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Write for me capstone simulation for coding answers

Write for me capstone simulation for coding answers write for me capstone press address how to prepare a phd thesis ´╗┐this video is going to show us how we use Zotero to do our Harvard referencing automatically so that starts up the Zotero software first of all and first we've got to look at using books so on the back of every book we have a book number a barcode number or what's called a ISBN number so we're going to insert the ISBN number into here so 9 7 8 0 0 9 9 4 6 2 3 7 8 so this is our first book on the right hand side in a moment that information will come through okay so the title of the book was fatal and the author's name Paul Parma place of publication London the publisher arrow and the dates 2003 if there's an edition number we put the Edition number in into there okay so let's move to the second book click on the magic wand again insert the book number nine seven eight oh seven five two eight five eight four nine four press Enter and again we have the information over here okay so with the title of the book we need all the main words in uppercase for the first letter we can do that automatically by doing a right click on here click on this one click on this one and it does a capital letter on all the main words let's move to the third book book number again choose the book number at the bottom sometimes there's more than one barcode number choose the number at the bottom it always starts with nine seven eights so we put our book number in here press Enter okay so again we've got all the information we need on this one again right click and then choose this top one okay so that's our books into the Zotero now we need to start on our essay so let's click onto word and we starts by doing our first quotes from the first book so the first quote is I'll just put it in quotes one as an example and then we click on to this add-ins menu at the top then we click on to this first icon we choose our style in this case it's the Harvard for University of West of England's press ok and then we get a box up which asks us which book it is so that quote came from that book and the page number was page six so press ok and that does what's called our citation automatically let's move down a little bits and type in reference list move down one line and now click on the third icon and that will automatically do our reference list in exactly the right formats let's move on to the second quotes here so this is coming from the second book click on the first icon choose the book put the page number here it's a range of pages 6 to 7 click ok that does the citation in that top section and as you can see in that bottom section it adds it into here this will maintain the correct alphabetic order so you don't need to click on this icon again it's just the first time you click on this and then it automatically adds in any of the reference list entries so let's do the third one okay now let's say for example here we're going to type in according so and the or plumber Palmer so according to Palmer then we have the quotes then the first icon we choose the Palmer book the page number and this time we do suppress author what that means is that as we use the author's name here to introduce this quotes we must not include it in the brackets and you can see it's the correct alphabetic order at the bottom there ok so that's how we do books into Zotero we're going to look now at adding journals into Zotero so if we go to the Zotero software and click on this magic ones we can see it says enter one or more of the following ISBN is book number do I as the journal number pmid is medical journals so you shouldn't have to worry about that so for a journal you need the DOI number so we can get this number from going to the library and finding the number on the journal or we can go to the Internet's you can either go through your university websites or you can just go to google and we'll do a search of a the title of what we're searching for let's say it's British Empire that's what we're searching for we want a journal so let's type journal and then do I so DRI is the number of the journal so we're just wait Fred su to search and then we're going to be putting the DOI number into into here when he's finished searching okay so we've got a list of results here if we look at this first one you have do I hear 10 dots so the number always starts 10 dots you can see another one down here do I 10 dots so let's take this number here copy this and paste this into here if you paste into here this place doesn't work if I click paste there nothing happens so you need to paste in by doing ctrl V and then press Enter and then over here on the right hand side here you have the title of the journal we should uppercase this the we have the author of the journal the volume number the issue number the pages the dates and the publication has come from so all of that information is correct so let's now do a quote from that so we'll type in Journal quotes again first icon click on the icon click on the journal entry here put your page number in press ok in here you have the entry the citation and then down here you have everything exactly in the right format so if this entry goes more than one line it must indents like this ok so that's how we add a journal into Zotero the third and final thing is adding our websites so if we click here we can't use a number here so we have to do it differently so we simply go to Chrome and we go to the website we're interested in let me go here to the government websites okay we're just waiting for it to search for that's okay so let's go into this government website for example the Internet's a bit slow today so here we go so we've got the government website here if there's a quote on this page that we once we simply click on this little icon at the top here so I'm going to click on that that's going to add that into Zotero there you go so over here we need to just check on this we can remove the abstracts the referencing doesn't doesn't use that information okay so we've got the title of the page here we've got the accessed the URL we need to put in the year the year it was posted to the internet so we can probably just guess that information and we need the author so the author in this case is the UK government's so let's click on this box here to make one full box and then click UK governments so that now is ready so we can now go to our essay do it quotes from that websites click on the first icon there won't be a page number click okay it adds it in here and it adds it into the reference list in the correct alphabetic order so it's lotted it in here because alphabetically that's before that one okay so that's how we do our referencing we can look at that on su pages or one full page and maybe we do a page break at that points so let's insert a page break that's split it onto two pages let's view that on su pages and let's have a closer look at that so that's our reference list and that's the that's our se so that's how you quickly and easily use zotero to do your Harvard referencing for you everything in exactly the right formats so there's four key things to remember when you first go into Zotero use the magic wands not this box here is the magic ones secondly we mustn't close down the Zotero if we close this down then this functionality in in words is not going to work so we need to keep the arrow open in the background the third thing to remember is this add-ins menu and the fourth thing to remember is the first icon is for these citations and then we just press the third icon just once to add in our reference list and we can click on that third icon at any stage we can click on it after we've entered the first quotes or we could add in all of these and then at the ends click the third icon to bring in our reference list so that's how you use Zotero to manage your Harvard referencing you final module of the chartered accountants program capstone Rockland Community College.

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