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Write for me internet of things and big data technologies for next generation healthcare

Write for me internet of things and big data technologies for next generation healthcare medtronic capstone interbody fusion device for money mechanicville ny police reports I wish to convey to you our warmest congratulations and I now ask you to step forward to receive the Nobel Prize from the hand of His Majesty the King hello I'm Sam Stanley president of Stony Brook University is my honor and pleasure to pay tribute to one of the brightest of Stony Brook's shining stars dr. Paul C louder BRR it was 40 years ago right here in this chemistry department the doctor Lauterbur conducted the landmark research that led to the development of magnetic resonance imaging a technique that has revolutionized healthcare save millions of lives and improve the quality of life for tens of millions more it was for that research that dr. Lauterbur was awarded the 2003 Nobel Prize in medicine today more than 60 million MRI scans are performed worldwide every year as a physician I have first-hand experience of the vital role that doctor Lauda birth groundbreaking discovery plays in the day-to-day practice of medicine and the tremendous impact it has on medical research all of us here at Stony Brook University are extremely proud of dr. Loudon Berg and his contribution to science and humanity the designation of our chemistry department as a national historic chemical landmark by the American Chemical Society is a wonderful tribute to this great man and an honor to our University we were carefully building a research faculty and one of our priorities from the beginning days was to find an expert in nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy so it's very pleased when the possibility of Paul latter Byrd's candidacy for the appointment in our department became a possibility all our worst Prudential's were unusual to say the least because he had been working full-time with the Mellon Institute and going to graduate school on the side of the University of Pittsburgh and he so he wasn't apparently in the record at fresh PhD so I was pleased to hear that we were able to to arrange it with social professorship position for him and delighted when in the fall of 1962 he agreed to come and join us in Stony Brook I came to Stony Brook in the fall of 1967 as a freshman I knew I was going to become a chemist and I took freshman chemistry from fall Oliver he was teaching the course that you and sometime during my sophomore year one of his grad students came to me and said I want to work at a lab and I said sure I had no idea what I was getting myself into but it turned out to be in plumbers labs well I eventually learned that this is an NMR spectrometer and it's a very early version of what today has become a much more complex piece of instrumentation but it's one of the central pieces of equipment that's used for analytical chemistry for analyzing molecules determining structures of proteins and so forth so the main component here is a magnet so inside here there's a permanent magnet for chemical samples you put the sample in this glass tube called an NMR tube it would go into the spectrometer like this so now the sample is between the poles of the magnet you close it up and then the instrument takes data and in those days the way data was recorded was with a pin recorder which probably no longer works but there would have been an ink pen on this gadget and this mechanical device would scan across the paper and in fact you can still see the trace of an NMR spectrum here so the spectrum will be slowly swept out and that's the way NMR was done in 1967 the key in this instrument where we turned NMR spectroscopy into mr imaging is right in here paul realized is that if you take one of the magnetic field adjustments and i'm guessing it was probably this one if you set it way out of whack turn it all the way up you then have a magnetic field that changes from one side of the sample to another it messes up your NMR spectra but what Paul realized is it now gives you a projection of the object it's the same instrumentation that eventually was used to produce the first MRI scans and Paul did that in fact on this particular machine some people may wonder why Paul Lauterbur used in a 60 magnetic resonance instrument for his experiments that first demonstrated magnetic resonance imaging 40 years ago electronic circuits were mostly based on vacuum tube technology which was produced the more sophisticated the instrument the more maintenance was required it was very high maintenance situation and equipment maintenance was not high on his priority list and so the equipment in his own laboratories was often in strong need of maintenance if not outright inoperative so he hit upon the idea he was so excited to try to demonstrate experimentally these principles for making pictures from magnetic resonance signals that he hit upon the idea of using the departmental a 60 magnetic resonance instrument now the a60 instrument was of such a physical size that it could only take samples that could fit within a five millimeter test tube like this now he realized at the time he was doing these experiments already that in principle he should be able to do this from the water in tissue inside a living organism and so Paul took it back to the lab and put the clam in the five millimeter tube and then filled it with heavy water outside of the clam and proceeded to make an image the first image of a living organism we're very fortunate here at Oregon Health and Science University in the advanced Imaging Center to have behind me over my shoulder a cutting-edge human MRI instrument there's magnets with these properties would never have been built if Paul Lauterbur or someone after him did not discover how to make pictures from magnetic resonance signals welcome to the pet lab at Brookhaven National Laboratory pet stands for positron emission tomography I'm standing in front of some brain scans taken by a PET scanner let me start out by saying that pet and MRI are highly complementary however what many people don't realize is that PET scans don't begin with a PET scanner they begin with chemistry chemists synthesize labeled compounds also called radiotracers to image chemistry that is occurring in the brain and other organs let me give you an example we are now making new radio tracers and using pit and also our MRI scanner across the street to answer questions like what are the brain circuits that get disrupted when people get addicted to drugs and alcohol or when they have an eating disorder like obesity you there are many lessons that Paul Lauterbur story can teach us first and foremost is the importance of institutions where creative individuals have the freedom to pursue ideas that are not in the mainstream universities in general and the chemistry department a Stony Brook in particular provided that freedom to fall out of her and his discovery changed the world professor Lauterbur and professor Mansfield your discoveries of imaging with magnetic resonance have played a seminal role in the development of one of the most useful imaging modality in medicine today all indications are that they will be even more important in the future of both medical practice and research and above all for the patient on behalf of the Nobel assembly at the Karolinska Institute I wish to convey to you our warmest congratulations and I now ask you to step forward to receive the Nobel Prize from the hand of His Majesty the King Stoney bought chemistry has a long tradition of interdisciplinary research the best example is the work out professor Paul Lauterbur who combined the principles of biology chemistry and physics for his Nobel prize-winning discovery we're living in very exciting times with many breakthroughs in technology however mankind also facing some his greatest challenges looking ahead chemistry would definitely play a very important role in dealing with many of these challenges on behalf of the department I thank you for watching this video do my ap capstone diploma requirements King's College, Financial District, Manhattan.

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