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Write for me how to write a capstone outline

Write for me how to write a capstone outline write for me capstone companies 10q crystal report pdf vb ´╗┐science can help solve a lot of problems but it can't resolve all of them often scientists themselves forget this fact in this video I'm going to introduce you to an important distinction between questions that can be answered by science and those that can it's known as the fact value distinction I'm going to describe the fact value distinction and explain how science can deal with facts but it can't answer questions vote value this distinction is important because we often confuse the two and sometimes we turn to scientists for answers who for quiet questions whose answers ultimately hinge on value judgments and they're not trained to offer a Thor attain of answers we really might want to be talking to religious clergy moral philosophers or someone else who deals in the trade of morality or vase with those types of questions a fact is a statement about realities true nature facts try to describe what something is really like we use the term factual statements to describe statements about facts a value is a statement about how something ought to be it expresses an ideal towards which we should strive we describe statements about values as normative statements science can only assess facts it cannot judge values the fact value distinction is often associated with Max Weber one of the most important figures in sociologies history however the idea has deeper roots it's often attributed to earlier work done by the 18th century British philosopher David Hume both human weber pointed out how in many analyses people have a penchant to complete their views of how the world is and how they feel it ought to be something that I remember from graduate school that impressed on me the importance of distinguishing between facts and values came from my graduate school sociological classical sociological theory class with a professor named Walter Wallace however I was pontificating about my political views on the day's issues and and the professor asked me wait a minute are you explaining to me how the world really works or how the world should work or should work and I remember saying so no this is how I think the world should work and the professor asked me why do I care about the way that you think the world should work and that was really important to me in our own minds we think that our normative views about how things should work are of desperate importance but usually people want us so people want to hear information from us and as important as their personal normative views might feel to us they're often less important to other people they turn to professionals to get facts to make their own judgments if the analysis came first that I'm interested someone looked at the facts and made some conclusions and then made some type of political judgment based on those conclusions but if the morality came first then why would I attach special value to my professors views they basically started with their morality they had the answers and their pretense of analysis is basically just an elaborate justification for a conclusion that they wanted to see anyways the problem is that in practice all people see what they want to see our desire to validate our prior thoughts and feelings mobilizes what cognitive scientists call confirmatory bias it means that we're not really being dishonest but when we look at the world around us we perceive or attach importance to information that proves the conclusions that we want proven correct likewise we tend to ignore or not even perceive information that might disprove our prior world views the main issue in the fact value distinction is that science can only comment on facts why remember when we talked about what makes information more or less scientific we said that the hallmarks of good science include skepticism empiricism objectivity and control it's hard to think of ways that we could test values to see which ones are morally better how'd you more measure morality objectively it's not a matter of taking a poll and asking people's opinions because majority opinion isn't really equivalent to what's morally correct or more morally righteous most of our moral views are premise taun faith and tradition not skepticism different societies have had different moralities over time how can we objectively say which is better the problem is that scientists often advance moral arguments and we might pay special attention to them because we think that scientists are so knowledgeable but value statements can't be studied scientifically so scientists have no special ability to judge moral questions some philosophers say that it's impossible to be genuinely objective it's impossible to separate facts and values and that science is inescapably influenced by scientist morality in other words there is no real distinction between facts and values because everything is driven by values on some level and people can't be objective on some level these critics are probably right I think that scientists should at least try to separate facts and values to the best of their ability just because we can't do something perfectly we can't all be perfectly good or perfectly honest doesn't mean that those aren't ideals towards which we should strive if someone is trying to convince you of an idea or a belief based on their scientific Authority you should try to figure out if that idea is more factual or more normative we listen to scientists because they're supposed to be able to test which ideas are better or worse scientifically and without science that scientific authorities opinion is just any person's opinion you shouldn't inflate the importance of value statements made by scientists because values can't be tested scientifically they're just another person with another opinion take a moment to consider these statements do you consider them to be factual statements or normative statements statement number one the US economy needs to create more jobs is that statement normative or factual its normative it talks about what the country ought to do example number two children of divorced parents are more likely to grow up in poverty is that statement normative or factual its factual it talks about the objective conditions under which children of divorced parents live example number three President Obama's top priority should be resolving the illegal immigration issue is that statement normative or factual it's normative it talks about what President Obama ought to do example number four America has over 200 times more gun fatalities than in Canada but only 10 times larger a population is that statement normative or factual it's factual it compares gun fatality rates and population sizes to words of caution just because I say a statement is factual doesn't mean that it's accurate what I mean to say is that factual statements comment on how the world really is not that they accurately comment on how the world really is second separating facts and values can be difficult in practice in principle your moral opinions are as valid as those of a scientist although you should be careful that your moral judgments are not based on inaccurate facts in this video we talked about the difference between factual and normative statements it's often described as the difference between facts and values facts are descriptions of how the world really is it doesn't mean that they're necessarily accurate they're trying to describe the world objectively values describe how the world ought to be the express our internal desire science can only comment on facts and so scientists should not be given special privilege when they talk about moral or value related issues you bus 599 capstone project online New York Career Institute.

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