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Write for me coursera data science capstone project github

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them haha ok so it might get a little bit laggy so I'm going to a bit but but I'm going to turn this down just a little bit just just a bit you guys it's going to get a bit foggy that's ok we're not going to need that much a viewing power for this one um so yeah let's take a look inside the grande stadium here or you have an entryway oh this is where you form a line although you draw look at that you go up here this is where you get your tickets for your seating arrangements here you you ask nicely and they give you some over here what's this ah this is where I keep now for those of you watching you may or may not know this you probably know this because of the the tower pimps XL pretty much gave that away but I am whoa whoa there work what the what the hell is this there were supposed to be plants here okay so i don't know why those plants went away their back i put them back to their okay so i don't know if you know this but i'm a huge achievement hunter fan a huge fan of achievement hunter and so I catalog all their tower pimps wins so these are a race tower wins so you see all of them lined up here this may be a little bit outdated because I haven't kept up with it for some time but you could update it a few i use have to put tower pimps down if you want this is basically all the towers that the lads and the gents of one over the years so you could look at those yeah i know i'm a nerd I get it I get it you don't have to tell me I know I'm pathetic I apologize I apologize you guys so so you see you have these lobbies here with thought well this fountains in here too oh my god you got some nice little seating to look at that spare no expense you guys I never spare expense and there is supposed to be a painting here and there isn't and that pisses me off because I don't know why there wouldn't be a painting here I don't know what happened to it why does this happen why why every week do the painting spontaneously disappear it's not fair I I reject it come on just do 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whatever it doesn't mean it doesn't it doesn't matter let's just go to the stadium proper oh whoa whoa you guys check what is this this is Joe oh my god so this is where uh combatants engage in combat in on the floor here oh there's a door there's a door can you escape through the door let's see oh no it's well then forget it can only be entered from the other side hahaha so you have plenty of seating for the fans and the the spectators to see it yes and oh it's all walled in on the ceiling it has to be I wanted it to be open you know how stadiums usually are but that would kill all the skeletons and zombies if it were daytime that's the problem that's why it has to be walled in sorry guys I didn't have a choice their hooves nothing I could do so the stairs are the stairs will give you access to to everything up here what is this this is whoa so yeah the redstone you're probably wondering what the redstone was about so you could push any of these buttons here and it will spawn the corresponding mob so if you are spawn of zombie pig man you hit this button shit you hit this button his hobby pigment spot he's not gonna spot cuz we're at peaceful mode right now I think the did yeah we are who cares you guys could try it out it works I've tested it extensively they will spawn on the ground and then the person down there fight them so you're basically a horrendous troll sitting up in this room trying to kill the people that here by spawning monsters so they're the sponge Oh hideously can see you it's Sidious Lee concealed is what i meant to say I'll look at all this you got some like guys up here they're like looking down these are the these are the champions or pair not really there's like statues I don't know look it back on it now they do look kind of shitty I know maybe I should change it yeah it's too late I've already published it I've already I'm already making this video it's already done doesn't matter so now you're probably wondering how do the kapatic I'm battens get in to to fight in this in this jolly oh this jolly good stadium here oh look a baton entryway I'll look at this you guys we've got a room here with some lovely red carpet redford death death because death awaits you in there that's right so you got some some beds here so you can respawn after you certainly will i got all kinds of armor to choose from you've got weapons there's weapons over here i think let's see wait wait oh I was right this one to sit there and you've got food and stuff Apple's you got steak you've got aw potions of strength to give you extra strength when you're you're fighting the monsters you're fighting the good fight now to get in you must ah haha you go through here okay you're locked it Oh No what do I do now you fight you fight to the death that's how it works so uh that's there you have it this has been the stadium ah do download it that's available on planet minecraft link is in the description give it a go because it's quite fun when you get a few people in there and somebody the lucky person up there pushing the buttons which is always fun give this video like a comment subscribe even if you want I don't know it's up to you share it with your friends you know do all that stuff why is this dark stop that ridiculous apply yourself little breaking bad reference right there I don't know if any of you got that it doesn't matter um so uh yeah that's pretty much it next week we'll be doing another build I don't know what it is i forgot i I don't know where we are at this point just have to wait and see check it out next week it's gonna be great I assure you it's gonna be great oh this is a big stadium it is it is so I will see you guys next week thank you for watching grey remnant once again signing out I'll see you guys later goodbye harem sirs and madams good day good day to you all do my kapstone paper washington for money The King's College.

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