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Write for me capstone turbine price list

Write for me capstone turbine price list write for me capstone examples it reporter esquire solutions reporters login [Music] hey guys alright so really quickly we have another loot crate box we just did one we did like just a couple days like so I don't know what's going on when these the crates actually show up to our doorstep we just get them I think they're on track now let's just hope so anyways no idea what the theme is syndicate you knew this so let's just open it and see what's inside here we go let's go television that's both color televisions inside what television that is a very very cool blue print DeLorean t-shirt I see it now I just saw this up here my fellow clock yeah I'm is awesome this is awesome it's very subtle when you're like at a distance and you're looking at everybody up close it's really cool sometimes loot crate's t-shirts are they shrink a lot yeah they do and I think that artwork on this is amazing but this feels like one of those shirts that's kind of shrink okay well definitely shrink I mean I even hang dry all of our shirts in this illustration yeah but a very very cool looking teacher I love that I love it awesome alright what else you got we have Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic and rings adults collectible okay now this is really funny oh and I love this I love how you have sonic running to catch the Rings this is hilarious I would have never guessed that this is what this was going to be in the box it's cool I'm gonna look Sonic's so Sega Genesis was the greatest development I can't say I was conscious but that was one of his best game it was the best game for the console the time our mark oh my god I love that game and I play it now stop saying as you can buy it now but like sonic genesis of absolute [Music] cold oh I like it that's quite a bit of detail it's not the greatest paint job but every probably not a really expensive item if you were to pick this up in a store what is a little crate exclusive so you're gonna find it one thing I like is on the actual grass part of it you can look at it close and it has a sort of textured green and then flat smooth green thank you sir yeah just like the game so that's that's creative it's a good idea I guess yeah cool little figure you guys are into video games that's a cool chauffer yeah chauffeur whatever that is okay so we have red dragon die keeper Dungeons and Dragons you know the funny thing is when loot crate or at least a week first started getting a little crate which is a few years now I guess I mean three years three years like Dungeons and Dragons had a place in these boxes a lot now we don't play Dungeons & Dragons i watch it sometimes on twitch at least 10 dice from a game so die party pal so we have the red dragon here really nice figure it's a lot of detail in it yeah it's cool and then we have the what 20-sided die yeah yeah a meaning 20-sided die I think they're a little bigger than that usually I think they are maybe not gotta love them very cool my 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episodes of the health mission that was some of my favorite episodes especially let's go back to homers dad in my burns you still painting you know that episode really good so yeah really cool the hellfish Happy Days we also have the loop pin for this month and it says o Gallagher no Gallagher never heard of a case old game good game maybe not a game a lot of people play anymore this is probably this was an Oliver game this wasn't in our generation or whatever but cool so is that the theme of it Galaga that seems kind of strange because playback ok playback so it's just a Gallagher pin yeah ok so that makes sense okay so this well as you can see there's a television two box TV I'm not gonna grab it but it makes sense because we're sort of in I guess the eighties 90s early 90s yeah so yeah ok so that make sense it's all video it's all games mm-hmm you know the Simpson has to do it but it's really great because it was in the same era playback so it could be anything on television I guess so with videogames of movies or I guess well yeah whatever so let's move on to the little pamphlet here we got the exclusive Back to the Future t-shirt I love it and great design one of my favorite great sever done then we have the exclusive sonic and rings adult collectible so great Sega's 19 anyone classic Sonic the Hedgehog game with this button figure licensed by Sega let me add the exclusive dungeons dragons die older ok so the dragon actually holds the die that's what that's kinda cool then we have the Simpsons 25th anniversary keychain no add some spring film flip remember that Springfield game we used to play the Simpsons game on our phone crashed I lost everything yeah we're done every day for two years and then the exclusive Gallagher pin consider yourself safe from the night bombing space while they cook with this Galaga Starfire pin alright so that was the boxes month may I'm so mad that you brought that the game back up literally played oh man every night awesome missions it was like farmville but Simpsons and what happened was you didn't have to create an account it would save it on your console here we were doing an iPad we still signed into our game account and then they switched it where you had to sign in before so we did that update and then erased our entire game all of our Springfield was gone and that was it for citizens Rus so anyways what was your favorite item I'm gonna have to go with the t-shirt this month I feel like this box was kind of mad this is where one lot of stuff in it for me personally but the shirt is probably investment I think it was a good box as far as that goes alright great shirt a cool keychain good pin it seems a little more specific to a certain kind of person yeah I think it just wasn't us honestly but I don't think it was a bad box I think sonic fingers pretty cool and it's just not a lot of things that I personally want to keep into my collection but the t-shirt I mean t-shirts are always a win for me t-shirts a big win for me and then only because I'm a giant Simpsons fan that would be the hell fish on a matter of fact I have in my book collection over here the Simpsons family it's a giant book it's like an omnibus really of all the information you can think of for the Simpsons I've seen every Simpsons except the last three because I don't still have time for it but all the old ones a good classic ones well pumps we got riff cables you so much so anyways talk too much just get rid of this video alright so start in there thank you guys for watching if this isn't a box you guys might be interested we'll put a link down below along as information we also have a coupon code that is nerd therapy that'll save yourself a few bucks thank you guys for watching I'll see you next time thanks guys right [Music] do my capstone class nursing Tompkins Cortland Community College.

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