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Write for me enterprise risk management brief description

Write for me enterprise risk management brief description capstone chapter 3 pyxll review of literature ´╗┐you know what is going on guys let your TK here come actually little gameplay commentary and this one's going to be more of a story time then no normal commentaries I've been doing I'm talking a lot about call of duty titanfall out less and walking dead so I kind of switch it up change it up and talk a little bit about yeah I guess my life I guess I could say that but we have in the background is just say kill confirmed on tremor it's pretty much decent game played by myself or not really snipe on this map much and my teammates are awful so that's why we lose but I hope you guys enjoy it on the less and let's get started so this little story time I want to talk about is going to be the stories of Walmart's so I have quite a few quite a few good stories from that place the it's just the customers are so retarded the employees are just moronic it's unbelievable at what happens really but cups most of my stories they tie together that are all very very similar but they're kind of ridiculous kind of like what why how and another one is just of one insane customer and I'm gonna start with that one since that's different from the other ones I'll leave you hanging on the edge for those I'm gonna start this one and this one is about an insane customer and here's the story so well one day well first off let me say we're starting we are going through a remodel so my walmart is turning into a supercenter so we're remodeling things are changing things are moving the building is shifting yes the building is shifting so things are happening the leak the roof start leaking and whatnot it's happening all in the warehouse happens a little bit on the sales floor but we try to catch it try to fix those fat as possible and this time we didn't really notice it so what happened the roof is leaking it started soaking up that one of the tiles in the ceiling of the what is it the I don't know it's called the soft roof shingle thingies and a shingles but the soft pillow type thingies that are in the in the ceiling whatever it was called I have no idea but that starts smoking water and then eventually it fell it fell and apparently this woman got hit in the face with it and it almost hit her baby almost she was going she's a spazzy now going crazy and said like oh my god you know Sam I've elements in my butt almost in my baby this I mean I needed for charge I need to something new some time like what like I understand there were three assistant managers a couple of the co-workers and she's just going insane about this almost hitting her baby she thinks she may have concussion because I hair in the head she needs to go to the hospital get MRI and she needs to like go leave this death trap and press charges and we're just like okay we believe it so I let let us not asleep so I had to run over to the security guy he look over at the cameras and I'm the cameras he saw it happen the shingle whatever's called the roof part didn't even touch her yes it came close to hitting her and her baby but it didn't touch her she saw it hit the ground and then she started acting it started acting like it hitters like oh my god oh my god so after the security guy told us she was already gone like we all just started life in Austin system managers and we're just like are you fucking kidding me this actually happened this crazy bitch just said that and what I want to tell her this store mirka I want to tell the customer like you psycho bitch what the fuck is wrong with you you're not going to get money from us we know what heaven you're just fucking retarded for absolutely no reason it didn't hit your baby it didn't he hit you shut the fuck up and go back to shopping but I can't do that i would gotta fire but that was going through my mind it's just it was just hilarious you had to be there but that was pretty much it for that story and the other stories they all tie together and i'm gonna start off with the most recent it was it was when i came in through the store so I will start work at seven in the morning I started walking the sales floor because I need to find one of those handheld tells odds are little handheld computers that helps us do our job so I was looking through the grocery I noticed his brown stuff on the floor I noticed it go on a streak pretty much a streak down an entire grocery aisle so ah the entire crochet i had just brown somehow those mud I thought is there I was like okay this is weird and then the overnight people are just like started scream like oh my god oh my god what is this and turns out it was shit and no one knows what happened no one knows when it happened but there was piles of shit down the entire grocery out and no one knew why there are no dogs there are no people no one knows and like we're going to remodel at this time the cameras were not working at the time so we have no idea what happened there's piles of shit going throughout the store we assume as a dog because why I why else would that happen we assume it was a seeing-eye dog that came in at left right away but their owner probably pooped and decide I we're leaving now so yeah a dog shit all over the floor and I said these all tied together so you can imagine what else happens so sat next Tory about poop what this one older lady she's shopping normal day she all of a sudden pull down her pants in the middle of an aisle middle of I think it's a vacuum aisle she pulled her pants down she took a shit stood up and walked away did she lit shit just stood up and walked away and didn't say anything didn't really tell anyone I just walked up start continue shopping like nothing happened some co-workers saw this like what the fuck are you doing there like what are you talking about what happened so they don't know they shit we had to call the cops and they were arrested for it but they had no idea they pooped they didn't know they pulled their pants down they didn't know they pooped in the store it I wish I saw as gross as that sounds I wish I saw someone do that I think that's pretty epic and the last story about poo is an older lady she just started she was walking shopping select all the lady but she just kept walking with her shopping cart and all sudden poop is tripping out of her pants it just keeps dripping down it's wet Ronnie and little it was just dripping down her pant leg it started tripping out antis floor and she was leaving trails and she had no idea this is happening and she's an older lady so older people have all movement issues and she clearly had one didn't know it and she was leaving a trail of poop so she actually had her daughter there with her she was ahead of her and didn't I was happening oh so she had to run her mother to the bathroom and clean her up and it's just just gross so apparently pooping in walmart is a very common thing maybe that's why is considered the poor person store tough call but there's a lot of poop in walmart not in the bathroom exodus lot in the bathroom i should flown thrown everywhere it's kind of ridiculous and gross but a lot of people poop on the sales floor my walmart so if you don't want to see poop don't come to my walmart it's not that great it's not that classy but i hope you guys enjoyed my few stories about walmart at it's pretty interesting I do have more but I don't want to tell them all right away maybe I can give more later on we'll see but that's all the time I have for now I hope you can enjoy the game planet background Lewis I'm sorry I was pretty maintaining though yeah it's about it hope you enjoy stories leave a like let me know if you've had any stories like this in your stores or if you've seen anything like this I want to know what happens but I'll tie have had for now and hope to yeah like comment subscribe and I'll doesn't catch you guys next time capstone law raul perez Juilliard School, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Manhattan.

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