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Write for me creative ideas for capstone project

Write for me creative ideas for capstone project write for me capstone indianola ms example research questions for political science ´╗┐welcome series of tapes designed to acquaint you with the various majors at Millersville University I'm dr. Ralph Antonin your host for the series and with me today I have a physics major George Smith jobs want to welcome you and before we get into talking about physics we always like to know a little bit about the person where's Josh Smith from how they wind up at Millersville and what did you do in the past um well you know my name is George I originally grew up in Philadelphia moved to perkasie Pennsylvania which is two hours east okay up here right two hours east and I lived there most of my life and went to Penn ridge high school and then I went to Bucks County Community College which was right across the street from my high school okay and I decided to come here so okay and you have been here how many years now um I'm still on my first year here and you are a physics major right right that is a major that's very difficult why did you pick physics um I took physics in high school I took AP physics and just general physics with algebra and I did really well in both classes is is a lot of fun mechanics part was a lot really like hands-on I did well got like straight A's it was great you know okay so I'm good at what I do okay now math is big in physics too as it is so you really have to have math in your background to be a physics major yeah actually recently I took ordinary differential equations which it's kind of like calculus for it's the opponent calculus all right and I didn't do so so hot in that but I'm retaking it I'm going to do this time okay so you got to get up all the way up to ordinary differential right which is still a co-requisite for some physics classes okay so are you into any other physics courses right now besides you tried mechanics what are you taking right now in physics right now I'm taking macroscopic physics which is focusing on the thermodynamics of big systems okay I'm also taking on the opposite side wave particle theory which is very small systems right like electrons and photons so you have to think of stract lee and concretely to be a physics major right right it's a lot of math which is very like square very concrete but then you also have to think of strictly to get to the answer you need you have the set equations but you gotta think creatively to get to this other set and you really like this stuff I do yeah it's it keeps me busy okay and and I heard through the grapevine that you recently wrote a paper on a paradox right yeah yeah and relativity is that am I in the right ballpark yeah I wrote a paper on Einstein's theory of relativity and in it I had a little quip about the twin paradox which is can you simply explain it to a man who probably won't understand but I can i can meet special relativity kind of states like the faster you go time kind of slows down you kind of shrink like things aren't normal right they can they act differently when you go faster and faster and as you go faster and faster into space they also act differently um when there's two twins two babies born at the same time one gets jettisoned into space right and one stays on earth all right after so many years saying about like 60 years maybe or a hundred years the baby comes back from from space okay and they're going to claim that they're different ages okay but in reality they're the same but because time moves differently in space than it does on earth it's it's a paradox like the space thing just to say that who's going to look older these ones going to look older than the other one um truthfully no I don't think so okay I'm still trying to wrap my brain around truthfully but um the earth baby's supposed to look older okay the space baby so if the space maybe 60 the other one's going to comment claimed that the earth babies 100 okay so this is the type of stuff that intrigues you right yeah this is what I was learning in wave particle theory right now okay and it led to this paper right so you got math good skills you got to have is a chemistry involved if you have to take any camp i do but it's it's not a lot i'm in general chemistry to right now okay chemistry i feels harder than physics it's really yeah it's a it's a lot more abstract there's not as much math there's a little bit but it doesn't go far beyond algebra what about biology do you have to take anybody ology um no you don't I took biology though to village in genetic can write as any other gen Ed's that you have taken that you think a good to complement your physics major well take lots of math I came here with an associate's degree in math education okay I want it to be a teacher in the night really I changed my mind why I have a few family members who are teachers and they've retired early they've had problems Rock recei right I've also paperwork I've gone into classes and decided that it's not for me so so you basically switched your major when you came here right I didn't think too much about it because you know math to physics exactly you'd think but no I'm a little bit behind okay on my curriculum even though on the head and credits okay fill up some of those physics requirements right right exactly so when you're projecting your retirement I mean your retirement lets me I'm retired whether you're ago when you report your graduation um on a 40 typical for your schedule I graduate next year okay um 2014 i'm kim but i'd suspect either the fall semester of 2014 or spring semester 2015 okay are you looking at any job sleeting anywhere are you just going to be wide open with this one for jobs i really don't know what i wanted to but I know I have lots of options out there ok because physics majors are pretty rare oh absolutely i mean they're not many of you out there I'm kind of relying on that too because they're so little of us you know it's kind of in higher demand than some of the other majors all three are you involved in anything else besides physics at Millersville um I am I'm involved in the radio station really I excu might be here you know that Oh other than anybody yeah I do that ah you've got a show yet I do it some seven to ten a.m. on sunday mornings Sunday morning Sunday mornings you're awake at seven in the morning uh mostly I always have my coffee with me though ok what's the title of your show fourth meal unfortunately I did not pick that but in my household fourth meal or the meal that comes after dinner is very big we all like okay see a family predicted got it for your eyes I I not know I family no no mymy Paula family my my roommates Oh God family right okay so well do you like moes well so far i do i love it it's been really great i love the area it's very quiet cities right nearby if i want to do anything ok big change from philly right oh yeah yeah definitely any cultural shock when you came here but when you saw her not too much like some of the horse and buggies are kind of cool to see not much so so much a Millard a little bit in the likes terraria like where I work so okay where do you work I work at giant I'm Johnny yeah okay well you got to make money i do gotta make money i actually just got a promotion to which is I can see that yeah I can see you again the promoter any other final thoughts anything you want to say about life the world joj trip um well physics is cool i love it and just do what you love I don't have it like physics and radio station I love them both they're not too much in turtle intertwined but I'm doing it because I love it so okay George follow your passion that's right okay and I want to thank you for taking the time I'm going to shake your hand thank you say I appreciate it and physics major math got to work hard got to think concretely abstractly tough major but if you love it it's your passion think about it thank you for listening take care you you capstone project ideas for community order CUNY Graduate School of Journalism.

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