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Write for me global enterprise risk management designation recognition treaty

Write for me global enterprise risk management designation recognition treaty write for me capstone usc south poverty and hunger in the third world essay ´╗┐hi I'm ivy my CTO and co-founder of what objects this is the first of my video series which I really want to get involved with myself to make sure that you guys were getting the most out of you protest 3d on the pro model software so through the series we're going to be looking at slicing the models the colorizing of the models and then later in the series we'll move on to some more advanced features but for now we are going to start at the beginning and this machine is just come out of the box we're going to carry on looking through the rest of the unpacking and then connecting up and getting the first print done so hope you enjoy the series let's get printing okay so the first thing you'll see when you open the exterior box is the unpacking instructions that's really really important to follow these unpacking descriptions carefully to avoid doing any damage to probe s 3d so once you have a chance to review them packing instructions and you understand them you can move on to the next stage now well while the printers in its external packaging you'll see a foam cap that goes on top of the the lid of the printer so what you want to do is remove that foam cap and then this is what you'll see inside the printer remove the top couple of the printer itself and then inside you'll see the rest of the internal foam and also the warning stickers that warn you not to pick up the Provost reading with these bars and that's really important it's detailed on the unpacking instructions but I also want to make a point of it here that if you lift with these bars abandon and you'll render the printer inoperable so very important not to burn these bars now where you can lift up the printer at fits exterior packaging is by the frame itself the frames covered in white and you can safely lift the printer up by these this part of the frame now we recommend doing this with two people because the printer is rather heavy so one who gets on one side and then the other on the other side and then actually lifts out of the exterior Packaging with this frame you won't do any damage to the printer now if you carry on and remove the warning stickers going over the top Baja on the printer but that's one side and then open the door and start removing the internal phone from the printer so first of all you want to remove this this top section here all that's out I can slide across and then you'll see you've got the power cable and USB limits in this center section so remove that and then you can unpack the power lead and the power block and USB leads next you've got a couple of other labels that you want to remove and this is the warning stickers that warn you that this is the hot zone for the for the printer pad itself so this gets quite hot so you want to remove a sticker having noted that it is a hot zone you've also got a sticker on here warning you that the extruders gonna get hot so move that stick over for printing next what you want to do is remove this lower part of the packaging material and just slide that out and underneath we built platform so that's all of the packaging removed you can now go ahead and put the top cap back on printer and begin printing and there it is with the top cap replaced okay so having now removed all the internal packaging material we can connect the printer up to the computer and turn it on so once you've connected the power supply up and the USB to the USB port on your computer and switch it back turn that on and the prince will come on and you'll see the front display displaying the current printer status the next stage is to connect the printer to the software launch the promo software and click the connect button in the software that will then turn the printer on itself to the lights on and the fans on and you can start heating up raishin for a print now that will be further videos in this series going into much more details the software how to use the pro model software but for this overview we're just going to set the temperature to 190 for the main extrude ahead and 55 to the bed so set those temperatures the printer will then come up to temperature the color mixer will actually turn almost muscley by itself when it reaches the correct temperature as well the fans they come on once you reach the 190 degrees temperature so the prince is now its temperature and we can start with the print in future videos we will go into much more detail on the slicing of files for now i've just loaded in the STL file of the make robot the software will then ultimately look for a pre-sliced file and if I previously slice that make robots which I have so it then loads the robot in itself and then from here I can colorize the model and you can see just by clicking on a color in the left-hand color picker menu you can set the various colors for the make robot so I've set the colors now and we're ready to print now the first time you actually go to print a file and after having just turn the printer on the bail puffle will go through a sub leveling routine to make sure that your prints are perfectly level and that your platform is perfectly level so once you click print it goes through the routine and then the prints that you do for the rest of the day as long as you haven't turned Machine off and on again will then not require the self leveling procedure you can manually activate the self leveling the procedure if you've accidentally knocked the platform of level it's quite difficult to do that sue shouldn't need to but every time you turn the printer on it goes through its South London routing so I'm going to go through that routine right now printer level itself and the Principate is now level reading for print now the platforms leveled what you want to do just before you print for the first time is just Prime the nozzle with some filament in the software you can click the filament controls set the push for distance for 10 millimeters and push about 40 50 millimeters for cyan magenta yellow and white to prime it you don't need to prime with black the black only requires a tiny bit of priming and because it's such a strong color so go ahead and push them fill them in and start priming the nozzle what we're looking for is for the filament to come out stringy and not blobby and liquidy so what we're seeing right now is the the stringy extrusion coming out as you can see and that's what you're looking for that means the nozzles primed and ready to go now also what you want to do is look for the first color layer that you've added to your model in this case on the bank robot we've other yellow as the first color so just go and push a little bit more yellow through than everything else so you're starting layer is going to start at the color that you set in the software so I'm just pushing through a little bit more yellow once you've done that you can then commence the printing by pressing the print button may have it the printers printing wage straight up box with one of the models that we chose and colorize didn't pro model software so this is going to take about hot now to print microbots so we'll come back to back off now and see the progress so as you can see the prints now finished the platform's load itself down and both the platform and the main extremely muscle have cooled down and temperature this also allows for easy removal of the part from the bed so take the part from the bed and you can see the colorized model from the screen to the print so I hope you've enjoyed that first session first video session of many to come I will be posting many more and going into a lot more detail how to slice how to get the most other out of pro model software and then also some really exciting things and some cool things you can do with the protest check back again here next time and I'll see you soon Cheers copthorne hotel cameron highlands email address order Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy.

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