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Write for me mhra white paper on data integrity

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childhood sexual abuse with a long-standing character charity Dingell here tell us more please welcome the actress who plays charity in Atkins [Applause] yeah we've been part of the South roads almost 20 years yeah I got the job when I finish you need what I was still doing regression depressed it's like my extended family yeah and obviously you know Emma deal has not shied away from tackling some serious and and pertinent subjects when you her and your character miss a pass Bennett that the heart some of them when you heard that this was going to be your latest storyline what did you think I was a mixture of delighted and scared delighted because I think it's important to challenge yourself as an actress but then the nature of the subject is so tough you've got to you owe it to the audience to commit some element of truth to it and how do you do that you know luckily I've never suffered from any kind of abuse so it's a matter of finding how to play it how to picture right to make it suitable as possible so I was a little scared yeah I guess you have to really there's been loads of stuff in my I think you know say for everyone we can all connect to loss where we've felt them out fear you know and I guess you you've got images we've all got images in our life a way that we can all go about that moment when that happened so that by but at the end of the day I've got to come back to my character and who she is and that all the history is kind of there anyway yeah and then obviously you've got this monster in the closet and it's been done as a flashback episode yeah very stylized I did forint very special episode I'm really proud to be part of it actually and yeah again so yeah yeah it's just all the emotion that you've got to do but I always bring it back did you know what I'm playing this role I'm not living it and and you do have a duty really to the audience to just play as truthfully as possible so I did work hard whatever let's have a look we've actually got a little a little clique it's going to be on tomorrow night at at seven o'clock we've got a little preview for you [Music] [Music] [Music] so that's your that's charity but as a teenager yes Alicia Potter he was brilliant by the way she comes in it's more visual than she she speaks she tells the story visually and charity I'll narrate the story really of charges past so it's it's very stylized and unusual but I think it will be good for subjects like that because it's so important to get it right but then also in a way so people would might go over that so it's a soap opera and you know you're trivializing something but actually you have such big audiences that it really raises awareness completely does and I think all the steps at the moment are doing such a brilliant job in connecting to people out there and show them but I think people are drawing comfort from a lot of the stuff that you know the dementia storyline it's okay to show families you know having this dysfunction through ailments or you know historical news and and I think maybe invites discussion to open things up and in he's saying because I don't do it but and people have got Michelle does Twitter and she's shown miss Michelle who plays Vanessa has shown me some of the feedback the fact that there's a gay storyline at the moment to chatting Vanessa I've fallen in love and people are really finding that and lovely to see two middle-aged women you know and regardless of what sex they are it's just a lovely little story but then you've got this on social media crazy but to the point where you yeah you can read comments and go I've got like somebody put on Twitter I'm so touched by this storyline because I you know I've been abused by a member of my own family and when you read that you just think you know it's just insane the stuff that goes on and so you do have a duty to to commit to storylines and work hard and and makes them believable and it's tough character the same character for 20 years how'd you then leave there and just - a mom thing and then all of it goes up to be fair when you've got excessive emotional things you can't just switch off you do go home and you a bit you're totally exhausted yeah but the end of the day I love my job and it's you know I feel like the writers make it easy but yeah I've got my dog my child and suddenly real life responsibilities yeah he is it's just he just turned 3 year on your birthday which is know he's born on the 19th March mines yeah he was just born just before - well we have to we have to say you're doing a wonderful job as is Emmerdale [Applause] on our website so we mention that you've been playing charity tinkle for an awful long time so we thought well we can't let you you know come here tell us all about your character without testing you what can I just say that I'm good this could be a massive epic fail because that was short so Moe is amazing okay how many last names his charity had and can you name them or how many last 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