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Write for me mba capstone business plan

Write for me mba capstone business plan one wire arduino library for money examples of mixed methods research in human services ´╗┐what's up guys it's ecology here the small nurse and I went through with it [Music] [Music] [Music] it's like seven o'clock in the morning back at it again with another video today I've got something special for you guys I believe actually in the last video I discussed how I wanted to buy a new track and you know when when I say I wanted to buy a new truck I wanted the whole lifted truck the exhaust like the whole nine yards but unfortunately after months and months of looking it just wasn't going to be practical let me tell you why those lifted trucks are like seventy thousand dollars and you can't lease them so it's like a $900 payment and it's just really not practical in life right now so I did something a little different I bought the truck that I wanted in hopes of lifting it later so let me take you guys outside here for a minute and let me show you what I got it's a little cold so forget the hood what man it's cold so that adjusts the light a little bit they are building new construction right now next door to my house and it's actually kind of weird to see a house sitting right next to us because it's a not been there for like the last four years but anyways let's show you what I got I got the Dodge Ram 1500 night edition which basically is like a Dodge Ram sport but it's got like the black badges it's got the 20 inch black rims it's got the black emblems in the back and some other things that make it kind of sporty a different type of hood and whatnot but this cars got the crew cab it's got navigation and the sunroof and all sorts of crazy things inside of it the interiors awesome so it's black on black it's got the navigation system it's got sunroof up there it's got the full crew cab backseat which is absolutely massive and that was the main important feature that I needed to get for for the children so overall I'm extremely happy with this truck and it's got the spray bedliner in the back with a split window essentially this truck is everything that I wanted in the GMC lifted version it just doesn't have a lift kit on it so excuse me you know I may not get a lift kit now I may just get like a leveling kit which will give it a bigger look I may get some you know new tires put the dual exhausts on side steps and things of that nature to give it that more of aggressive look and then what I'm going to do is be a little practical I'm going to keep the lease payment the lease payments were actually the same that I was paying for my other truck and if you remember the other truck it didn't have the crew cab it had the double cab didn't have a navigation system in there it was you know kind of that grand polish type look of a truck which was alright it was a great truck I've had 16 thousand miles on it but I wanted something more that fit my personality and the least payments were exactly the same so I jumped on this truck and I will keep it for probably three years and then I'll put a lift kit on it and buy this truck outright a little tip for anybody if you like new cars if you don't drive very much I highly suggest getting a lease I had my last truck for three years and I put 16 thousand miles on it I Drive very close to and from work very close to and from the gym literally three miles away one way for each of each of those trips so I rarely drive the thing so what I'm saying is is if you have low mileage and you might want to turn the car back in later and get something new if you're prone to doing that go ahead and go with the lease because the payments are cheaper this truck here the lease payments are around four hundred and seventy dollars for the lease to purchase this truck in its current state with the financing that they were having at the time the payments would be around 650 to 700 dollars a month to purchase so that's the big difference so I highly suggest oh my gosh what happened woo I highly suggest looking at the lease in the meantime enough with the car stuff enough with the life stuff because I don't know how many of you actually care about my life but whatever look at that epic dwarf NISS going on I'm starting to look like a World of Warcraft carrier where there's beard going on anyways you know what time it is I have no idea what we're going to do in the gym today because I worked the last three days and I haven't been to the gym so let's except that pre-workout let's go to the gym man [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] all right so welcome to the ending of the video in the new truck today was actually just kind of like an easy day I hadn't been in the gym for you know a few days because of work so I went ahead and just stuck with the routine we skip bench this week and we're going into speed squats so expect three videos out this week very thankful for the blessings at hand that is this new truck seem to already have a scratch up here whatever that's about we'll fix it with some armor all but question should I lift the truck should I leave it how it is is it nice how it is enough to wait a few years I'm thinking about putting a six inch lift on it also another question I'm running into some issues at work and I don't want this to sound selfish or petty however a giant portion of my enjoyment for my job has been the ability to do schoolwork and/or a cruise on the internet and do my other things while I'm at work during my downtime up until I've been with the company almost a year now we have a new director and they have released a new media policy which basically cuts out all personal internet usage and all personal device usage during work hours other than your break at lunch now this would normally be okay except on a normal day nurses aren't allowed to leave the building we're the only nurse in the facility so even if I clock out for my lunch break I don't have a true lunch break which I know is technically illegal in itself however it is what it is is where I work I'm thinking about getting into the marketing side of real estate back again with my wife we did the math on it and from my direct marketing [Music] efforts last year I did it for about two and a half three months last year I made my wife they take home of $21,000 last year for my efforts alone so we kind of questioned it whereas we couldn't see the return the immediate return at the time money was getting strapped I decided to get back into nursing now that we see the long-term benefits of it were debating on whether I should just get out of nursing and get back into what I was doing again now this would allow me several things it would allow me to work from home it would allow me to concentrate on school spend more time with my family and dedicate more time to YouTube however there might be months where this paycheck is not as steady and it's going to require a lot of faith and a lot of effort and work on my part so my question is to you guys do I stick with the steady paycheck and bite the bullet on my work time and I don't know I guess restructure my life around that and now no longer take those three days a week that I was doing school work and other stuff and YouTube and whatnot which was already busy and of itself and just deal with it or do I step back concentrate on the self-employment thing again which I did before for about a year and really really work hard on it and dedicate myself to that and give myself more time and freedom I know the answer I want to go to but I want to make sure it's the right answer for us so anyways once again this is Colin G the swoll nurse don't forget to Like comment and subscribe follow those social media links down below share the video if you feel like it could help somebody out and I'll catch you guys in another one peace [Music] capstone engineering services Long Island University.

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