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Write for me internet of things world forum london 2016

Write for me internet of things world forum london 2016 write for me evaluation capstone melbourne university ielts writing task 2 band 9 tips I remember I remember election was yesterday I mean it was of course with my first boyfriend I was very young too young to know what exactly was doing and I just I just wish I I just wish I hadn't done it you know I look back and think what could I have done differently and I don't wait it [Music] so if you're wondering what exactly I'm talking about this video hi guys welcome back to my channel and if you clicked on this video because you thought that was gonna be sex talk I'm sorry I'm sorry you could just leave the video now no no sex stuff in this video but I was watching a couple of youtubers here on YouTube of course they won't even tell them and they've done the first time tag and I thought why not so it's just 25 questions on my first time doing various things and I just thought we should do this it'll be a fun way to share a bit more haha that further ado let's jump straight into this window what was your first tweet so I don't exactly remember because I'm not when that active on Twitter I have like 20 followers I kid you not but my first treat must have been a link are you genuinely not active there I should do a bit more but I don't have followers on there so I don't see the voices of maybe you could fold shameless shameless promotion what was your first youtube video I will never forget this because I was cringing watching this and this was just like a year ago and it was a it was a movie date video and I had this idea that I was gonna get the call and I was gonna get ready in less time than I anticipated and it was just a shitty video to be honest you you can watch it to see what I mean I'm gonna link it down below who was the first person you subscribed to on YouTube I think Jackie Island I discovered her and I thought she was gorgeous she was funny she was everything and I think I subscribed to her in the Jackie I know or KC nights that I'm not sure because a friend of mine introduced into Cason I thought he was a big travel guy and he told me about he's a nice thought and I just watched one drop of him and I fell in love with him immediately so yeah it all goes to I'm not sure past facebook profile picture I I can't remember but I'm sure he's very embarrassing I was very embarrassing in my teen years and I joined Facebook when I was 14 14 so it was probably a picture in my school uniform I'm not sure I can remember do you still talk to your first love child no what was your first alcoholic drink my first alcoholic drink I will not forget was a glass of wine and I took it with my mom so she is not a bad mom she just wanted us to try things in the house before going and getting spoiled in the outside world so yeah my first alcoholic drink was red wine I can't remember which one but it was good and I'm having her since okay I just I only drink wine what was your first job so I knew this is gonna come as a shock but I was a cashier at a bank and I hated that job with all my heart we would go in at 6:00 a.m. for 7:00 and leave at like 11:00 10:00 and I just quit after shop right it was terrible horrible I needed it no no shaped to all the cash she is out there it's just it wasn't for me what was your first car the best car is a Toyota is to Eternity is I don't know how to say that but that car is very convenient small easy to get around it's just it's just a beautiful car and it doesn't take much fuel so you save quite a lot was it first person steps each day um I've got a check a check and it was on one top I'm sure it was actually my classroom so that's not exactly a text to me but they were talking about classes happening and that was my first text today how fun was a crust first and he thought of this morning so the first better and I thought about this morning was my boyfriend because we just parted ways and I already miss him so yeah was your first teacher my first teacher I genuinely cannot remember I do not remember any teacher up to grade five I don't know why it's just a blur but yeah I don't remember but I'm not gonna lie to you guys I do not remember where did you go on your first ride on an airplane so I think for most Kenyans this is the same answer but my first airplane ride was to Mombasa and I was about 10 11 yeah so that was my first guy when I get plane I know fine who's your first best friend and do you still talk well genuinely my first best friend is still my best friend and we met when I was 15 and I'm still talk I love him very much she's still my best friend so yes where was your first sleepover oh I remember this one I was I was 11 or 12 and I remember there was this girl who no one liked in our school and I did not have that many friends and I might sit half watch people were thinking this is gonna be fun and her dad was against - she did not like me for some reason but he agreed for her to come and they did nothing she just came in September at my house no games no nothing she was quite an awkward girl or I was or I was awkward - but um yeah but my Presley horror was very awkward nothing happened and I mean nothing was supposed to happen you know what I mean like there was no fun games no stories no nothing it's just hey I come to my house and then we have dinner respect so that was fun what was the first thing you do in the morning what is I what is what is the first thing you do in the morning so when I wake up the first thing I do is wash my face for the first concert I ever went to I've actually never been to a concert first broken bone I've never had a broken bone I am quite a lucky person in my opinion never have I ever broken a bone and never will I ever break a bone no because I just I don't do things that are dangerous to my bones so first piercing first piercing was my ear piercing I have two pieces of my ears and I got the first one when I was very small probably five six months old and yeah first foreign country you've gone to the first foreign country I went to was goodbye it was goodbye I've done a lot of local traveling exhausted that and then I went international and that's where we are at right now say yes fast really remember seeing this is easy Matilda so if you're from if you open the nineties I'm pretty sure you watch this movie but Matilda was the first movie and I remember after watching it I tried like moving stuff with my eyes because I thought I had magic because my name is Matilda that did not go well and I remember being so bummed out for so long because I didn't have powers but yeah what was your first detention I have never Phin intention because i'm a good child who are the first roommates never had a roommate what is the first thing you do when you get home um wash my hands cuz there are lots of gems out there wash my hands and change my clothes it's kind of I learned from Jonathan I doubt it when was your first kiss so it's a bit sad but the guy cuz the guy I had my first kiss with he passed away but it was with my first boyfriend and I was 14 mom if you watching this don't kill me but yeah it was when I was 14 poor did you watch first I need you so as I said I genuinely think it's Casey nice that and I just got hooked onto his knob like that guy's amazing you haven't checked him out do check him out he kids wore bed he is so good so that's it sergeant I questions they were quite easy to be honest so I could not remember most of them my memory does have a problem it makes me but yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this video I really hope I really hope I did not have lipstick in my teeth because I'm not gonna refill this I am tired please and if I have lipstick on my teeth just ignore it okay but yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you did do give me a thumbs up subscribe to my channel so as to get immediate notifications once I upload and hopefully I'll be seeing in my next video so then fine write for me howard capstone program School of Visual Arts.

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