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Write for me internet of things gartner hype cycle

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Louis Cardinal star tosses out the first ball Elston Howard returns the ball to Stan has another memento for his collection Yankee Stadium is jammed with a crowd of 69 thousand and there go the Yankees on the repeal the bands are eager final warm-up issue from the mouth or fires the first pitch to Maury wills and the World Series is underway Koufax begins the Yankee half of the inning by Fanning to back with a curveball Bobby Richardson is next and he strikes out on a whistling fastball and the crowd begins to buzz Tom trash takes a strike and is called out it's a sensational start for Koufax he's late give him a big hand and so to the fan whitey Ford faces the huge Frank Howard in the second inning and the six foot six inside you connect with a powerful flame there goes the ball water blasts it falls just a foot short and hitting the wall on the Mickey Mantle plays it fast and Howard as hell do one of the longest doubles in stadium history the Dodgers are eager to get a cord at Yankee bill shaoren smashes the ball through the middle Richardson makes a desperate grab for the ball but it goes for him powered compounding around third as Madol races him to peel the ball it's too late and Howard scores the first run of the series for the Dodgers [Applause] dick tracewski is up next with a 1-1 count he lines a single to center and Cowen top to second base [Applause] Ford a veteran of these baseball classics never loses his poise he takes his time and price to settle down but after one strike he throws a curveball - hi Johnny Roseboro wallop to drive - right it is fair at the Homer and it is and we're not you have three more runs bill scowling sore and here comes six preczewski and Roseboro toward the plate Johnny I hit nine home runs during the season but this is the first of the year awful left-hander [Applause] the Dodgers have stolen a Yankee homerun thunder to jump into a quick or two nothing lead mantle faces Koufax in the second inning and is called out on flight Mickey obviously is chagrin it's four strikeouts in a row for Sandy and now Roger Maris steps up to try his luck Maris takes a pitch and the count finally goes to two balls and two strikes then Roger swings and fan or Sandy's fifth-place psych-out [Applause] thanks Nigel record set by former Cardinal pitcher more Cooper's the right-handed Elston Howard now challenges sandy strikeout streak Howard lifts a high foul near the Yankee dugout and Roseboro makes a spectacular catch whoa Bank once again gets a heroic welcome from his mate the Dodgers added another run in the third and koufax hasn't allowed a hit to back strikes out to start the Yankee fourth and the fans begin to sense that this is no ordinary World Series contest sandy is in magnificent form he already has spanned seven of the 10 Yankees he is faced richardson strikes out on a big back breaking curve the Dodger infielders tossed the ball around they haven't handled it much so far I'm crushed takes a curveball for a third right that makes it twice Koufax and struck out the side like out at five innings to go with two out on the field Koufax faces Elston Howard the Yankee catchers singles to right on an outside fish to the first half the Yankee bleachers come alive immediately Pepitone follows with another single to write in Howard's 8 seconds manager all cynical grocers don't seem worried Koufax is shut out threatened looks for the sign and CLE boyars swings on the first pitch for a line shot to the right at second base but Suzuki makes a dive for the low liner he knocks it down [Applause] we'll just leave the ball and tsuki stop is saved or on Elston Howard has to pull out the third but a serious threat still exists the bases are loaded with the Yankees this is the spot the bombers have been waiting for Hector Lopez is sat in to pinch-hit for whitey Ford but Lopez one of the fine Yankee reserves strikes out and that is still leave five to nothing Koufax was very happy to escape any damage in the sixth inning Dan Williams succeeds bored on the mound and Huddle's briefly with Elston Howard Williams owes the Dodgers in check through three innings and this four is unchanged Koufax still has his shutout as he faces Phil lens in the age and pinch-hitter lens fan [Applause] québec has better luck he slashes the ball too deep joy Maury wills makes a fine backhanded stop of the ball [Applause] but it's too late as the ball bounces past calendar week ruled ahead Roseboro and gillian thought Priestley was close by because he's been working to rapidly Richardson fans again his number 14 for sandy equaling the record set by another Dodgers parlours him against the Yankees in 1953 Tom fresh doesn't me he slammed one peaceful out it's in there for a home run Tommy Davis never had any doubt about the Don Egypt into the hole Wow two back doors ahead up as first sons around Koufax cutout I suddenly vanished and the table you leave but the five to two it's a grim reminder of the explosiveness of the bomber Steve Hamilton comes in from the bullpen for the Yankees in the name he quickly retires the Dodgers in order as the Yankees leave the field only two questions are on everyone's mind can the Yankees get the Colfax or will he set a new strikeout record else to Howard lashes at Sandy's first pitch in wine sharply for Dwight field but dick tracewski is there to grab it Joe Pepitone works the count for 2 & 2 connects on a slow curve and punches a single into I feel that 15 strikeouts Phil is eluding Koufax Clete Boyer is up next and he to evade to strike out as he falls the long fly to Willie Davis to centerfield [Applause] the Dodgers now are only one out away from victory and Alston goes to the mound for a conference with Sandy by this time the fans are pulling for Koufax the Brooklyn boy to break the strikeout record hairy bite coming up as a pinch-hitter maybe the last possible victim Koufax unleashes a pass ball and bright wings of thin air sandy takes his time now with the count on bride going to 2 & 2 then he fires another flaming fastball white swings and misses for strike out number 15 Koufax has you strikeout record and the Dodgers have a big 550 vicar the bodies around and we go by [Applause] new market Lee input-output captures the twenty five strikeouts for both teams also set a new record [Music] you what happened to the capstone of the great pyramid State University of New York at Fredonia.

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