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Write for me modules 4 7 sam capstone project 1a

Write for me modules 4 7 sam capstone project 1a do my capstone project ideas economics pre sentence reports for youths ´╗┐okay confession time the reason I picked strong arms of the mall to review is because I actually kind of like it it's an episode I look forward to when rewatching the middle seasons but I also hate it I hate what it becomes and how close they got to being something truly special it's like this a beautiful train wreck of an episode I can't stop looking at I feel like this episode is special and unique because it's one of the rare cases where something truly bad happens to one of the characters the show usually avoids plots like these since such heavy subject matter can weigh down the comedy but strong arms of the Maude treats the situation with gravitas taking a moment to demonstrate how shaken marches by her mug it's heartbreaking how she returns to the carnot days and immediately breaks down there's a lot of melancholy moments of marge sitting quietly by herself in the basement i really like the design choice to have our attacker wearing a goofy hat it's a nice juxtaposition of silly childlike elements with a character like this they do a nice job of keeping this scene relatively brief and not dwelling on it or anything this is a Simpsons episode still not six feet under he just rips her pearls and leaves the absence of Marge's necklace is a smart visual touch immediately conveying to the audience that marge is different now she looks weirdly naked without the pearls it's quite unsettling how such a slight model change can mess with our senses so much in general I think they do a good job balancing this heavy story concept with lighter jokes the Rainier Wolf Castle auction sets things up well and contains some amusing moments I really loved the tetris joke in particular I always kind of forget that it's in this episode after the mugging happens they do stuff like recreating the kwik-e-mart with Bart doing it with to oppression and Lisa being stuck as the newsroom homer completely mucking up his attempt to calm down Marge and then there's the whole air hockey thing it's not the funniest episode in the world but the jokes generally land as a whole a lot of good stuff in here I also really like how they integrate the weights into the story buying them in the opening set piece and then just kind of forgetting about them until later the Rainier Wolf Castle thing doesn't directly linked into the mugging other than getting Homer out of the way they don't always connect back to the opening set piece in a meaningful way so I really like how this one came together probably the most refreshing thing about this episode is that Marge gets to empower herself she starts weightlifting almost out of boredom but you can kind of wrap your mind around how she could find quiet comfort in that solitary activity lifting way to something Marge can control I like that Marge can prove to herself that she is strong and can overcome her environment obviously after such an experience seeking therapy or counseling could help Marge significantly but I also like the portrayal that Marge is able to find her inner strength I don't know I might be over emphasizing this aspect it's just that the show kind of beats up Marge sometimes and doesn't really give her enough chances to shine this is around where my compliments for this episode and because I really really hate where they decide to go afterwards I can get behind the idea of Marge even after getting buff and muscular to be overcompensating because logically she doesn't want to feel afraid anymore which implies that she's still not completely over her attack or something but it's not really portrayed that way they get the attacker out of the way almost immediately and his memory doesn't really hot Marge anymore it reads more as Marge just suddenly becoming obsessed with getting super muscular and taking steroids the introspection is gone whisked away by a few punches the closest thing we get to that is her freak out at Moe's at the end and while I do love any chance to break out the Adagio for Strings her roid rage is so disconnected with her original attack it comes off as more random and arbitrary March doing steroids doesn't say anything about Marge as a now I've never seen that spongebob episode that's like this one but it does have a lot in common with an old Hey Arnold short from back in the day in that episode Arnold gets mugged by some guy and his grandma teaches him karate is self-defense then he starts defending his classmates himself but then he gasp starts going too far and eventually beats up this random guy just asking for directions the whole thing is a pretty simplistic progression of events it's a showing that kids after all but what works about the Hey Arnold episode is that they keep connecting his motivations together he keeps bowing to get back at that guy everything flows the character turn is understood by the audience I don't think the episode necessarily has to be structured in only this manner like I don't think it was necessarily wrong to get margin attacker out of the way early they just needed to do a better job of keeping him around as a motivating idea Marge's decision to take steroids should clearly be motivated by her past events not because random muscular Ruth powers says they're cool in fact I don't really like the steroids in this episode at all I think steroids is a plot element are a little cheap what is the final message going to be that people shouldn't take steroids okay way to step out on a limb I think a more vanilla message of Marge taking our hobby too far and losing connection with Homer would be just as effective and more relatable in general we want to get cringy scenes of Marge raping Homer and then Homer commenting how much shaving Marge needs to do to the following morning that is something I don't need in my life the joke is obviously meant to fly off of reverse gender dynamics it's just really depressing and uncomfortable seeing a loving couple reduce to this it's a very rare appearance of jerk ass March and it took steroids to get her there now I'll grant them that the bodybuilding competition has some funny jokes like the talent competition the piano and Marge's muscular ears I think the bodybuilding angle is a little off-putting in general because the model changes can be a little weird to look at after well I don't know I'm kind of mixed on this topic in particular I think there is good satire here and they hit on a lot of it it just feels like a disconnected topic for a family sitcom to cover and for the Simpsons 300th episode no less no wonder they fudged it and made the Tony Hawk episode number 300 instead so yeah I think this is one of those where they just went too far with the concept but I really do think there's a gold nugget idea in here I don't want to turn the show into a sappy Lifetime movie or something but there is a real chance to say something interesting about Marge here and still frame it in that ironic and funny Simpsons way I think there's still some fun to be had in Marge becoming obsessive about exercising they just didn't stop when they probably should have it's a shame I still find something compelling about strong arms of the mall and I think it's definitely worth re-watching but overall I guess I find it more interesting than good capstone turbine products order Stern College for Women, Murray Hill, Manhattan.

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