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Write for me enterprise risk management strategies for state departments of transportation

Write for me enterprise risk management strategies for state departments of transportation capstone logistics work hours for money looking for someone to write dissertation hypothesis on cheating the Chicago White Sox select Zack Collins a catcher from the university of miami in Coral Gables Florida that was picked number ten overall by the White Sox and a big day for Zack Collins a celebration on draft day Jason bonetti Steve stone joined by the Sox director of scouting Nick Hostetler thanks for stopping by again absolutely anytime hey congratulations what do you think of the draft we couldn't be happier right you know I know it's not going to fall like this every year for us but it felt perfect for us tell us about Zack Collins and what you think you have out of him from that james bond yeah we were Zack was our number one target starting on April first and you know I think we've got a guy of middle-of-the-order left handed big power bat he controls the strike zone understands you know what to swing at what not to swing at he takes good pitches he looks good when he takes I we have no question in our mind in that room that he can catch we think he's going to be an everyday catcher force behind the plate middle of the order impact that he also had a couple of pics of 26 and 49 it took some hugely power arms tell us a little bit about that Zack birdie the local local kid from downers grove I live about an hour and a half Louisville so it was always great to me get a chance to get home but he exactas has a big big time arm just an unbelievable mentality and makeup as well and I think that's the one thing that doesn't go is widely reported like the stuff does but his makeup is aggressiveness his coaches at Louisville just absolutely loving he's he's got back end of the bullpen mentality for sure and everybody talks about Alec Hanson and they always talk risk/reward with Hanson the fact that he might have been the recipients riskiest but he has maybe the highest ceiling does that there's there's a couple guys in our room that felt he was the best college pitcher in the draft really that the upside is just absolutely tremendous I actually saw him pitch on mother's day my wife wasn't exactly happy that I flew out and so I saw him pitch that day but he was outstanding that day there's a potential for pitch mix with him in six foot eight he's got long arms and it is power stuff I think if we can get this guy right I think we've got the guys to do it the sky's the limit about the kid from ball state the alex call it talked about another just tremendous make up kid then in Alex call is is kind of the epitome of what we tried to do this year in this draft and that is to add as many good baseball players as we possibly can and we did that and now it's calls one of those so what happens from now I mean you've got the guys that you targeted and you're happy like most scouting directors are that you've got some guys that may be surprised you that they were still there but now you're getting to the middle of the draft and so when you look at that what are you looking for exactly we're looking for guys with big loud tools at this point something that jumps out at us something that we think that he can hang has had on as he progresses through our system I think there's a few more of those type of guys on the board we're trying to get those guys in order tonight make calls to the advisors find out what the sign ability is and having our area guys reach out to them kind of check in the makeup as well does it help when you go to sign any of your young pitcher when you number one talk about the pitching philosophy organization number two the fact that you guys bring young pitchers to the major leagues I would think that would be a huge plus there's no question there I can't tell you how much Don Cooper Kurt Hassler those guys mean and make it how easy they make my job at times so there's there are agents and advisor out out there that want their pitchers coming to us they know that we have a great track record with them we keep we keep our guys healthy the most healthy organization and baseball in regards to pitching and those those guys want they want a pitch for us how much stuff do you read and watch in the months leading up to the draft what's the volume of that wow man I can I don't know if I could even put a number on it there are you know and i think the funny part is is the stuff that gets sent to me do you know from different whether it's our scouts whether it's other people sometimes my own my own family my dad sends me some stuff every now and then as well but it's it's it's a lot of volume you try to kind of keep it all into context and understand what it is and who's reporting and taking value for what it's worth but there's their suspect information now what is the number one characteristic that the scouts under you have to have to scout free agents because it's a different doctor nation than major league scouts is work ethic number one a passion for it you know the passion and work ethic it if you if you have that and you understand that ball ball players not going to walk across your living room floor you got to be out at the ballpark you got to get out there you got to see these guys and now and I I can't I mean that I i would i would undersell how proud I am of our staff this year there were some new things I tried to do differently sand some new fresh ideas here there and these guys all the way from from doug liman and his him you know molding me and helping me and training me and down through the rest of them these guys it's just an outstanding this year what are you looking for tomorrow just in terms of is there a position that you like that you feel like there's a lot of depth on the board what are you looking for yeah I think there's still some pitching out there I think there's some we've identified a few guys we want to target early on tomorrow that they have been passed over so far and we think we can you know we can add and they've been passed over for whatever reason whether it be some mechanical stuff or stuff but there's a few pictures out there we've got to get left-center field Eaton is over to make the catch for to Alex because catchers are the premium I mean all catchers you took won the first round of Zack Colin certainly but not to be missed the eighth pick Nathan Nolan another catcher tell us a little bit about him a plus+ catch and throw guy handled a good staff at st. Mary's they had also had a guy think he was a fourth or fifth round pick on that staff Corbin burns and they did a tremendous job of just handling the staff the coaches they're trusting Adam virtuous our area scout just absolutely love this kid had him as high as the second round so when he was there when we had the chance to get him it was it was a no-brainer for us what's it like for you to see the reactions of the kids that you picked it's special that you know to sit here and think that you have some hand and helping the young man's dream come true it's you know to say that it doesn't affect your get you a little bit emotional would be a lie it's something that I know I dreamed of as a kid and I had to find a certain different path to get get into a major league organization and some of these guys that were drafting but it's pretty special to see the reactions at Collins and jamison fisher and i got it we got a text from him not too long ago it just thanking us and it's just it's special it really means a lot couldn't you get a bigger guy in the first round or guy made with more power than Zack Kahler you know what if we're going to the one thing I'll say whether he makes it or he doesn't make it if we get into a fight he's going to be the first one out of the dugout he's there with exactly two strikes on a Hosmer and I bring you finishes the unit Nick thank you so much for all your insight congratulation thank you thank you Nick Hazlett precise scouting director 52 Sox tonight capstone project royal rangers cheap William E. Macaulay Honors College.

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