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Write for me nau capstone mechanical engineering

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testimony of chase Stockman and Rhys Gardner the defense's bone witness both chase Stockman Aires Gardner told you that GHB causes many symptoms including dizziness loss of consciousness in coma all of which Joey Davis undisputedly suffered and both of these expert witnesses said he had more than enough GHB in his system to cause each and every one of those symptoms now furthermore chase Tuchman told you that princess beads cause Julie Davis's death and the defense's own witness again said that was the most likely cause of jewett Eva's death we don't have to meet this with scientific certainty we must only prove that is more likely than not and we have done so today ladies and gentlemen the defendant's violation of law absolutely directly cause Joey Davis's harm so did the defendants violation of the law proximately caused Joey Davis's harm for this consider the material safety data sheet that we brought before you today now proximate cause really means could a defendant have foreseen 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land toy company budgeted the law women put one for butanediol on their product the princess beads now opposing counsel just came before you and he talked a lot about how we couldn't even say for certain that Joey Davis died from the princess beads but that's not the only harm he suffered in today's case let me recount for you again that he was dizzy he seized he vomited and he fell into a coma and both medical experts that took to the stand today said that those were all consistent with GHB or ifs and then Joey Davis absolutely had enough GHB in a system to cause every single one of those symptoms their violation of law absolutely cause jus Davis's harm now opposing counsel also presented to you the affirmative defense of comparative fault they're trying to save it Brett Miller could have done more with an Andy Davis Joey's mother could have done more but consider the fact that if happy land to a company had not coated their product in this dangerous chemical and Brett Miller had left 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