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Write for me meaning of the word capstone

Write for me meaning of the word capstone verizon internet of things report 2016 how many words should be in a research paper ´╗┐hey guys Roger Roger to 187 here and today I'm doing an amazing coin in boxing now I did get this off of ebay again I've been looking on eBay for some pretty good cheap coins and this package I'm really excited for because it actually has King George the third coin in it from late 1700s so I'm really excited about that and um before I get in that I want to give a shout out to ducek digger he has been with the channel for a while and she won't give shoutouts and I'm probably going to leave a link to his channel in the description so check out his channel and if I'm not able to leave a link just look up ducek digger his channels awesome he's a metal detecting youtuber he found a lot of cool stuff and just go check out his channel my desk is a mess right now so don't mind that but but let's just get into the unboxing because I'm really excited so we're going to open this little package here alright Oh [Music] dad okay well this is the King George token but we will get into this this will be last time this show I can't get over that oh man this is even better than the first dang corn that we okay I'm sorry guys I am so excited for this I really cannot believe I found this deal it actually was a really good deal too and I actually got a little bit of coins and they're really extremely old and my mom only paid $25 for him so I did watch your chores to pay it off but man guys alright so right now I guess we'll go over the little bag of coins here I'll save this little bag um this is what is tricky 25 currents from Turkey it is a 2009 coin so it's not that old it is P cool I don't have that many coins from Turkey so I mean it's always nice to get that 1994 Barbados one dollar oh that's actually a cool coin it's one of those well not flying fish but one of those fish that you know stand there for a little while and then they jump back into the ocean that's actually really cool coin this is a Barbados coin so and I think it is Caribbean my dad actually has a Barbados coin in his coin collection so it's nice to get a Barbados coin I wanted a barbados coin my dad's barbados coin though it's different looking it has a different style but this one's flying fish that's actually a really cool coin that's really cool right here we have oh is this a Chinese coin looks to be there is a Chinese coin right here that's pretty cool I always enjoy getting Chinese coins ideal one way we opened it up unboxed a couple videos ago here's an Australian penny now I already have an Australian penny this one looks the date on many movies I want to put it dang it oh let me find it oh well I'll look at I'll look at the date later I can't find it right now but I may sell this on eBay if it's the same or is the 1959 one peso coin Argentina I have another Argentinian Argentina coin except it's smaller so yeah that's that's pretty cool one I'm in Queen Elizabeth coin this one is a 1959 one shilling Queen Elizabeth it's pretty cool coin actually this is odd-looking coin Netherlands 1945 so that's right I thought that just looked a bit odd for a second because look at the back looks kind of ancient I thought what the heck no it's just a quote from Argentina in 1945 oh well no Netherlands I'm sorry excuse me yeah that's actually really cool coin right there right here see in pay set house maybe 1983 coin it's always nice to get foreign clients I enjoy foreign coins especially when they're old to 1950 coin from low floors is from farthing right now this obviously don't know as a bird on the back here's this Canadian pono this is a new penny so it is British 1975 new penny from Great Britain tents and tables centavos is from Brazil it is a 1967 coin so that actually is really cool right here we have a coin from Cigna pork from 1970 is a 10 cent coin has the little seahorse on the back this is in 1938 this 5 cent coin from Belgium that actually is really cool so yeah that's actually a neat little bag of coins right there so now let's get into the cased poins now I do have a coin like this already this is making forget except the one I have is from 1970 so it's not therefore it's not silver it's nice to get a silver one and a red good one so that's actually a really cool coin right there actually in pretty good condition as well children how old it is so here is a Israel Israel coin from when was this from um can we tell can we see that very well is it stuck in there I have to open this case and fix it 25 it's pretty cool here is a 1950 Great Britain coin with King George on it King George what what is this King George this yes King Georgia says get out to preview neat coin it's got the penny design on it right here you have a what is this actually 1943 have shilling for oh wow this is from East Africa it looks kind of silvery so it may be so but that's not man that's actually really cool I have a coin from Africa that's British as well this is a British coin from East Africa this one is a really neat coin but this one dang that's pretty cool actually tried out the Glen I apologize for that there is one Frank 1943 coin from France during World War two doesn't have the Nazi emblem on it which is this that's good for France I do have a Nazi coin here's my Nazi coin I may have worn but pretty cool and right here is another king george v coin from 1944 great britain three pence coin another World War two coin so that's actually pretty neat right here what is this one penny from Nigeria the Federation of Nigeria now that is actually very similar to this coin except it's not from Nigerians from East Africa well I don't know where Nigeria is located really but just as these deaf cannot hear but that's actually a really neat coin 1959 so that's pretty pretty cool ah yes 1856 five cent Emmys I think that since it's a French coin oh um that's a pretty neat coin I got it I ordered another one off of ebay as well ah I've been waiting for this one too this is a Canadian coin from 1859 one cent Canadian coin I've all wanted a old Canadian coin it's really worn but I mean hey I mean it's old so no one needs one but also I've been waiting for this three crowns and the King George token is what we will go over later now this is a rare Swedish coin 1866 one or does think that's King George King George you can see it says rare Sweden pretty neat right here we have a five dollar or one no no don't don't listen to what I just said not five dollar um a five cent time it's coin from 1862 you can better see the Eagle and King George's face upside down sorry about that and then the last coin beside these is au coin from India 1913 I do have this Indian coin that I went over and I last unboxing on honor 1913 that King George is the fifth so that is really cool now we're going to go over the two holy grail of this package guys okay all right guys this I mean this is such a good deal okay this is a three crowns coin okay I'm gonna have to I really want to take this on a package because you can't with it but look at that guy that is a really extremely old coin it is about the same date as this King George token but I mean these two coins are amazing okay so that was the three clowns coin here is the King George 1790 token isn't that like I can't talk guys and I start I'm gonna start stuttering soon see I'm doing right now whenever I get excited I start stuttering but I mean look look look at that that is amazing these two coins are amazing I'm outreach aced this one because it's too big it's getting stuck up there but I cannot tell you guys how awesome this coin hole is so thank you for watching remember to remember to subscribe like comment and share go check out ducek diggers channel I will leave a link to this channel in the description below have an amazing day you guys and I'll see you in the next video goodbye do my usc mpa capstone Daemen College.

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