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the defense good job of getting through good concentration as he gets it off the window as Jackson and Taylor converged Thomas keep it on the outside Crawford's short on a three ball you can see he had that shot we initially caught it and in waste a second or so he takes it we're Jason Kidd and Tecmo all the way to the basket again no one cuts him off and kid recognizing the situation takes it by Scalabrine back in there Scalabrine the drive denied by toss shot clock is at 7 Robinson ball fake Tiger defense from New York kid hey pals about great patience there it takes the contact arguing a trap but kit makes the last-ditch effort and not to do with seven to shoot growers against Christus jump shot often breaking down again for New York let's get it down the floor quickly make the defense react and get an open shot that's looking like a playoff team in this first half nine nothing wrong they've got 11 from Jason Kidd 5233 next Jason Kidd doing a little bit of everything scoring his picked up triple doubles always keep an eye on those four kid in his career 65 since the Oh 100 to season kid has 27 in a net uniform during that span the Knicks have two Nets shooting it at 50% nixar at 39% Nets trying to move to one game behind Philadelphia with a victory here fans could fight over a couple of those screens kid in his rhythm they've got a lot of deficiencies and maybe some good individual players that that doesn't cut it in this one no one crushes the ability he is an accomplished score sure he is a specimen can't another Jason Kidd like seeing blue jerseys with the Orca crossing ten straight now for kid Robinson had come up with a steal a little sea rose he has taken over a penetration over Christic and the Nets down by eight but then they would start to make their move Jason Kidd later Bob late first half Jason Kidd where has the knick defense been tonight just know enter the Nets led by Jason Kidd 18 points to Jason by the way has tied Lenny Wilkens for ninth place all time he leagues assists list will pass him on his nest assist tonight we take a look at some of Jason's handiwork tonight able to break down that knick defense working on Tyrone Williams Jason doing it inside and also his perimeter Dan target over the first 24 minutes Jason's numbers 7 of 14 efficient up and down that stat sheet 18 points and 6 rebounds take a look around the NBA two other games to tell you about on this story nets out in front of the next big by 20 as our half Todd coverage continues right after this our team and certainly you can take advantage a lot of different ways and maybe the college of time Scalabrine but how about the guard doing a nice job particularly Jason Kidd taking the ball right at the defense and no one is realer how much can Allen Iverson take on responsibility lies these are all birding questions down the stretch in the Eastern Conference playoff chase yep it's Phil's no matter what with the Nets trailing in that regard again all it matters the game's possible Scalabrine those who do that Scalabrine opens up let's make no changes and why would that largest lead has been 22 Carter check out drawing attention Scalabrine drop Brian Scalabrine reveal Colin's little pushing job after the play they see Brian Scalabrine flex kid for Carter double-team skip pass now Kristen's with 9 to shoot tried the drop step initially diagonal feed kids watching the defense there the guarantee he doesn't like it Jim sucks the defense in Scalabrine can't hit but kidnaps it out of Kirk Thomas's hand Thomas wasn't looking over his other shoulder and Kidd made the hustle play yeah I saw some recent quotes for Malik Rose he's not used to this he needs a win in the worst way then see the net stake on the Wizards Tuesday April 19th you'll have a chance to win a Ford Focus courtesy of mawa ford NJ nets calm or 1-800 for NBA tix from Jason Kidd 75 56 I don't understand Oh from sitting yes Chuck lock down to five Scalabrine the drive he walked no call Carter open we saw a kid recognize over the top - Carter and sub slam I guess Frank get to the rim the pass was behind him a heck of a catch it was an alley ooh yeah finish it off but Carter finishes that one wanting a push now but who's scoring so easily the Nissan postgame is coming up after the game only on yes Jason Kidd back in 8775 kid robinson best Carter and Collins Vince Carter knocks it down good job there against the zone very patient and it's curled in from behind the defense and kid finds it for a short-range shot to grab it over Marbury Williams intercepted by Carter never saw Carter there thought he had an open teammate but Vincent if good job hustled him back able to pick that off just over two minutes gone by here in the fourth got to find a way to make better use of the inside guys Marbury draws a double Robinson the steel Mets are running flip ahead kid the layup leads to transition for kids in front by 12 and it's number 4 on Jason Collins this is where Marbury made mistake dribbled into traffic a bad pass and Lakhan Singh kicks it ahead to kid to finish 23 now within this is the closest to mix have been since 41 court kid feeds putter he's got the time so it was the same spot he scored about three minutes ago when the Knicks made that first run out of a timeout no question what it was sir her best to say anything other than guys I know what I just saw you know we have to do to win now something woke this Nick team up confident shot they're under the pressure Williams and you just had a look technical on Kidd for standing over Williams Williams technical on kid not enough room he's seen Williams the staredown no question the and a little bit of a shove to Lyon as well chin initially thought they were calling on Lawrence Frank eight-point disparities 5:27 ago let's replay that for you Kidd and Williams colliding and Jerome Williams gets called on the offensive kid stands over him technical is called kid initially thinks realizes it's on him Florence and I'll take it because the technicals a technical and now Jason having a discussion with the referee pet prayer who made the car so Crawford's gonna shoot the T the nine to shoot Scalabrine shot clock down to six kid Krista Chester put it up pick bails them out we will hit the four-minute mark of his fourth quarter Scalabrine for Christic turning twisting contact no call cheaters okay back to a 12-point cushion Marbury gets it across with 348 to play Nets have given themselves some breathing room twenty-eight points Richard Jefferson little dance in this fourth quarter another triple-double for Jason Kidd now 66 all-time that's 12 behind the Big Dipper Wilt Chamberlain Oscar Robertson 181 a record that will probably stand for the rest of time Jade will now sit with 41.7 in another triple-double to his credit red knight and gets a nice hand from the fans l NY TV the next and the celtic state soon the Nissan postgame show is coming up do my internet of things market 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