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Write for me capstone summer program 2018

Write for me capstone summer program 2018 write for me capstone management resident portal go ah ra movie review ´╗┐Lots of people don't know what we do. They think we're pimps or something. They have no idea that we just rent out windows. The red light district is located in the oldest part of Amsterdam. An area with a dodgy reputation, full of prejudices and dark sides. In Behind the Red Light District we visit people who make an honest living here... ...and see their neighborhood from their perspective. Behind the Red Light District The Window Landlord Typical for the Red Light District are the windows, belonging to rental firms. These companies are often associated with pimps or other seedy types. But one of these rental firms is Agapi, run by 23-year old Devenando. And he rents out about 20 rooms. Tonight we'll take a look at how he runs his business... ...and what it does and doesn't involve. Welcome to our office. -Your office. What happens here? My father has a window rental company. We rent windows to prostitutes. They come here to pay and we give them the key. We have 21 rooms. We're open from 10 in the morning untill 5 the next day. -Are you an employer? -We're like a hotel. We rent out rooms. Is that being the same thing as a pimp? -No. A pimp forces a woman to work... ...so he can live off the money. We don't force anyone They're free to come and go as they please. Devenando does every night a round to make sure everything's okay. We often stand here at night. We've got three windows over there. The other windows are all here. So you can see them all from here, and make sure no weirdos go inside. People who shouldn't go in. You're one of the rental firms here with rooms. How many are there in the area? At number 52 there's another one. They have about 54 rooms. And then there's Roos, who has 34 rooms I think. And the rest are all small. Right. And is there a lot of competition? No, like I said the girls are free to decide where they want to go. They decide where they want to work. They don't need to advertise or anything. They come to us. They like it here. -They like us because we're sociable. More sociable than other companies? -Absolutely. Is it common in window rental? -No, not at all. It was different in the old days. It was a lot simpler. How was it simpler? They just came in, paid and started working without any papers. That led to lots of illegal prostitution because everybody turned a blind eye. The municilality made some changes so you have to check lots of things now. But it's a bit too much now. But it does keep out most pimps and people like that. Have they all gone? -Not completely. There are always some. But now they're mostly pimps who manipulate the girls mentally. A girl falls in love with a guy and he lives off her income. So how do you check the women? -We check their documentation. They all have to be registered at the Chambers of Commerce. A valid passport. We also interview them. When a girl is new, we have to interview them. So, where are you from? What did you do previously? As the rental company we have to find out if the woman is being coerced or not. We try to be as sociable as possible so the girls here feel at home. We had a barbecue recently and we went to eat pancakes together. We try to be one big family. If you have problems, we will help. And do you get this back from them? You try to build a trusting relationship... ...and they also trust you more because of this? A month ago a girl was being beaten up by her boyfriend. She came to us first. So we called the police. It ended well. She went to a woman's shelter for a day. But then the boyfriend left already. So it was all solved. He got frightened and he never came back. How do you know you have a good relationship with the girls? When they come back from vacation they bring back souvenirs, things like that. A long time ago we went to Sensation White. As a gift, you know. They take you with them? -Yes. I also see an apple pie in the fridge. -One of the girls made it for us. Really? -Yes, thee baked it for us. Sometimes they bring homemade food. Most of the girls come from Romania. We also have lots of Bulgarians, Hungarians. They don't have much with this country. They just come to work here. Sleep, work, sleep, work, shopping, sleep, work So they also don't meet many new people. They see us most of all. So we need to be ready to help them. Was that one of the girls? -Yes, she's ill. And what happens to a room if it's empty? -She will have to pay. She called very late to cancel the room so we can't rent it out anymore today. Agapi charges 150 euros rent during the day and 200 euros for the night. All the money earned in the room is for the person working behind the window. Usually she stands at the window here. -She sits right here? So this room belongs to that window? -Yes. This is the most important. The alarm button. If there's a problem, she presses it. The we get a notification and we come here as quickly as possible. What kind of problems? -The customer won't leave... ...because he thinks he's been treated unfairly. It's usually something stupid. Like he's drunk and can't get it up. So we ask them to leave. But often they won't. So we call the police. Then they leave. What's the strangest thing you've seen after an alarm? A customer wouldn't leave. So I went there. The girl had got him outside... ...but he stayed in front of her window. So I explained, the only thing he can do... ...if you've been treated unfairly is go to the police. He wouldn't do that. He wanted me to call the police. So I got my phone... ...and he threw it in the canal. He got really aggressive. So I went back inside. Because I'm not allowed to do anything. If I punch someone the company is liable. We never heard another word about it. I did have to get a new phone, though. Devenando's father, Masten, is the owner of Agapi. He's worked in the Red Light District for years. The firm is fun due to him. How's it going? -Yeah, it's fine. Everything under control? -Everything is under control. Why is it so important that your company has such a personal atmosphere towards the girls? Firstly is't a very tough job. One of the toughest there is. So you have to do whatever you can to facilitate their work. You have to support them too. It wasn't like that in the past. It used to only be about profit. No one thought there was another way. I think this is the future. The old way isn't sustainable in the long run. But where does that mentality come from? -My Buddhist persuasion, maybe? They also call him Buddha. -They do call me Buddha. So yeah... That's probably why. I think that's part of it. If you take Buddhism seriously... ...I think that's how you should do things in this world. It's not how the world is, I admit. But you can still try. How was the cake? It's nice that they do these things, right? Absolutely. -I think it's nice. It's mutual, right? -Of course. What's the most annoying trend in the Red Light District? It has become more of a tourist attraction. They don't come in. People only come here to look. How do you guys see the future? Hard to say. Every four years a new council is elected. So their opinion about the Red Light District can change drastically. Four years ago they wanted to close down everything. Then another group came that wanted to keep it all for the tourists that it attracts. Like for the coffeeshops. You never know what the future will be like. I hope it stays this way. Red. capstone jasper St. Bonaventure University, Allegany.

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