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Write for me capstone recruitment ltd

Write for me capstone recruitment ltd write for me capstone ski centre vba excel open new powerpoint presentation ´╗┐and who knows how to knit my making you blush down just a little bit okay yeah well you had to learn in school but he comes from a family of knitters and we'll talk more about that because I think that's the beauty of Aaron Craft who make who has made this beautiful convertible collar plated cardigan and we'll explain what the plated part means and just how how there's so much design and work that goes into this but we have five colors available for you the last day that we're going to have it at the future price of 91 dollars and 24 cents first time though that we have a ton for using monthly payments so you can get that home at 22 eighty-one cents so what you're looking at is a really gorgeous pink color that's your first color choice then we have it for you in natural which a lot of like toffee caramel color and they're gorgeous so really you can see how this is almost a to town that's part of the plating here is the green so you're getting like a moss and a sage green in there here is blue look at that that is stunning just the depths of that mm-hmm so denim your you know denim girls that is your color sweater and then finally I think this is really just kind of a statement piece earthy this is what we're calling gray and look at just how rich that is truly unique because of the plating process which is what I have to ask you about it seems very innovative to me just so the way we like to describe the dependent clauses that we're trying to control the relationship between two complementary colors and the weight it is done at the two complementary colors are threaded at the same time and whenever they cross over in the in the knitting process that's when you get to switch from one color to the other so if you actually look inside this is so this is your pattern here but you get the negative pattern on the folly opposites oh yeah look at that and then you'll see me flip up the one side the color you still have buttons going up so what's great about this it can be pulled right up to you right up to your neck like the triple Zenith yeah when it gets and it gets a little colder right so you have that versatility the hence the convertible part of the name of the cardigan so where it up like a turtleneck or wear it down kind of like a shawl defect because it the merino wool you're not you can wear it right up next to your neck you're not going to be itching and scratching it's not going to be irritating to you you know what else are great about these sweaters because there's a lot of people who especially this time of year it's a very very designer it's very high-end in fashion every year you know a fisherman's sweater but a lot of the wool that's out there is cheap there's a lot of acrylic out there it's is scratchy and people then just automatically associate that with a fisherman style sweater these are made in ireland they're made with the finest merino wool these feel good and also the design they're not going to be boxy a lot of what out what what is out there they're bulky there Boxxy we put them on and we just lose our shape all of these just follow the lines of the body even though they're relaxed fit they just we're so nice though because of the natural fiber it's going to be breathable as well it'll get the beauty the natural fiber because it's able to contain a certain amount of air within the fiber as it keeps you it keeps you cool and keeps you one depending on the weather love that and just these colors are so rich is that I guess I'm surprised because a lot of times it you know I think of the natural colors the oatmeal's you know the soft Gray's but here you bring these colors which by the way a lot of even authorized retailers in these sweaters that are made in Ireland they can't have the the vast array of colors are exclusive to QVC their exclusive to QVC but how I mean isn't easy for it does Marino just naturally marina wool naturally pick up color like this it's amazing it's amazing well for colorfastness what it does because there's going to be natural directional changes of the individual fibers you get this natural variation it's actually something that we tried to mirror in the buttons that you can see in here there's a there's a pearl essence so don't no matter what way you look at it it's always going to look slightly different and that's the beauty of working with a natural fiber that you get no two garments would ever look identically the same god I love this too because as you go down the sweater but you're going to find is you're going to find the two front pockets to really nice sizable again so if you just need to run out the door I can throw your phone in there your keys some Kleenex or tissues and you're good to go and by the way the back to what you want to show because that collar well there it is on Jessica and look how pretty look at where it hits her Jessica you're 559 and look at the length on that hits her right just below the the hip really good coverage and the back is just stunning in the design this is one of the one of my favorite parts but this this is really called a loose Celtic grade and this is one of the oldest symbolisms in art in Irish history so it was it was actually seen in the tombs of Newgrange which were actually but they predate the parent of the pyramid so these symbols would have been seen carved in the stones by ancient Irish settlers and they're also seen in there in the Book of Kells which is was a lumen ated version of the Bible that was discovered in Ireland but about 30 years ago I think oh really but it's hundreds of years old my goodness and then I love the story behind it but that vertical cabling really has a slimming effect so ladies what's not to love about that in the design there's so much here to talk about and just such a quality piece to own if you've never owned one of these sweaters from aaron craft or any of them that we bring over from Ireland I think you'll be astounded to really see how well made these are how beautiful the knits are how comfortable and cozy they are yet breathable and soft if you already own one you know how it is sometimes it's like a chip you can't just have one you want to add something new to your collection you want to update your wardrobe and what a great option especially because we give you the choices of colors I think the gray is beautiful woodwork with anything I'm five six and a half and you know it still hits me in almost the same sweet spot as you know taller Jessica over here who's 59 and again the versatility that you have in the collar being able to button it up all the way because you have you know the three buttons on this side to wear as a turtleneck when it gets colder or just to leave it open some women just don't like anything wrapped around their neck and look at how pretty and drape that is it's like you know having like you know all the attention is going to be pulled up to your face where we kind of want it to be and this is just going to frame your neckline like these colors you're really giving it a nice modern twist on what wish there would be the better traditional government with three bringing it into the 21st century okay here you have it in the pink then let's quick show again the natural color for you then we have the green for you you're seeing me wearing it in the gray and then we have the blue for you as well last day that we have it though at this feature price of 91 dollars and 24 cents ordered with the credit card and you can use for easy monthly payments for $22 and eighty-one cents to get this home at said an a2 3795 for barry thank you so much beautiful all right in five minutes we're going to have this for you it's mud pick in the show yeah it's a color-block wool long cardigan ah we t see the colors this comes in internet of things future examples Corning Community College.

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