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Write for me good research topics for juvenile justice

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used it was this big amongst narrow but the piece that says Tony's is huge you know so anyone it's a minor thing but it has a lot of Hamas up topic on forum it does that's delicious that doesn't taste like straight milk chocolate mm-hmm it tastes like it has copied it that it doesn't but that's what it tastes like I would have never thought that there would be so much flavor then just a milk chocolate bar I would have thought this would have been the finest most boring as before that is delicious this very room Secession you're like talking like a heath bar or something like that school or something like that you'll really like that because it's done yeah there's so much chocolate there also you can break that thing up and just eat a little piece here and there and enjoy more than four servings but definitely does have a toffee like flavor to it though so there's oh okay this one are they all different yes no 1/4 of ours to enter 30 calories yeah what almost 240 okay this is caramel 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point horrible mm-hmm it has that crisp snap the snap it's all mmm-hmm it's actually the dark chocolate I like the dark chocolate in the salt they go good go it's a good dark chocolate but it wouldn't be one that I would bomb and just cuz I don't know that's how I prefer the milk but it is a good door if you are a dark chocolate lover you would enjoy that you do get the seesaw you do get the almond and it's not suit it's a bitter I mean it's dark but it's not like bitter like him bitter I don't too many it's war or hate really sad no I don't really got me a noodle that said it's a little Barbie but I'm bad let's see what reserve the radish throw it to the side this is 240 calories is this more than the other yeah how could this be more calories then the milk chocolate caramel sea salt about 10 calories I just you wouldn't think that because this is 70 70 percent extra dark chocolate or program or okay yeah find a small piece the only honestly the only problem I have is the way that it is made of dough it's chopped up so just really snappy mmm I'm a tomboy no I do like that extra though that's like something you would use to bake with mm-hmm do you want them it's not bad though no it's not and how about coffee yeah I can see that it does have that dark flavor yeah and a little bit of bitterness to it but it's nothing sharp biting bitterness you know it's there but it's not like a I mean like even a Hershey's special dark then those are bitter and like almost like a biting like a it's almost so bitter you don't enjoy it or these I know right these are bitter but they're a smooth enjoyable bitterness to it right nothing I would buy these cuz I'm not a dark chocolate person but though you like to our target these are awesome I just need another piece of the chocolate the milk chocolate firm will see some articles and I got a lot of sea salt it's not buying yeah I was I love sea salt chocolate I think yeah that one's my favorite yeah this one the orange one mm-hmm dark chocolate caramel signal not dark chocolate milk chocolate caramel sea salt it's the best one that's the best one in the second one is the milk and I'm telling you that the milk is like no other milk that I've had because it has that caramel flavor in it very good yes these are excellent bars so if you see them don't be afraid to pay 399 for them especially if you're gonna divvy amount it's gonna be kind of hard to today via my you know just cuz the white room hey well if you're shopping up the fresh market well we got this at you you're not you don't yeah you know yes it's very it's an expensive store as it is so I will have a picture for you at the end of these I will probably only take one of a milk and one of a dark because honestly you can't tell the difference really in one and the other just to look at it so I'll I'll take just a picture of one of each for you at the end and thanks for watching [Music] do my kkr capstone singapore pte ltd Marist College.

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