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Write for me choate capstone program

Write for me choate capstone program write for me capstone residential facility how to remove page margin in word 2018 ´╗┐hey so this video is going to be a little different I was talking to one of my buddies mark man and uh we uh we're business minded guys man we're about our dough we're about our money man and uh we listen to this guy man his name is Grant Cardone I'm gonna find got heard of him and he's very popular in the business world man and he has this YouTube video it's called how to turn taxes into income and basically what it is it's as as company as company workers w-2 workers people that have to follow the w-4 or company drivers that the basis of that the video is claiming as much exemptions as you can on your w-4 that we you give Uncle Sam less money now the thing about that man is when it comes to all the taxes and stuff you're giving Uncle Sam a whole bunch of your money every week every two weeks every month first stuff that if some of y'all will never ever see where your money is going into me you'll never ever see where your money is going into you man you know you claim you claim one exemption claim two exemptions and you get 200 bucks 300 bucks taken out of your paycheck man are you gonna see that money man you won't see it until the end of the year for tax deductions some of it you know depending on the exemptions and all that or anything that you claim and your deductions if you have a lot of deductions and all that yadda yadda but listen man you want to max out on your money man I don't know about y'all man but I love making money I love making money I don't love giving money away to nobody so he's saying to max out those exemptions man put nine exemptions the thing is as company drivers we are making something okay some of us might be making a hundred thousand you know plus a year the IRS is not looking at the smaller guys man the guys that are making you know around 40 grand fifteen sixty the IRS are looking at the people that are making the big money and they have money to spend and give to the government man that's who they're looking for now don't follow any of my advice if if you don't want to I'm not a frickin legal consultant I'm not a tax consultant I'm not a CPA none of that so if you want to yo y'all could check out the video if you want man it's a grant cardone how to turn taxes into income so if you want to do it do it man I'm all about my business man by making money and having money in my hand man now so I I'm gonna do that man I'm that's that's what I'm doing man now the other thing that goes with that is because you're not giving Uncle Sam and the government all that money you could end up owing them some money back because you're not giving them enough now there's a little loophole to this if you any sort of business owner you run an LLC a corporation anything like that you can start using your expenses and write them off as tax deductions like me for saying man I do online marketing on the side I spent two thousand a little over two thousand bucks to get a website build and that's gonna be all tax deductible for me so I'll be able to deduct it at my taxes so that way I don't end up owing a lot of money and might not owe anything at all depending on how much things that I deduct my my goal is to not even get a refund man I don't even want to read my man just more money I just want my money you know I'm saying now there's a thing that companies are doing now and Schneider does it and last time I was in Schneider they were taking 2 cents a mile out of my paycheck every week to pay me a per diem program and I was making more money on the per diem program but they were also taking 2 cents of my out of my paycheck just to do that now I did some numbers here man on one of my weeks so one of these weeks I ran 728 miles and I made 833 bucks of 50 cents now I did get some some things that I bought and I got I got repaid for those I forget the name of that but just nightly repaid me for those so I got I got some money on top of that now I'm supposed to be making 49 cents a mile but with Snyder's per diem program I'm only making 48 cents a month they're taking one cent of mile off of Maya off of my paychecks now 31 cents per mile based on that is taxable 17 cents is not taxable so their per diem right now at 49 at me getting 49 cents a mile is 17 cents non-taxable per diem income now I did some calculations on this so I'm in Texas we're getting around 57 dollars a day in per diem now you're paying me I'm paying Snyder once in a mile and I averaged that if I average 2,000 miles a week I'm getting Snyder $20 a paycheck and giving him $1,000 and 40 a thousand and forty dollars a year just to give me a per diem and to give me more money in my account so they're charging me $1,000 $1,000 just to make it easier for me at the end of the year just so I could get more money every week on my paycheck now I just chose to opt out of the per diem program and that's what I did last time I was not here and I finalized an email and they've taken care of that right now for me man i Snyder has this thing where you could get your logs every six months out of the year and you could you could order your logs and all that and they'll give it to you that way at the end of the year if you wanted to do your taxes you could use your logs and stuff like that and go to your CPA or whatever whoever you go to for your taxes and write right off every one of those days as the per diem I don't know how much you spend on the tax people maybe a hundred bucks or something like that but that's better than spending a hundred forty dollars a year just to get more money every week when you could do that regardless at the end of the year you know what I'm saying so y'all for some people it's gonna be beneficial to you because you want more money on your paychecks and you want to have extra money you know for whatever you bills food anything like that for other people man if you know how to do stuff like that yourself then it's probably just going to be beneficial for you to decline it now if you're paying child support or anything like that and you're getting weekly paychecks and you're getting money taken out of child support it'd probably be beneficial for you to be on a per diem program because that money thing you're gonna get off of that per diem program is gonna be non-taxable and they won't be able to take that money from you when it comes to child support or anything like that that your all the government so y'all don't take how you want it man like I said man I'm all about my money man I'm all about my money I don't love giving people no money and I definitely don't do not like to give somebody a thousand bucks a year man just just to uh help me take care of my taxes bro and make it easier for me I could do that by myself man so that's good like I said it's completely up to you man yeah either you want more money on your paychecks and you want to give a company a few cents to a few cents per mile to take care of that for you or you're fine just having a regular paycheck and taking care of that stuff at the end of the year yourself move so they'll do whatever works best for you man I just want to give you an update and tell you a little bit more about that now I'm at the smartest guy in the world when it comes to all of this but uh I do know a few things man so y'all make sure to watch that Grant Cardone video how to turn taxes into income in y'all need to watch that you do y'all want money man everybody who wants money and I don't know about y'all man but I don't like give my money way to things that I probably won't ever see me I understand that you know we're paying for you know social security and stuff like that and getting the roads fix and all that but where else is all of our money going into man well where else is our money going into but y'all take it easy thanks for watching Thomas a trucker out pyl capstone real estate for money Borough of Manhattan Community College, Tribeca.

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