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Write for me capstone turbine investor village message board

Write for me capstone turbine investor village message board capstone management complaints for money complexity and contradiction in architecture essay competition ´╗┐welcome to my channel it's me Corrine a lot of you wanted part two of New Yorkers sharing their story for a dollar so here it is it was possible thanks to best fiends for sponsoring this video it's an awesome puzzle game with lots of characters that you can collect it has tons of levels I'm on level 70 so try to beat that score and if you can tweet me click the link below to download it for free don't forget the thumbs up and share this video if it does well I'll make it into a series what's your name motion hi my name is da Wu hey you doing nice to meet you master nice to meet you Maurice everybody has a story right nobody listens everybody's always busy so I wanted us to do story okay at the age of 1 I was I was taking away from my mom because she was uh she was deemed unfit parent like you know I put on the street I wound up as literally one of the morons on the street stealing to survive as I've grown up I I want to make something better about myself you know I want to be whatever view everybody else wants to be successful rich and happy I want to become a doctrine and engineering and so far I can take apart anything we kind of not put it back together I was mechanically inclined and now I'm an ASE certified mechanic basically loneliness wandering mystery I read of your real friends I really see people that you know act like they're my friends but they're really get something atomy or you know you don't have anyone you can trust I really you seem like a great guy why he feels why do you feel lonely and why do you feel like you don't have any friends maybe you're overthinking it a little bit and feel like you might be lonely but in reality people do would probably want to talk to you and find you interesting just I want to see you smile though I don't want to say upset yeah then I hope you find trustworthy friends because that's important yeah my parents but then my dad lived here my mom live in Poland and I was living with my mom through my entire childhood and was like very hard as she was abusing me and like you know mentally and physically she was like manipulating me and she she said she didn't like the things that I liked just because she wanted to you know like me partly oh I was abusing lots of substances actually and it was like very hard because at one point I was so alone in my life but then you know like I always get a clue here and like start everything from scratch and like you me so I was like okay I've got it and I'm going to be a successful you know like happy love that's good yeah and honestly you know like I've never been happier I'm happy you know they're right now everything is like no I'm clapping and vomiting but it's like it's awesome I'm here to meet my boyfriend so we've been in a long-distance relationship from the beginning Wow so we were met in the same city and he never lived there so he's been traveling and now he's studying a name for you and I'm gonna check out NYU and see if I want to study here maybe should be with him if it wasn't for what them we wouldn't have existed death of a father how do you do that keep it to yourself you find out in the long run it bubbles up in other areas of your life you don't even know it you're not even where until someone you love checks you and tells you hey why are you being that way so he's a guitar teacher cousin I know I just think I did but I learned later on I did yeah it'll always be there you just learn to manage it but it's always deep down inside there like for me every time there's a clear dark starry night reminds me of a father Avenue regrets that you wish you could have spent more time yeah it's always that Oh all time precious time when I with a girl who wears a burka I lectured for a living like on Jewish history this was this was in Jordan and I met her there after walking behind me like she was curious I walk backwards turned around in Salaam alaikum she pledged obviously she wasn't wearing a burqa at the time by the way we hung out for a few hours she was fascinated of course to talk to a male questioner and I said hey tomorrow would go to Syria we went to car tomorrow morning we'll go to Syria this is she thought I was kidding I wasn't kidding I think over the next day and we tried to get this area Damien's hold to the border they didn't want to let us in this area so they respected her because she was Muslim I said I'm sorry but she wants to go we have to go I took her hand I said don't turn around if we show any fear obviously that'll be very bad for us took her hand just walked out survived that I've missed a and the touch it's impossible really to stay in touch with it we could be endangering your life and they'll do that one of our friends you know this guy we're biking on the two-way street you know it's getting a little tight so we decided to squeeze through this car and this guy he decided to try to box my friend and against a parked car so my Boyko had to close his side mirror in order for in the pass through the guy comes out the car what got anything that's your boy oh wow God what if you were to shop afraid yeah they want to just put another dead deliver Street and this guy would have just been in court like oh yeah I didn't know what to do I'm currently homeless I ended up homeless because I used to have an apartment in Far Rockaway Hurricane Irene in hurricane sandy busted me out I couldn't stay there it was tough at times but it was hard I wanted to give up and you know dude I used to I used to sell drugs I was younger I went to prison a few times it's hard I wanted to give up and say let me just go rob a bank or something I didn't I had something you know I have three children I'm trying to you know create a better life and I want to own a home you know one day I place my kids comes from in the past down to the baby store finish something I want to do a lot of things I can't do if I'm sitting in a prison cell when you put energy into doing the right thing good things will come to me I've learned it's not not folklore negative energy and try to look at the light at the end of the tunnel I don't have any family in New York City so that's even more difficult because I'm kind of out here by myself I've thought about suicide a few times really on more than one occasion I've even attempted by overdosing on sleeping pills taking pocket but it didn't work I didn't want to live in him I felt like what am i living for I didn't have a reason to live because I was trying harder kept feeling and forming down I haven't told my family my mother my girlfriend nobody I've ever dealt with know anything about that you're the only person I thought you were just the doctor I wasn't hospital with slide it didn't work I'm glad you're still here and you know I actually a bright future for you man and and you know instead of a dollar I'm gonna give you hopefully this would be nice five bucks so you know what this actually helped left you out you know I haven't eaten all day nice so here's the extra dollar to get something to eat bro this is this quick man you guys well you guys look great you know I'm here not to judge you I'm just here to listen and that's basically what I'm here to do you're going to inspire a lot of people are you're going to help a lot of people are afraid to speak out thank you thank you bro I appreciate it man have a good one all right appreciate olivella me most somebody like me come up definitely needs a lots of things thank you and I hope you achieve your dreams then there you go it's part of the tradition so if you take the dollar yeah there's your dollar before you go that's cool I'm not adjuster the money I was like a talk oh I don't like I don't know you have to give me a dollar yeah glad you're fine I'm glad your friends are fine do my capstone ideas for information technology 2019 Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary.

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