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Write for me capstone realty birmingham al

Write for me capstone realty birmingham al write for me copthorne hotel cameron highlands buffet dinner hepatoprotective activity thesis pdf volume ´╗┐hello everyone this week we're going to be looking and beginning to work with empirical research articles and we're getting ready for it so the first thing that we want to focus on is the language research has its own special language and that's what we're going to look at and focus on in this screencast so we're going to be looking at this list of words but we're also going to be looking at them in the context of an academic empirical research article so we're going to start with the word abstract an abstract is that paragraph before the text that summarizes the entire article so when the when the instruction says read the impair read good abstract then this is what you need to do we see abstract it's right there and we look at this now within that abstract sometimes it appears this way sometimes it appears just as a paragraph we see keywords objectives methods that's how they did the research results what they found and their conclusions so the abstract is a very important word to note when we're talking about research assumptions assumption is something that the researchers believe is true it's we assume this we assume that and from which they want to draw a conclusion and while they're working on their research they're going to be making some assumptions and they're also going to be telling you about that the word caption now caption is what's written next to or under a picture and in research we can see it under tables or figures or different kinds of things so here in this article it happens to be going landscape in that portrait but again underneath here it's a kind of caption so we have to always look at this and read it helps us to understand what's in the table itself and here we see table 1 and a table is a graphic display of statistical information or any other kind of information it summarizes it and here we can see the word variable these are the different things that they looked at and we're going to come back to that now let's go back to our list now that we know what a caption is the next word is citation and we're going to look at the word citation together with references there you are references so they go together they're similar the references is a list of sources at the end of the article something you're all very familiar with so what's a citation I'd be careful because in Hebrew the translation is the same seafood but it's not exactly two food and it's not a quotation so we have to be careful so let's look carefully at what we've got go back to the article and here we can see a references and these have a list of all the sources that the author's used when writing your article and here we can see that there's a number one well why did they number them they numbered them because they want to refer to them in the text itself so we will see here a number 1 number 2 a number number 3 a number 4 and if I want to know where did they get this information then I can go back to the list of the references I'm sorry go back to the list of references in the article and I go find number one and I can see the information came from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration traffic safety FAQs 20 2009 so this is where they got their information and - sometimes it appears a little bit differently sometimes it will here in parenthesis and here we can say they gave us the website but sometimes it'll have the name of the author and the year the article was published so be aware when you see something in parenthesis the grime that it's some kind of safety citation refers to where the information came from so now we understand we have references and we have citations references are at the end citations are in the body of the text the effect is a result or an outcome factor it's a cause or reason these words may appear they may not appear in an article but they of course they are looking for results and outcomes and effects and factors are causes and reach three reasons that determine a result findings it's the results of the research again it's another way of saying results a footnote about notice sometimes at the bottom of the page with a number don't confuse it with a citation that add some extra information something that the author didn't necessarily want to put in the body of the text I sort of say it's you know extra information that's good to know a heading when we know headings from previous articles and if we look here in research articles it's almost always the same for headings we have introduction and that gives us all kinds of information methods how they did the research the results what they found we can see here table one provides the information and discussion a discussion discusses okay this is what we found these were the results what do they mean so these are key headings to pay attention to in empirical research articles the next thing that we want to look for our hypotheses or hypotheses is if this happens then this sometimes it's our research questions too so here we can see that in this article they related to research questions and this is what they want to find out it's like a hypotheses but it's asked in a question format for example here what changes are taking place and the percentage of high school seniors good vetting driving after using marijuana is in other listed illegal drugs alcohol etc so the next thing that we want to look at and I'm skipping one I'm going to literature thinking here by literature literature is a review of the research and that comes in the introduction and we'll be talking about that more literature sea fruit in other words it's the academic literature references sample what's a sample now we all know what an example is we don't want to mix it up with a sample but sample is a small cup something so if we look here which annually surveyed naturally representative samples of high school seniors because we can't look at every single high school senior in the whole anywhere in the whole world or wherever so we have to take a representative sample need gum yep say the other thing we want to pay attention to is when we have a significant effect we know what an effect is that's a result and significant tells us that it was statistically reliable in other words if we do it again we'll get the same results so here it's 32 percent difference significant and then we have the statistical notation but whenever we see the word that something is significant a result an outcome that's very important for us subjects those are the human participants in the in the article and they will probably talk about them in the methods sometimes they use the word participants table we know verify is another word to check so if we go through and we look there are a lot of different words that we need to be aware of when we're reading we look at the abstract we pay attention to the sample to find out who the subjects were that there were 22,000 seniors those were the subjects or the participants we want to pay attention to the headings like introduction we want to pay attention to the citations and check where the information came in the references we want to pay attention to the research questions or the hypotheses this is what they're checking what they're looking for we want to pay attention to the method how they did the research we want to look at the results and we want to find those that were significant that they were statistically meaningful and of course we want to be aware of what these significant findings were and understand the discussion what did the authors think about this what are we better what do we know so so that it's important to be to know not even aware to know the vocabulary of research and that is our first step before going and diving into grading and empirical research article write for me requirements for ap capstone diploma Empire State College, Saratoga Springs.

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