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Write for me coso enterprise risk management understanding the new integrated erm framework pdf

Write for me coso enterprise risk management understanding the new integrated erm framework pdf write for me objectives for nursing capstone project papers video game ´╗┐In this video I will show you how to see the sites of Havana on foot. But first we had to pay $25 for a private taxi. There's no public transport from the airport. And yes, Cuba is all about beaches, but I cover that topic in another episode. We started with a visit to one of the many neighborhood markets. And clearly Cubans love their ice cream. They also recycle everything from cars to cans. We start with a long walk from the Vadado neighborhood to the Jose Marti Memorial, located on Plaza de la Revolution. We did Homestay (or Casa Particular) throughout our month in Cuba. We always paid the same price. $25 a night (breakfast included). Note that there are 2 official currencies in Cuba. One for the locals and one for tourists. 1 tourist CUC is equivalent to the 1 US $. Central Havana is tourist ville with lots of plazas, statues, old buildings and shopping. Hey! Who's this dude? Poncho Via And to eat cheap, go local. After a quick meal we continued exploring. Supposedly this is place invented the mojito. And if you like old cars, then Havana is the place to be. Personally, I liked Old Havana better than Central Havana. Now to visit the fort. A 10 cent ride is required to cross the Canal de Entrada. There is a fee to enter the fort. Why is this in a fort? Gotta say, they've got balls. well looks like a fairly empty fortress I guess it was seriously defensive in the olden days. but wait Are these left over from the Cuban Missile crisis? In this video we hike in the Vinales National Park. Located within walking distance from the rural village Vinales. The park contains strange mountains. Sorry, but no beaches. We start the hike from our homestay (or Casa Particular). Where we paid $25 per night, breakfast included. Vinales is a one-horse town. One main road. One sewing factory. A handful of shops and restaurants. And lots of oxen. slow process The turnoff to the park is marked by the world famous Prehistoric Wall Painting sign. It is Not a prehistoric painting. It is a painting about prehistoric times. The locals are poor This farmer asked us inside to help him with an email address. Once inside the sales pitch began. I'm poor. Since his father died, he lives alone here. Note that the government takes 75% of local crops. The rest the locals to sell There were no official park signs so we just followed foot trails that went up the nearest mountain you are thorough And like in Nepal, we found a chi shop along the trail. So what are you drinking? Mojito After that mojito Cristina, didn't feel like hiking any more. I got you a taxi. So at the bottom of the mountain I found a ride. oh my God! giddy up The ride back to town cost us 2 dollars. How's that feel? Very well. Vinales markets itself as a cowboy town. And it certainly has the look and feel. But for tourists there's no escaping 3 hour package tour. to the right to the left At the end of the video there is a link to more details. Within 10 minutes our guide stopped us at a local farm. it seemed this ride included a number of educational stops. This is nicotine Now rolling one cigar Now it is impossible to smoke. Why? Now is very wet. After 2 days it's totally dry. and ready to smoke and conservation. Local cigars were for sale naturally. 20 minutes later we stopped again. This show was about sugar cane. We put it here turn handle and sugar cane juice comes out. now coffee. 2 kinds of coffe Arabica and robusta Arabica it's better coffee robusta is more bitter. we separate the beans from the shell she looked nervous And naturally. All local products were available for sale. Finally we were off again. giddy up how do I you've got to learn how to drive that thing he's broken the horse broke 10 minutes later we stopped at a lookout. the view is free no purchase necessary after 20 minutes of watching the forest grow we headed back to our starting point My advice. Skip the tour. Walk out of town to a farm and hire a horse. Enough already. We start the next leg of the trip with a ride to Trinidad. Option 1. The cheapest. Option 2. More Comfortable and pricey. We did homestay in Cuba $ 25 a night, breakfast included. If you don't hurry up I will eat all of this. what? But before going hiking, Cristina wanted to visit the local beach. Cristina's going to the beach at last. The beach was beautiful, as was the scenery. oh yeah, Cristina you're here? &*x$/*# The Beach service includes mojitos naturally. The street food options were pretty good. But the restaurants not listed in the Lonely Planet were the best. ah? Christmas dinner? what happened to that? It was finally time for a day hike in National Park El Cubano El Cubano park is within the National Park Topes de Collantes To the swimming spot and to the waterfall. This was one of many spots available to swim along the trail. Salto de Javira Entrance fee, 9 CUC or 9 dollars. Now that's a swimming hole worth 9 dollars. Getting from Trinidad to the beaches of La Boca took some effort. In this video I will share the experience. At the end of the video there is a link to more details. had to stay in Camaquey a few days to stock up and to find a homestay available over the new year. All Cubans go on holiday over the new year, so it is a difficult time to travel but especially for tourists. It turned out it was also difficult to find supplies. This is where we get all our info. At Infotur. We had found a homestay literally on the beach at Playa Los Coco, next to La Boca It was time for a drink. From the bus station we took a private taxi. Homestay always cost us $25 a day, breakfast included. We could also opt for a prepared dinner at $10 each. The weather was a bit gloomy so I opted for a slack-tide dive, to a wreck, at the mouth of Bajo del Medio. The following day was a perfect sun & fun beach day. The next day we opted to go to the nearby tourist resort area to play some more. Taxi ride home The next day was overcast and windy so we explored the village. By the end of the day it was time to visit our favorite place to eat. lobster And also the only place open over the holidays. The next day it was time for us to pack up and head south. In this video we visit the summit of Picco Turquino, the highest mountain in Cuba. At the end of the video there is a link to more details. From the park entrance we got a ride to the trail head. Picco Turquino It is located in the NP Turquino. The trek must be done with a government guide as part of a package. We signed onto our package at an InfoTur office. The package price was fixed by the government. The park is a tropical jungle so even in January it is hot and sweaty. The trail was well marked. There are a number of different trails in the park. Our route was mostly up hill with a steady increase in altitude. Our first day's objective was a forest camp 8 km from the trail head. Lunch time. 1,364 meters of mosquitoes. Basecamp was very primitive. Uncomfortable bunks No mosquito nets Bad food mushed sardines and limited fresh water. breakfast After a poor nights sleep and a bad breakfast, Cristina was not feeling very strong. Pico or Campo? Pico ok 9 kilometers that means we have... 3 more to go. and that's our objective. At the 10km mark Cristina was very tired. 300 meters ouch just a few more kilometers still another hump then the top this is killing me the summit at last. woo-hoo On the top of Cuba. Now for a 12km return. ouch! write for me capstone logistics suffolk va address New York Film Academy, Battery Park, Manhattan.

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