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Write for me capstone turbine electrical efficiency

Write for me capstone turbine electrical efficiency write for me arduino one digit display ctv olympic coverage reporters hello there guys glad to see all of you watching another video of mine today is your match review where we have once again done it we've won another football match which means we are now 13 and oh I feel like they might they might as well change our name from Chelsea to the Undertaker's because that'sthat's the direction we're going in at the moment we're gonna go on some Undertaker WrestleMania streak for those of you who understand wrestling terms but hey we are on fire what a game that that was um that was quite nerve-wracking compared to all the others that was a bit more nerve-wracking I think I have to thank Stoke for giving us a good game they gave us quality they gave us a challenge which is what we haven't had in quite a while we actually had to face a turns today and it wasn't easy but the boys did well the boys as well Diego Costa came back can't they came back Pedro was missing obviously he's picked up five yellow cards so he was unable to play everyone else was on the page to everyone else was was fine however Stoke bloody Stoke they're the one team where you just really can't underestimate because they come at you dead they're like they're like a fierce bulldog you know or pitbull they're like they're like a pitbull who wants to be left on the loose and then they don't really cause that much damage but that's the attitude that they have we started the game well okay you know we had possession we create chances we try to get the ball around still think Stoke did that made it really really hard for us is they packed out the middle of the pitch they packed out the middle literally any time a Chelsea player gets the ball in the middle so fàbregas or can't a or cos tile if hazard and william are putting themselves into the middle you find two or three Stoke players coming towards you so they made it very hard for us to play football but with the quality that we have and the world class ability that we got we found the way and we managed to get our first goal break the deadlock Gary Cahill head our John Terry taught him how to do that what it bottom corner lovely jubbly one nil and you know after that we make life hard for ourselves defensively David Luiz looked like the David Luiz of old and we haven't seen him yet since he came back and today we got to see him the old David Luiz the one that goes mental and makes mistakes all day long he rectified a few of them but my god he was vulnerable today very vulnerable we Stoke managed to get that equaliser and as soon as that happened you're thinking well crap you know we're throwing the game away his last season syndrome going to come back or something we managed to get a goal back which was great it managed to get us a nice cushion and the nice you know way to just calm down very nice way just calm down Willian managed to get himself to go as soon as that happens you're thinking to one that we can put the game to bed here to one is a bit nerve-wracking let's calm down a bit let's try and get a third goal and just sell this no because again defensively say we weren't good at all we were quite crap but we made it up for it offensively and Stoke brought the game to us as I said they weren't afraid to bring the game over to us what happened afterwards was Pete Crouch you beat a crowd I don't understand how Peter Crouch is a professional footballer I really don't understand he doesn't have anything he has height he can header a ball I can adorable I'm not a fool loads of poor people can header a ball he should go and play basketball I don't understand how he's a professional footballer in the Premier League I don't get it I really but that's a story for a different day he gets the second goal don't because of again defensive errors he gets the ball come to him he just whacks it from like four or five yards easy finish about 20 seconds later I mean literally it was it was an it was the blink of an eye William gets the third goal for Chelsea and you're thinking alright thank God thank God we rectified that because we really should not be conceding to again Stoke we got the first goal let's put this to bed now that's it shot shop Matich comes on the pitch replacing fàbregas who had an absolute blinding game today wonderful game beautiful passes and then we get the fourth goal Diego cost are showing exactly why he is world-class I mean that Shield of the bull that he he hadn't that defender he just put his chest across shielded everything defender wasn't getting there managed to turn movies and puts it top corner absolutely fabulous finish fabulous and it just met just shows us shows us that we have a lot of ammo we have a lot of qualities in this team we've got a lot of gel at the moment this is what we don't have last season this season we've got the motivation we've got everyone's gelled everyone understand each other everyone's come together everyone's moving for each other we're playing very very very direct football very very literally two passes and we're on goal it's so direct and it's the football that I love personally I don't know if you guys I think one has their own style everyone has their own you know love of their type of football love some like the tiki-taka some like you know to shoot from 30 yards every single every single minute some like to play with defensive some like to just forget defense and go all out some like direct I love direct football because it gets the job done that's what I'm looking for I'm looking to get the job done ASAP and direct football is the way to do that and that's what we've been doing literally smoke have the ball or the opposition of the ball we get it off them boom boom boom it's already at the a girl Kosta and easy non go finish it that's it the opposition have no idea what's hitting them and I love I love that when your position doesn't know what's just happened I love that that's a personal personal choice but we've been doing that and it works beautifully it works and four goals pass Stoke we put the goal tally up 13 wins on the truck bring on Tottenham that's my message because now guys now we get serious we are one win away one from the all-time record of wins in the Premier League this is our time and we get to do it against hannam-dong lovely jubbly come on Spurs bring it on bring your hairy and your whoo what they rely on Harry a lot bring your guna Harry and then you know try and get the job done because it won't work it won't work win number 14 is coming up and we are going to serve it cold because we just don't like Thanh but anyway there we are I hope it's a good game hopefully goes well but before that we want FA Cup game to focus on should be to be an easy ride but preview will come for that and now when they get to this do you guys that I didn't do a preview for this game and I did that on purpose how do you guys prefer it leave me a note in the comments let me know what you think do you prefer me to do no preview a review and then try and focus on other things to put to the channel or do you want me to try and just do previews and reviews as I normally do let me know the format I did it this week is just a review only and it does give me a bit more time for other content or to try and focus on other things to bring to the channel or do you like my previews cuz I will do them up to you thank you for watching hope all of you have a wonderful and happy new year bring on 2017 where Chelsea's dominate football once again so there we are thank you for watching guys have a good one enjoyed the new year don't get too wasted and and I will see all of you on the other side have a good one guys take care and please enterprise risk management course south africa Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Geneva.

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