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Write for me li fi technology ieee paper 2018

Write for me li fi technology ieee paper 2018 capstone trucking canada need someone to make my dissertation on parents online [Music] hello this is gray hues I'm doing a video today on savanna I rinse Barton a woman that was kidnapped on the 15th around 9 a.m. ok and let's take a look at the article so Savannah rents Barton ID'd as missing Springfield Missouri woman abducted by three that are in custody poorly written sentence they're alright rents Barton 24 aka Savannah rents and Savannah Barton was last known to be at the economy in located at 2555 northglenn stone Avenue Springfield Missouri according to a release from police according to the release she is 5 foot 6 inches tall weighs 140 pounds has blue eyes and recently dyed her hair red she was last seen wearing a pink sweatshirt jeans and a green hat at 9 a.m. Sunday the woman was reportedly taken by force by two men and a female that released said the three suspects were arrested just a few blocks away at the flagship in all right so let's take a look at that sorry you might have just heard my ice machine dropped some ice in the background there alright so this is the economy in and it's kind of a div' part of town right so this is it right here let's take a look at the street view here all right so that's the economy I mean look it's just one of those long streets that you've seen a lot of small towns with the strip malls and just you know I got an avenue of just restaurants and really nothing going on just kind of a dive in my opinion right so further down about a half mile down the road is where the three were picked up and flagship in and that's this building right there actually so right there that's the flagship in you can see there at there on the sign another dive area hotel and they were arrested and picked up I found it curious that they hadn't located Savannah at this time all right and another aspect that made this case very interesting was Savannah's Facebook page all right there's a post on April 9th which is literally six days before she went missing she wrote I hope everyone knows I did not write that last post someone has hacked into my account and I have no idea who it is f dude I would never in a million years do anything like that and if you're a true friend or know me at all you know I would never ever and why would I put it on Facebook or in other words called signing my death wish plus I don't have any felonies I've been charged with that I did get a get an S is for and they and they was four years ago well I really you know poor writing it's hard to really read that with any sort of you know correct emphasis I don't even know what she's really saying signing my death wish I get that part plus I don't have any felonies I've been charged with that I did get an SI s4 and they was four years ago all right maybe she got some felonies four years ago I don't know and then she says I am literally in F and tears FFF you know I don't like to say those words on my channel that even though it's a quote alright so I'm just gonna read what she wrote someone has been in my effing messenger ship to dude this could actually get me killed dude for real so that's pretty ominous sounding right there and then she's writing down here that's not the one who did it it's his stepson and he's blocked any facebook so i can i can't tag him so she thinks this person's stepson is the one who hacked your Facebook page and stole ur phone recently right here you'll see this in a second but her next comment is which is funny because he called one of my people I'm not sure what that means one of my people and told him about the post and funny thing is you can't see someone's post when you're blocked and then she wrote and he also stole my Galaxy s5 three days ago assuming that's how he got into my account alright so here somebody had asked her you know what did the message say and she said I won't repeat it but he obviously wants me dead because the post might as well been committing suicide good thing is my people know me better than that I ride for people and I take my time eh yeah so what I kind of see here is that the post was probably something about her maybe being a snitch or something like that but the but her people know her better than that but if the her people believed the post then it would be signing her death wish all right so it seems like it has to be related to the reason she was abducted and disappeared but the good news is is today so we were talking about this last night on a live video but the good news is is today she was actually found and this is what the update is April 20th 2018 Savannah Barton made a court appearance this morning and at the time she was taken into custody for her warrants and was booked and released at the Greene County Jail she is uninjured and the kidnapping investigation is ongoing all right now the original post by the Springfield police on April 15th stated the Springfield Police Department is investigating a report of a possible abduction and missing and endangered person and is asking for the public's assistance Savannah a rents Barton 24 was last known to be at the Economy Inn at 25:45 the other articles at 55 glen stone at approximately 9:00 a.m. it was reported that her rents barton may have been taken by force by two males and a female these three suspects were later located by police at the flagship in at 2209 northglenn stone and were arrested for kidnapping a rents barton was not located and is believed to be endangered she is 5 foot 6 inches tall 140 pounds recently dyed red hair and blue eyes she was taken all right so they have found her now you kind of start wondering if she had warrants was this some sort of a staged kidnapping was it just some sort of ruse so that she could disappear and avoid her warrants you know who are her people you know I don't I don't really know maybe she was involved in some shady stuff on the side it sounds like some of her friends quit being in communication with her because her life choices had sent her down in the wrong direction okay so the good news is that she is actually out there and found and she is not harmed apparently okay so I guess we have to wait and see what the final outcome and determination of the investigation is was it a real kidnapping and somehow she just got away or was this just all some big ruse okay so that's the update on that case everybody and I appreciate you watching the video and if you'd like to like and subscribe my channel if you subscribe make sure you hit the bell so that my videos actually show up when I make them also I do live videos pretty frequently they tend to go really long and I think if you get the bell you'll get notified but a lot of people say even when they click the bell they don't get the notification so a lot of times when I do the lives we're just talking about cases and then we veer off into random stuff that has nothing to do with it so I don't end up saving the live on YouTube but it's just sort of a good way for everybody to get keep in touch and communicate and so forth and now they're pretty fun sometimes all right if there's anybody out there that has a crime perhaps even in their family that they want to discuss on the air or we can do a show together talking about it I think that would be awesome last night when I was doing my live a person named Ian who actually his father was murdered came on and we discussed it for a while and it just got really interesting and I thought wow that's so interesting I mean these are cases that nobody even have heard about all right now his story is uniquely interesting but I guess we can talk about that at another time I'm going to communicate with him and see if he wants to do a show just about his father's case and then his own personal life story as well it's pretty crazy all right so yes until next time everybody be safe out there and I'll talk to you later [Music] capstone attorney search Russell Sage College, Troy.

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