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Write for me internet of things uses

Write for me internet of things uses capstone at istanbul for money bbc london sport reporters in bikinis I'm Connor I'm Ricky I'm Josh job my name is Eric and yeah i think our favorite album is parentheses by sigur rós and I don't know it's really hard for us to decide on an album all five of us together because we all disagree on almost all music so even parentheses is very hard to pick for us because Tom unless it's not even our favorite sigur rós album but collectively I think it's the one that we know the most about I guess I mean I think it's actually the first CEO CD I ever bought I never really listened to them until I got the CD I start listening on my calf are a lot and I was so confused cuz I everyone told me it was like a post-rock band and I was like oh it's me like really like trophy and typical but then like his voice art coming in and everything start being like smooth and like wide and open sounding I was something I never really heard before and the guitar work is something that's very intricate and delicate which i also had never really listened to before is the first post rock out my ever heard Eric showed it to me actually when we're i was like 12 years 13 and the first time i ever listened to it he inflicted an interpretive dance to one of the songs that so now every time I listen to it I just think of him flailing his limbs around and dancing to the track 8 there's something really interesting about that band as a whole but I think it kind of culminates the most and that record just in regards to the fact that he's not actually using a real language when he sings it's completely fictional because I think a lot says if he listens like a foreign band even if you can't understand what they're saying in the back you head you're wondering it here and you might even translate it i know i've gone back and translated some records whereas with cigarros it's not even in its not even in the equation like you're just not going to be able to understand what he's talking about and once you remove that from the listening experience I think you're able to hear it for what it is as opposed to what it means it just becomes a more visceral listening experience yeah I mean I think for me personally just kind of represented a sort of a turning point in what I new music could be or or how it basically just just what it could become I guess and because at the time i was listening to like a lot of like like I basically listen to like sum 41 or I listened to Jimi Hendrix and there was like no real in between and I was very young and I was introduced to that band and it really changed what I thought of just how music could sound in the end the emotions that you can pull from it because before that I think I had been a bit shallow in terms of what I was pulling out of music and it kind of expanded my mind and also I don't know it made me it made me sort of be a much more meditative with music and less surface level you know I think this trip is cool going to need which was definitely very important in my growth you know as a musician it's like not even about songs on that like there are songs obviously but it's like they don't even title them because there's that's how like little concern they have with like the individual rip individual part it's like such a massive like movement of music the entire experience remember the first I saw that the first time i heard that record was the or anything from that record was they made a music video for the first track which some people call baka and like it's just a bunch of kids wearing gas masks and like playing outside and like the snow of like a nuclear winter it's just like the irias darkest most haunting thing ever but with this amazingly gorgeous music behind it and it becomes this really weird I don't know it's a weird marriage between something really really scary and also something really really yes I have to move oh so have you seen American you song I've seen him as well I'll talk about your experience with them yeah I mean it was a I kind of went into it they're like my favorite band since like the first time Eric showed me them they're like my favorite band ever since and I kind of went into it thinking that it was gonna like change my life so because of that I think my experience different from a lot of people like a lot of people that I've talked to I'd heard that like they would go and see them and just be like I was in tears the entire time and is incredible and I really did think it was incredible but it definitely like I built it up to be something that it wasn't I guess I was like waiting for it to hit me the entire time instead of really enjoying it but it was like incredible I mean it was that like musically is probably the best performance I've ever seen and there's like a really great light show but it was just like I just typed it up way too hard in my head and I don't know but there I didn't change the fact that there's still my favorite band yeah for me I don't think that I went into it thinking that it was going to be as life-changing as that way and I also don't think that it was life-changing but it was beautiful performance and they're every bit as good as everybody says they are alive and yeah I mean there's this part and they're set where I came from what song it was but the instruments cut and their singer Yan Zi held out this high note son like pace often yeah yeah yeah he held it out for what felt like 45 seconds to a minute and then his voice faltered and cracked a little bit and then he like kept going and the crowd just went absolutely bananas because it was like well those things where he him he was holding it out for so long that you almost forgot how long he was doing it and once his voice cracked you realize like he just been doing this for so long it was just I mean yeah they're amazing live it's just I don't know it's not life changing but it is I think that they're a band that everybody should see at something like it'll be a band that like we'll talk about later like when we're older about seeing them just as in the same regards people talking about seeing you know something like the pink floyd or Zeppelin or anything like that I think that there we're lucky to have them be an active band while we're alive go is awesome too good I love ya I love everything on there and then the Diddy the video he put out for the the title track on it is awesome I was like I was super into it that was actually no I guess it came out a little bit before I saw them but yeah I was so excited about that have you guys seen go quiet I think this was called it's like that the mobile one no he did this thing where he had people sorry had a crew I guess come to his house and he shot him kind of walking around his house and and then he would like pick up an instrument just play a song from go there's you know whether it be like one he just had like a Casio sk1 and which had his voice sample on it and he just Sam he like sampled his voice and then put a little piece of tape down and it's just his voice repeating and he sings over it or he picks up like a little guitar or like he plays on his UH Celeste but uh yeah it's amazing like those songs quiet and stripped down or I mean he's he's a monster songwriter yeah and his boyfriend is all over that record he's like he produced my favorite sigur rós records for sure Alex of Alex summers yeah and pretty sure because I do Rice boy sleeps yeah hello my name is Brian I play in a band called the front bottoms I'm Matt and asked if I that bad and this album right here your favorite weapon by brand new is one of our favorite albums of all time therapy and that continues to get better and better and better with every record and that's a rare thing do my examples of nursing capstone projects order State University of New York College at Oneonta.

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