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Write for me erau graduate capstone project

Write for me erau graduate capstone project do my capstone on campus management maryland siraj blatchford repey report ´╗┐what what's going on on campus we have a lot of things going on where right now we're trying to really increase the conservative voice on campus where next week on april eleventh we're bringing an McIlhenny on campus she's one of the producers that's behind fracknation our campus our Student Government went ahead and passed a divestment bill from hydraulic fracturing because they like to increase our fees on us exactly sure let's pay more everybody's for that aren't they out there that makes I mean you never see students protesting their tuition increases so it'll work out great yeah so we're having her on she'll be able to talk about the truth about hydraulic fracturing and and how it is inexpensive and how much better really is for for everybody you got to show the film because the great film yeah we're showing fracknation it's going to be at UCSD april eleventh 7pm in the multi-purpose room look you're overwhelmed how many how many how many members yet we have well there's that's a good question so we have 75 that are on the roster yeah we have 20 about 20 that show up every single week okay nine thousand voters came out of there the last time ninety-nine percent of a voted liberal Democrat yeah there's how many groups on campus that you would say is our liberal oriented where we actually got studied by a sociology major because there's 14 liberal organizations on campus and there's one conservative and your uphill alright so finding up here all right please Claire shaves with us and you're a freshman yes I am now when you got on campus um what was your impression I mean did you have to run to find this group when you oh it would check it out it was really crazy because I never expected it to be so liberal because I always assumed it was maybe more a moderate campus and you know where Angela Davis used to be I mean keep in mind moderated communism to crazy so it because um when I first arrived at UCSD it was around one it was around the election seasons for november of last year so it was very crazy everyone was getting up in arms about anything and everything so the way I kind of found the College Republicans is because of one of the friends that I go to church with so she found out that I really really like to get involved kind of like I really want to stay active in the community so she was so she told me yeah I just like come to the meetings like it's great you know like we want to really try to get our club going and so that's how I started that's great okay in Austin you're a sophomore yeah how did you get attracted to the group how'd you how'd you get to it um well when I knew I want to join College Republicans I heard about them before and then I got on campus and I went to some of my classes and I went I realized holy crap there's no one like me here I've no idea what's going on okay that's not you know it's not quite true I mean they're there but they're just silent because really I mean I know we talked about I know it's talked about the radio shows I know our kids are intimidate our kids are intimidated but you really don't think you know you think the kids will talk up and there really is uncle there really is a culture of intimidation on canvas there really is of you know it's not even III least feel it's not even like moderate democratic liberalism it is like hardcore I mean we're going to like collectivist ideals and so i had to find people who are like me and I wanted to get active in local campaigns and I wanted to get active on campus and I really wanted to get active more on the intellectual side you know advocating ideas ideals bringing to the kids about how these solve poverty problems and i found the college republicans and we were a little bit shatters but Tom's been a big part of bringing this back and we're going strong what's your top issue if you were to wave a magic wand on something what would you like to cure or save or whatever whatever can I get rid of taxes in general I don't understand I mean the biggest for me she's wrecked to shays rebellion air how i did this is going back to the first foul people were against all taxi no there is a constitutional option no any money there are good things to spend money on earth I don't just opposed to the snail thing aren't you yes absolutely and i believe the studying what monkeys will do on Mars or whatever that said it was all there's thousands of them oh yeah I you know we exhausted the list we could go forever so so the thing I think is clear is that people are going to be punished in this country by this administration until we yell uncle and give up some more tax money so they can restore the services that have to be restore it it's it's crazy let me ask the same question Claire of you Eclair shave it if you were to wave a magic wand you've studied some of these issues you know about some of these issues particularly it affect you and now that your college no this is a whole new world what would you prefer I feel like there's too many issues that I just kind of want to fix because we're like you got an agenda yeah like I do but something I just like it's not even an issue it's just I want to make it more obvious to all of the college students that when they graduate from college or grad school there the top of their priority list is not going to be whether gay marriage is allowed or not that's not gonna be the issue when they graduate they're gonna be worried about do I have a job can I stop relying my parents and I don't think most of them realize that they don't realize that that's the sort of thing that they're really going to be worried about and as a fellow college student when I look at all my arm like everyone all my peers I just really hope they understand that because I want them to know the economy is very much relevant to them even if they do not choose to participate in knowing anything about the economy at all so true i mean Tomlin this is something I've been talking about forever if you're in college today your prospects of being able to take that degree and turn it into a good paying job or going down not up yeah well and people realize that or they just insulated they don't realize that because you still have people who are going to art history majors well that's fantastic what are you to do with that in real life so a lot of this can be blamed on as far as the institution itself because they're really not educating kids I mean really what it comes down to but then also you have the individual students who don't realize where they're going and they're being pushed into these these sociology majors that have no bearing on Suarez real world and getting a job and actually working and being able to provide for a family but yeah exactly what i was saying though with with how the are our campuses is a it's very very liberal i had one of my professors a professor mind you who came and said that the GOP view on immigration is draconian you know he didn't mince words he said that flat out and so now luckily i was in that class I can challenge him right away but your grade was going down though I get to see your grades the same thing as you they Mike Mike my GPA is actually really high it's good but but because I can challenge them and you know once they don't have it out and they realize that I know what I'm talking about you know what are they going to do their supposed to be representing academia the poster Kotian about the GOP of view on immigration well exactly that's what I was try to draw out of him because I said if we secure the border I mean look at what's happening what's draconian really about immigration is what's going on right now we have illegal immigrants who are coming across the border and they're being taken advantage of if that's not coming i don't know what it's true what is a doctoral capstone School of the Arts.

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