write for me nurse practitioner capstone project examples

Write for me nurse practitioner capstone project examples write for me internet of things term origin good bug report example [Music] there was also this moment when the president went after senator Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas they always want me to apologize for saying it let's say I'm debating Pocahontas right I promise you I'll do this I will take you know those little kits they sell on television for two dollars learn your heritage we will take that little kit and say but we have to do it gently because we're in the me two generations who have to be very gentle and we will very gently take that kid and we will slowly toss it hoping it doesn't hit her and injure her arm the president then said he'd give a million dollars to Warren's favorite charity if the DNA test proved she was quote Indian well senator Warren responding on Twitter hey Donald Trump while you obsess over my genes your administration is conducting DNA tests on little kids because you ripped them from their mamas and you were too incompetent to reunite them in time to meet a court order maybe you should focus on fixing the lives you're destroying neither one of the mincing words they're joining me now Ron Brownstein CNN senior political analyst and Amy parn CNN political analyst neither one is known for mincing words either we should point out there as we as we look at all of this and if we just start with those me two comments what's remarkable is that the president is is honestly showing he still doesn't understand what the me2 movement is about joking about DNA tests when legitimately they are being used to figure out who children are that have been separated under his own policies from their parents at the border also these calls for proof talking about Pocahontas again it's impossible to miss the racist nativist undertones there but Amy none of this is new as we said and it's not really surprising the question is does it still work in 2018 no I mean one thing I think that's noteworthy is that he's focusing on Elizabeth Warren so I think it shows that he's worried about maybe opposing her in 2020 I think it's the the 2020 race has actually begun it started earlier I know no one wants to talk about 2020 yet because 2018 is still right around the corner but it really hasn't it shows that he is kind of worried about her it shows also that he's worried about the left and what's happening on the left and the movement there and so I think that's why he's singling her out and he singled out Kamala Harris the other day on Twitter the White House did so it shows kind of who they're looking to oppose I think in 2020 it is the rah I mean it's red meat vote both to his Basinger anybody who opposes the president right so yes we've seen it play out before the big question is what comes next Michelle Obama famously saying when they go low we go high going high doesn't work going low against this president doesn't work so what are we left with well look I mean I think we're a long you know it always amazes me that people say well why can't president Trump stay on message why can't he tout the economy or the administration agenda why does he constantly pick these personal cultural fights many many of them racially themed with racial coding and signaling and the reason is because that is the message you know this is not a bug this is a feature he believes it is in his interest to be in a constant succession of conflicts many of them as I said racially themed because he believes it's signals to his voters that he will fight for them against all the forces they believe are arrayed against them and when you talk about me to by the way if you look at Trump voters including the large number of blue-collar white women who voted for Trump they tend to be more resistant to kind of the changing gender roles and are in our society they're the problem for the president is this is not cost-free there was an incredible Erica poll result this week you may have seen when Quinnipiac University asked and probably the most stark possible phrasing you can use is President Trump a racist is racist is he racist and 49% of Americans a plurality said yes including about 80% of African Americans over 60% of Millennials and half of college-educated whites so on the one hand he believes this is stoking his base and in fact it may be doing that for aspect of his base but there is a real cost and it will most likely be paid by the Republicans in white collar suburban districts or at the epicenter of vulnerability for the GOP in November let me just pick up on that point though the cost that could be paid is that enough of a cost that you actually see it impacting what we hear and see from this president no no and and you know he has made very clear I think for you know there have been other presidents who have been credibly accused of sliding the voters outside of their base kind of ignoring the interests of the parts of America or sliding them that did not vote for them President Trump goes a big step further than I believe into waters that we have never seen before where he views the parts of the the the groups and the and the regions that did not vote for him in effect as a foil as a target as someone to attack as a way of mobilizing and consolidating his base I you know I often joke that he's so popular among Republicans because there's a wartime president the but the war is in his mind aimed at blue America both in policy and rhetoric so I think you continue to see him doubling down he believes that the way forward in 2018 is to reverse the usual decline in turnout from the president's party certainly the way forward in 2020 is to mobilize more of his base there has been so little about this presidency of anything both rhetorically and in policy that is aimed at voters who did not support him the first time in fact as I said he is more likely to view them as a foil as a target and a way to kind of consolidate the places where he is strongest older blue-collar evangelical non-urban voters and that is the pattern and I do not see anything deviating from it between now and 2020 the other thing that's interesting in this pattern and we heard a little bit of it you know once again calling up John McCain and his vote but also going after the thousand points of light from President George HW Bush I do want to point out george w bush's former press secretary Ari Fleischer tweeting this is so uncalled for going after a 94 year old former president's promotion of volunteerism I don't mind POTUS being a fighter I do mind him being rude Amy even that coming from Ari Fleischer though we've note we've seen that when more established Republicans as we know if they do not fall in line with this president and even see mark Sanford for most recent example it you know it it bites them yeah and and that's true and but I do think that it is actually affecting a lot of Republicans there are some Republicans that I've heard from even in recent days saying what is he doing you know he's attacking the former president he's doing these things with separating families these are things that are not helpful to them going into 2018 and so he's actually doing things even talking about the me2 movement you know he he hasn't really talked about that recent at all since this movement has come up because he knows that it affects him and his and what he's done in his indiscretions so I think these are all things that actually do affect the Republican Party and what they stand for and you're hearing little rumblings from Republicans saying none of this is helpful going into 2018 so even though it is a dog whistle I think that's that's how some filled the interesting to see if more say it publicly Amy parents Ron Brownstein always appreciate the conversation thank you capstone project insurance company Tisch School of Arts.

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