Write For Me Enterprise Risk Management Integrated Framework Executive Summary Coso 2004
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Write for me enterprise risk management integrated framework executive summary coso 2004

Write for me enterprise risk management integrated framework executive summary coso 2004 capstone project hospital readmissions examples of cover letter for college application ´╗┐hi everyone me and my dad went on a walk and it wasn't just any kind of walk it was a 10 day walk and we watched the Pembrokeshire coast every day we did over 20 miles and this made me think before I went that I'm probably going to lose a little bit of weight doing this walk so I wanted to do a little experiment and weigh myself before the walk and then also after the walk to see if there is any difference this is why this video is called my 10 day weight loss challenge I just thought it would be quite an interesting thing to do and I thought you guys might be interested in it as well I want to make it clear that I know that I didn't need to lose any weight beforehand because I've told people that I'm doing this video and they've been like oh make you don't need to lose any weight it's like I know I know but I was doing this walk anyways I hope you enjoyed this video and I'll see you see I'm just gonna weigh myself I'm in Boots and this is before I start my 10 day challenge so I got to see how much I weigh and then they're going to weight myself again afterwards so I'm going to put my 50 P stop there's something above you clicking good I see all right and the results show that I'm ready I've never weighed this much my whole time when you lie and I'm gonna be like bitch I'm heavier than you let's start with my height if I hiked it I've shrunk I thought so I've shown you five - three point four and but this wasn't about my height is about my weight and I am a stone seven Oh boohoo so I'm gonna walk the Pembrokeshire coast I'm going to do about twenty miles each day and then at the end of it I'm hoping that this number has gone down a little bit let's see if it works this is the day before I went on the Pembrokeshire walk I thought I would do a little visual thing of my body as well as just the figures because a lot of people said I might actually put on weight because of the muscle that I would gain so I thought it'd be a good idea to do this as well so I'm just showing you a little bit of my body and we'll compare what I look like at the end of the war I'm at the start of my walk here there's my bag and this is the little mappy thing that shows you the coast path we've only been walking for about an hour so far so it's very new into the walk but I'll keep you updated hi everyone I look a complete mess because I just woke up but I wanted to show you my tent this is what my tent looks like and it's absolutely tiny we're staying at this campsite which is really nice the Seas over there but we're not going to stay at campsite every night we're going to do some wild man camping as well but we kind of really wanted a shower last night so we paid that's what looks like inside really tiny and hug this is inside yeah I slept there last night and it was absolutely freezing I was shivering so much it's about half 7:00 in the morning and we're going to do a lot of walking today I need to pack away my tent now and it's got lots of raindrops on it it's a nightmare pack in my bag because I have to pack my sleeping bag my mat my pillow my clothes with everything and this idea and it's really hard to everything in there here is what my view look like every day I just had lots of greenery and then the sea on my left and it was really beautiful it was really really beautiful here's a little clip of me walking uphill which there were so many steep uphill bits we're just constantly climbing up a cliff and then down a cliff and then up the cliff and then down the cook and oh my god it really gave our legs a proper workout like just don't bother gauge the gym just go around Pembrokeshire here is a little clip of where me and my dad Wildman count one night and it was right nice - the sea is evening of day five I think I'm just on this bench looking at this beautiful view and I wanted to share it with you guys not pretty so yeah I'm just sitting here looking out to the sea imagining my boyfriend on his cruise ship somewhere out there everyone my diet hasn't exactly been healthy I've had a lot of chips cheese baguettes ice cream hot chocolates Maka's nothing healthy really I had a bit of salad with my forget so this challenge is all about exercise so let's see if I can still lose weight we're just doing exercise and not doing anything with my diet in fact is my diets worked I saw so many seals on this walk and they were so cute here is a seal and it's baby pup oh I got it so cute I was so happy when I saw these guys and I saw so many on the whole entire walk and they just say cute I found some wild horses next to the sea look I just that each in the broth and then just there is the sea and the Vista will see it kind of like unicorns there's another one there's a brown one over there we climbed up this massive cliffy rocky thing and this was the view at the top it reminded me of a time I went in a hot air balloon and all the fields looked like that and I've got look quite cool and pretty so I thought I'd show you look there's some more baby seals oh we found this really cool place where they had swings hanging from trees and I just think they are so cool and I always get excited when I see them when I'm on a walk and they also had a little tiny one for a ferry to show you it now there it is look it's tiny and it's for ferries to go on so that was really cool there's another swing there it just seemed pretty magical really with a stream and stuff or there's a sunset very nice and that's where we Wildman count again on top of the clip and this is the end of the walk it did it yay now to see the results so here I am I'm back home and I'm doing a little video of myself in the mirror like I did last time to try and see if there's any difference now do you think there's any difference I don't think I've lost any weight it doesn't look like I have this is the visual of my body thank you cameraman alright what you don't painful I think any difference is that I've got a few more freckles lots of freckles and I will say God favorite on that uh-huh okay yeah you can see like yeah yeah prop it like oh so I think that's that's the main thing I've achieved always big yeah those have always been big okay oh so I have like little tan lines oh my oh my god you got some lines yeah oh my god like my gym things ended there I've got little tan socks on my legs and I've also if I pick my leg bit of muscle there woop and I've got a few places Oh goodbye darling Oh one there naughty son decided to swear and then I've got one no which one was it that oh yeah I got a beautiful main thing I've achieved for this walk is a tan some listed a bit of muscle agenda colostomy waiting but we're gonna go to boots now and find out the facts but this is just an experiment so I was doing this walk anyway so it doesn't really matter I didn't lose any weight because that wasn't the point of the war it was a it was a plan to have a nice adventure so so lots of seals hey guys I'm gonna go and weigh myself after my ten day challenge and see what I weigh now ready but noise again oh yeah the thing Bobby what's the saying what's the saying Oh watch it what fan 8:21 what is running one thing I did I didn't think Tony was a thing I'm not very good at math so I could be wrong I'm rich yeah yeah oh by labor let's eat eight stone 21 where am I looking wait it's stone 21 pounds I don't understand how that works hang on oh is that - I'll be oh yeah we really don't want with I'm so sorry max of squeezes though like okay that's ready ready stone from both of us so in that case I have lost I've lost five pounds from this world and it's a lot yeah yeah that's impressive stone so yeah that's the result of this video I hope you've enjoyed watching leave a comment if you'd like to and make sure you subscribe bye see you next week undergraduate capstone project examples online Phillips Beth Israel School of Nursing.

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