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Write for me define capstone experience

Write for me define capstone experience do my capstone real estate sharepoint alexander pope essay on criticism quotes ´╗┐today I thought I would film a room tour for you guys because I feel in the last year when I lived in Lipton and now I live in Lafayette which is not fantastic but I could do a whole video later about I know the good and bad and there's a lot of bad but I'm looking forward to break in two days and I've been studying for finals all day and I'm kind of dying so I'm looking for an excuse to not study anymore tonight hence the room tour so when you walk in the front door you have this really long entryway into the common area and there's a set of closet doors right here and there's literally winter coats and suitcases and here is our pile of trader Joe bags it kind of just keeps growing and we don't do anything with them but we still have many ways this is the kitchen we just got a new fridge yesterday because our fridge broke which was fantastic so we have just a stove there's no dishwasher so I have to use the sink for dishes and one of my roommates has the Keurig and a microwave which is fantastic and this shelf is mine in here got the essentials forks spoons knives olive oil for cooking measuring cups baggies and then there are knives like steak knives in that long container right there on the shelf yeah bowls plates salt and pepper rice hot cocoa peanut butter and fluff New England essential and this is my sponge soap and paper towels and this is my roommates over here is our dining room table and our two couches I don't really sit on the couches I would advise you not to sit on the couches one of my roommates plants and there were four now now there's two but this one's kind of dead this one's gonna do so now there's just kind of that one this is the view outside it's kind of hard to see the light on I don't know what this building is but the top of it is always lit and it looks pretty and in here is my roommate a nice bathroom it's a lot bigger than the bathroom and Lipton so toilet sink and we actually have like a full shower with a tub we had so many issues with our shower not working and making strange noises and it's still not completely fixed but it's okay and then this is a medicine cabinet these drawers open too but we do not open those we don't have anything in them no particularly if you come down here this is my suitemates bedroom they have their own bathroom so that's why the bathroom down there is only for me and my roommate you walk in this is my room this is my roommate side and then this is my side so I pretty much have like the same thing from last year so I brought my TV and the blu-ray player and actually my dad made this shelf because last year I had a windowsill but this year I obviously do not so I needed somewhere to put like my clock and my fan and everything and down here dresser they're a little different from last year at Lipton's there was two drawers and two drawers but these are all connected which I wish they weren't but what can you do in this first drawer pair of socks towels and face cloths this is shirts fuzzy socks underwear pants sweaters and then I don't have anything in that big drawer I keep my backpack here this is my school backpack and that's like my travel backpack and my suitcase is under those pillows shoes they're also shoes under my bed but they're all they're all like summer shoes so I don't need them in the cold weather over here has my camera bag and then the box that it's sitting on has books that I never read for one of my classes so I spent $60 for nothing which is my favorite thing in the world and then in this thing it's a big long drawer container the top one I have Clorox wipes plastic bags like the Walmart CVS bags this is batteries screwdrivers flashlights command hooks this is q-tips advil band-aids this is like the health section I guess this is food though hot chocolate granola bars in a bag of noodles because a box wouldn't fit and then that's just my cereal for the morning whoever here is my desk area so on the top a lot of this is you'll remember from my first dorm tour so love is real and then I got this sign this summer which I absolutely love and then my hairbrush makeup bag makeup mirror I met this guy in the summer - I thought he was super cute and now here I brought some of my favorite books I'm so so excited about this movie I cannot wait to see it I'm so favorite books favorite movies this has nothing in it this is a container you stuck popcorn in it from the Boy Scouts but it does not now and I just went to Annette and Alex concert so I have my ticket from Matt and Alex and then I got a guitar pick - so it's pretty cool and then I got this guy over summer is a turkey with a football body and mug collection Patriots a world map and a sloth mug and then that's perfume deodorant lotion those are like those gel beads instead of candles but they're like scented jelly things and then medicine because I always get sick so I just keep it on hand at this point down here that is my agenda those are my bus tickets to get home on Thursday sticky notes pens highlighters reading tabs that's a Starbucks gift card that I have yet to use I keep memory cards and flash drives and stuff in that little basket this is all for Expo markers for my Expo board which I try to write everything I have to do in one day is for tomorrow I made a calendar of all the like last-minute things I had to do up and from Thanksgiving up until the last day of school because I could not keep everything organized in my head backup flash drive my horses horse shoe my lamp laptop and chair in these drawers he's not very exciting this is like stapler staples tape index cards twine this is all my schoolbooks so index cards I made for what my classes this is for my final on Thursday and other notebooks and then I have to move my trash to gets at the bottom drawer that bottom drawer has all of my film hard drives in it and that's a Shutterfly folder with pictures that I still have not hung up probably won't ever hang up and then triple bag is camera stuff for my film classes and that dark thing there that's a gel for film lights and I have my trash actually separated so one bag is for water bottles and the other half is trash because I used to have a like a trash bag and it would be like 75% water bottles so just keep them separate now for space up here is all of the cables and cords and I also use this as like a landing to put like my wallet my keys and IDs and everything and I have Christmas lights above my bed and then in here our closet is literally big enough to fit a body that's a light on so this is our closet which is so gigantic we have it split down the middle so this is my side so I just have lunch at urgent air conditioner that's more cereal and then clothes I have Tupperware here and then underneath the Tupperware is like a cutting board frying pan strainer and I got a pasta pan and then there's nothing in this blue box which I should probably change but that bag is refrigerator bag thing so what keep stuff insulated and I have a water stash back there which is empty there's like one water bottle left umm toilet paper paper towels hamper I don't need my stool this year because my bed is not raised unfortunately but that is my room and I forgot and I have my all I need is football on my dog and I'll show you the view we almost never open these curtains what kind of forget that there's a world outside but you can see that building a little bit better let me turn the light off a lot there you go so that is the view from this side window and then the view is a little bit better helped my roommate side that's hurt you though that is my room tour I hope you guys enjoyed watching and let me know if you have any questions about off the header and why you in general and I'll try to answer them in the comments do my robot motion planning capstone project Jamestown Community College.

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