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Write for me capstone research limited

Write for me capstone research limited capstone title and escrow sonic gear morro 3021r review of literature ´╗┐fernette deshaun Watson Marshawn Lattimore Alva Kamara are you kidding me Leonard fournette 90 [Applause] Watson fires downfield caught touchdown Houston to carry for Watson touchdown who said he throws to the end zone touchdown houston we have a quarterback Marshawn Lattimore the rookie that has really cemented things on the back end [Applause] as we take a look at the draft regrade from Mel Kiper in jr. we will welcome in Mel himself in just a second so we got after this 2017 draft a year ago it happened the season went down the Patriots took four rivers Garcia Weis junior and McDermott where their picks the regrade looks pretty good if you are a New England Patriots fan and a Super Bowl was the result we welcome back Mel Kiper junior right now Mel how did they get moving that quickly to a Oh actually a to a c+ move the opposite way for doing it you know what happened Jack was this you factor in the trace how do you utilize the direct process they went out and made trades for Brandon cooks Dwayne Allen tight end Gillis Lee the running back Kony Ealy defensive end pass rusher while they didn't get much out of those guys outside of Brandon cooks very limited production and Garcia their first pick overall the fourth round injured I think he'll be a factor certainly Garcia needs to be a factor as well and wise was in times a factor so you really put it all together I had they gotten more from those trades those veterans Jack that grade would have maintained but since they didn't outside of Brandon cooks get that kind of production I move that grade down just a bit so we've now to the Houston Texans you take a look at what they did a season ago the Texans you had graded as a C+ with your post draft grade evaluation you move them now to a B+ how much did a deshaun Watson in the shot of sunshine that he was to this Texans team factored in to the new grade Jack was huge and as certainly him being as dynamic and tremendously effective looking like a star in the making yo was the reason why now why did Goodman a because the injury fact you had the injury Clemson now another injury can he remain durable can he become a quarterback who continues to grow and be out there for a full season Zack Cunningham in the second round gave them a real effective linebacker in the middle that defense with his height in his athleticism and his versatility so he's a guy really they hit with in the second round but Watson hey great promise we love everything we've seen but stay healthy that's the key I think the weather that grade goes from a B plus to an A plus moving forward Thank You Mel and so Watson did all of the things on an NFL field that he did at Clem's and all of the things that his naysayers said that he could not do he did so now you ask is there gonna be a sophomore slump for Watson or is it time to take off no I would assume that he continues to develop and continues to grow and just builds on what was shaping up to be a remarkable looking season but the guy showed poise that I don't want to say it was a surprise against that wasn't that what he was known for at Clemson he didn't he showed tremendous athleticism outside the pocket as far as the runner and a thrower I don't think that was a surprise either that's something that he showed at Clemson I think it was his ability to throw the football down the field and operate from the pocket that took some people by surprise that they thought the learning curve would be a little bit steeper I think look as long as he comes back and he's able to keep his lower body healthy and stay on the football field sky's the limit for this I mean this is a guy who was dealt with this injury before he had the same injury at Clemson and so he knows what the rehab is like he knows how to come back from it I think the thing that was amazing to me was watching this team without deshaun Watson and with him what he gave this team in leadership what he gave them an excitement but exactly what you said his ability to throw the ball down the field we've been looking for will fuller since he's been drafted and we found him when deshaun Watson was playing now we know anybody in the world could throw the ball to DeAndre Hopkins but the weight of the shot got everybody else involved with this offense if you're a Houston Texas fan you're excited about seeing him come back this year another year of tutelage knowing he's going to be the starter this guy's a star in this league we can agree on that absolutely look forward to watch them here too so we'll get to the New Orleans Saints now hard to do much better than the Saints did last year New Orleans drafted both on offense and defense Rookie of the Year last year in Alvin Kamara and Marshawn Lattimore I mean geez apiece they put that team together in a single season so so the question is Mel which would add a greater impact when you look at these grades which had the greater impact on what this Saints team did running back or a star corner because they got both oh that's a tough one Jackie I would say yeah I'll give you actually chimera because he was such an impact player but on the defensive sides where they needed to to help but it wasn't just a guy like Lattimore williams outside that huge picked up in the playoffs did a good job Alex Anzalone he contributed so it wasn't just one guy but certainly camara and RAM check heck of an offensive lineman and offensive tackle that bookend that you need but what Khmer does a third-round pick somebody could be a first day wedding fact you can fight us say it every year again finding steals at running back they did with camara the Kansas City Chiefs did with Kareem hunt there was several others as well there whose big time at bargain points in the draft but they camara but where they got him and the production they they were able to get in in terms of catching and running and the dynamic presence he was for Sean Payton and Drew Brees it was because of the camara in that third round is a super steal allowed them to get that eighth grade okay for junior thank you sir as always we appreciate it so for you guys who had the greater impact Lattimore or Kamara you know you would go with Kamara because you look it's more it's easier to like tangibly look at the statistics and say this is what his impact was look there's a lot of off ball production four corners that never go that that was not a stat sheet but he's shutting down his guy but you just can't really measure it and I'll take that a step further Dawkins the line of the New Orleans Saints this year before the best in the NFL there's a reason why Ingram and Kamara were running crazy over people and Ryan Rancic was the reason why people were blowing people off the ball so you really have no stats for him off assignment but they hit on those guys they hit on their top four players unbelievably this is what I'll say about Alvin Kamara if say Quan Barkley somebody we're calling it can't-miss prospect one of the best running backs to come out of college in ages has the exact year that Alvin Kamara have when it's passing when it's rushing when it's returning kicks if he has the exact year you're happy you're excited you think's a qualm Barkley is a hit and he's possibly going to be the first pick of this draft that's the type of impact that out of a Kamara had on in the world as Saints last year and if they had known what they were gonna get they would have picked a my Johnny Manziel the comeback season is the works will Manziel get back to a football field I don't know but he was throwing today can we finish what we start do we have it in house because the second we think we've given everything capstone project adalah order Sisters of Mercy.

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