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Write for me capstone thesis examples online

Write for me capstone thesis examples online do my capstone ministers latest frightmare movie review [Music] hello guys today we're gonna be analyzing me since I read seventh round draft pick this year he is like they drafted him as a catcher but apparently he kind of still played the outfield in first base he's awesome listed as a utility player so maybe you can play singing be shortstop and third base too but I would look for them mainly just to be using him as a catcher maybe an outfielder or first baseman every now and then this dude what can I say about him hmm he seems to have pretty decent discipline with this swing hmm seems to have but Eastern ammo and power I wouldn't say it's I'm like amazing power but he has pretty decent power um his contact is good enlike I are already mentioned he has good discipline with his swinging he he looks to have like good eyes with those balls swing really not much you would need to change there except maybe a few tweaks here and there to give him a bit more power he seems no one to swing hmm it looks have a pretty good amount of speed I wouldn't say he's like the very fast player but he is fast for a catcher definitely I put him around maybe a second base first baseman kind of speed and MOV the show some team or 18 or whatever I would rank his speed at maybe 45 IRA at maybe 77 his contact would definitely be a mid-80s games lefties and righties his power so we already went over that hmm his season his discipline would definitely probably be in the high 80s area maybe like 88 87 area is what I drank it hmm see you sweetie his clutch who's banging clutch it looks to be pretty decent there so I probably put it at maybe sixty two is what I put that at his pitch calling I'd probably read that as kind of needs work that like needs a lot of work for him I know I read it maybe high 40s low 50s maybe like a fifth 47 to 51 range for that let's see so I'd rate probably his arm strength at 61 I'd worry his arm accuracy at maybe 50 I'm gonna go 54 on that I would definitely probably have him work with Tucker Barnhart if the Reds do you end up just using him as a catcher I'd have them work with Tucker Barnhart and working with you know with him on the pop-up time and like being we just work on catching around our stealing and all that stuff like that that's kind of important to a defense of a game I think that he would benefit a lot or like maybe they bring in somebody like Francisco Cervelli who I love a lot amazing like pop-up time you basically you shouldn't run on surveiling or Barnhart I'm kind of torn as torn between Barnhart and surveil eetu vote for in the MLB all-star game they're both really good but as I had to choose based on experience which is kind of important I'd probably go Cervelli spellings more of the old school kind of catcher though back to this guy I'd definitely have him work on that pop-up time to get him better pitch calling yes that's a definite work on for him power a little bit speed maybe a little bit more contact okay like maybe a little bit in between if you have really nothing if you want to change it up every once in a while just plan maybe a few more because does kind of swing when it's their batting clutch that's more of a confidence thing I don't know if you can really work on that with somebody okay so now back to the readings I would probably rate his blocking at hmm I would rate his blocking more towards 65 let's see so what else I would rate his catching he's like receiving the ball at 72 he doesn't really drop that many balls hmm I'm not sure there's like many other readings that I can give so I'm gonna go into the next part he seems to be a very good in fear of very nice ass that probably should have been drafted before the seventh round I think the Reds probably gonna steal with him but the factor means like will this guy actually be a bus and like do really nothing in the minor leagues we have seen players do that like Matt Antonelli he was a first-round pick by the Padres I believe and like he really didn't go anywhere this dude um if the violent streets him right just like any other player he could like get it I would mainly work with him on the catching the runners and pop up time and all that stuff and the pitch calling like I mainly work with him on the defensive stuff he seems to be pretty decent on the offensive his when he's an infielder hurts like feet shuffling okay yes that's pretty good you may want to work with him with you on that you're gonna like you use him other positions other than catcher he seems to know his way around the diamond pretty well hmm what else can I say about this dude he doesn't seem to have a very high temper and if you did want to use him just as a catcher we already went over that if you want to use them just as an infielder I will probably rate his rate well his overall as a catcher would probably be somewhere in the 60s most likely really this dude just it was a great pick um I hope that the Reds can sign him I don't know about that but he seems to be an asset that any team could need and it the rest you end up trading him okay they could probably get a good deal or at least decent player back if they don't it up and give up nothing this guy can actually really be a good player I have high expectations for him in the minor leagues too in the major leagues um of course there is Tucker Barnhart that he'd have to compete with I wouldn't really be worried about Kurt Caselli knee he's probably just a one-year guy so guys like Tony Cruz and those guys like when they get resigned and they're there for more years this guy could compete with him to be Barnhardt's backup if they do end up keeping Barnhart for a substantial amount of time so yeah and I do believe that they will keep this guy because he's such like an asset he can like playing multiple positions you don't really see that a lot Jase Schaller I believe that's how you say it you see was just to be a good pick I don't know why he wasn't picked I'm in the first job and that's where I would have gotten him based on his stats and his showcase videos I've seen on YouTube he looks to have a lot of power maybe like it's something with injuries I don't know but um he definitely is not a center on der in my book J could actually be competing for the country job but he wanted to he could like compete with the with guys like Johnson India and Knicks sends out for that third base spot he wanted to he can and maybe um Suarez if Suarez this end up sticking around for that third base um guys like scooter Gennett Tony Rendon shed ball he could end up fighting them for a second base shop on that shortstop job with Peraza and whoever else we have down there I didn't really do that much oh yeah mg go downs um Jeter downs probably well be taking that spot up from Peraza pretty soon process time is limited and since I a belief but this guy could like he compete and he could be the processor to Joey Votto at first base too he was like an all-around diamond player really the only plant play that he the whole position they can't play is pitcher which maybe he'll work on that in the minor leagues I don't know and it's we're being honest I don't really care what position he works on as long as he's like you know evolving out that position getting better and all that like amazing stuff this guy could really be something afterward but the my leaves can't hone his skill set in because he does already have pretty decent discipline at the plate he doesn't swing and a lot of balls and all that stuff so I look for him to be up soon but that being said thank you guys for watching Matthew had liked the video please leave a like on I'm still scarce at you know if you do subscribe to the channel please click that bouncer that you get notified every time I post a new video thanks for watching bye [Music] you write for me research on holographic technology Colgate University, Hamilton.

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