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Write for me enterprise risk management value

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[Music] [Applause] lead to one cow Ruth Snyder no reason for that really [Music] [Applause] this was an Indian's team that had a commanding she games to none seriously be this best-of-five Masahiro Tanaka shuts him down in Yankee Stadium in Game three the Yankees get the Gregg Furth home run Luis Severino is brilliant to Game four Indian still felt good about their chances coming back home for a game five with 40 goober on the mouth here's the 32 [Applause] yeah he's also with extra luggage sand for coming to Cleveland let's pack for Houston [Applause] [Music] so here's the karna see Oh No he has struck out twice and flied to Center tonight another reason the Indians were feeling good about the jump tonight the return of their D H the ankle injury had him on the shelf for games three and four in New York [Applause] [Music] I'm telling you [Music] through it maybe understanding why as a closer but up until last year now Chapman has pitched multiple innings before now but before that 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away Oh pollen no strikes the count to Austin Jackson [Applause] the Astros have already announced Dallas Keuchel as their gamed one starter I think Sonny gray might be the guy that Joe hunt notes it if they're able to win this yet neither joe girardi nor Terry Francona was willing to talk about a potential game once started before the game tonight death so that's not a good look to put that kind of speculation out there advance of an elimination game [Music] well the drummer's not giving up [Applause] [Music] I'm very optimistic guy out there through some uh some of the lead years here for this franchise as well now Jackson wants to think about a good time [Applause] for the Yankees a five year layoff between championship series is like an eternity I mean for most franchises that would be recent history but for the Yankees with their pedigree with their World Championship track record a five year layoff seems like a long time nobody could've predicted what happens or this way down Oh 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on great starting pitching Masahiro Tanaka and Luis Submarino each goes seven CC Sabathia keeps that alive here the winningest pitcher in the history of this ballpark claims a victory for a visiting club tonight one that puts the Yankees back in the ALCS [Applause] [Applause] an amazing comeback didi Gregorius was one of the heroes tonight a pair of home runs against Corey Kluber Brett Gardner with a big ninth-inning Insurance RBI hit [Applause] Sabathia the wind Chapman the shave and [Music] dance [Applause] a lot of people not gonna admit they were wrong with the Yankees don't care at this point [Applause] another Fox a championship gear being broken out on the field and the Yankees will have a date with an Astros team that they lost five of 72 during the regular season but that's the last thing on their minds right now as they enjoy coming back in this series after being behind two games to none to win the ALDS [Applause] capstone veterinary hospital for money ASA College.

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