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Write for me capstone real estate partners

Write for me capstone real estate partners do my journalism research capstone unisa powerpoint presentation on cancer stomach - Doug Hanby is the director of the Linehan Artist Scholars program and an associate professor in dance. He has a B.S. degree in biological science from Michigan State University and a Master's in Fine Arts in dance and choreography from Temple University. He has taught at UMBC for 31 years and has received awards for his choreography from the National Endowment for the Arts, the New York State Council for the Arts and the Maryland State Arts Council. He has worked with creative people from many fields, including mechanical engineers, to create dances that explore the potential of human movement. Please welcome Professor Hamby as he talks about making dance. (audience applauds) - Thank you, Keith. (audience laughs) I'm not sure why you're laughing. When I make a dance, I like to think of it as an investigation of the human body in motion and in space and in time. So what I thought we'd do today is, with the help of Emily and Sammy, we would make a dance together right in front of your eyes. Are you ready, dancers? (audience applauds) First thing I'm going to do is I'm going to label various directions in the room, so see if you can remember this. This corner is number one, Number two, number three, number four, you're number five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. And I'm gonna ask the dancers to move this part of their ribcage to various directions based on their social security number for the first- (audience laughs) for the first section of our dance. (laughter) Again, I'm not sure why you're laughing. (laughter) And so, if my social security number was one, two, three, the first movements of my dance phrase would be one, two, three. See if you can pick up what their social security number is in what they do. Now the social security number has a dash in it, so when we get to the dash, it will be like a wild card, and they can do whatever they want. Okay, are you ready? You know your number? This is an experiment, let's see how it comes out. And begin. And cha chee ta ta, da da ja and dash. And da da dash. And a da, da, da, da and finish. Okay, how did it go? - It went well. - Good. Alright, let's travel downstage while you do it. Downstage is theater talk meaning close to the audience. Okay, ready? And I'll be the music. Ready and a-go. And a-ba be ba ba ba ba ba dash. And a-ba da ba dash. and a da, da, da, da. Okay, good. Section one. Section two I'm gonna tell you what to do. And Sammy, I want you to come over here and stab your arm out like that. One, two, three. Okay, good. And, Emily, you run around this way, put your hand on her, lift this leg up, and come around this way. Good, Emily. Good. And now, relevet, face her. That's right. And then plie and mmm, good. Now, you plie too, Sammy. And pull her into you. Let's see what happens. Good. And when you do that- Kay, you can put her down now. When you do that, travel backwards, okay? But watch out for the Grit-X over here. - I'll try. - Okay, so do that. Ready and plie, and jump. Good. Okay. Now let Emily down. Emily, you roll in a somersault just for fun. Good job. Good, and you move down, upstage of her. And, why don't you lean against her like that? Like a pyramid, good. Now spin around to the left. Good. Yeah, whatever, yeah. And then take, let's say, your right arm and come around this way with your right arm and scoop Emily up again. And scoop her up. And- You got all this? - Yeah. - And let her slide down. Down, plie and spill. Spill. Both of you spill. Yeah, good, good spilling, good, good, and then roll three times. One (clucking) Two (clucking) Three. Good, okay. We better review that, okay. Wow. Okay, ready? I will help you. Go and poke, two, three. And circle, two, three. And rise, two, three. And lower, two, three. And jump, two, three. And roll, and brace, and around, two, three, and circle, and scoop, and put her down. And da-da, da-da dee, da, da. I love being the music. Good, okay. (laughter) Now, good. Now, the next thing do these- I'm gonna do some gestures and you'll do the gesture, but you can go anywhere you want, or do anything you want from the waist down, okay? And you can do it with any arm you want. It's always good to give the dancers a little freedom. Okay. First gesture. One, two, three. Second one, relevet and touch your heart, look up. Two, two, three, and then travel and make what I call a safe gesture like that. Three, two, three, good. Take both hands, touch either side of your pelvis and a twist and a squat, four, two, three, and just for fun, put one of your forearms on the floor. Five, two, three. Got this? And- they're very smart, aren't they? And thread the needle this way. Six, two, three. You could roll if you want when you do that, and then stand up, seven, this is the last one. Bring your arms to second position, and you can turn anyway you wish in second position. Okay? Go. Turn. Great, good. Let's review that. Okay? Let's see. I will help you, I hope. (laughter) Ready, set go. And one, two, three. And a-two and a-two and a-three. And a-three, two, three. And four, touch, three. And forearm ba ba ba. And thread the needle, three. Get up, two, three and spin. Good. Okay, so Emily, face your partner. Now you're going to do the social security sequence again. And we're gonna rotate the room. Hang on. 90 degrees. Okay? So you'll back up, and you'll move forward. Ready? Let's try it and go. And ca-tonk beep ba ba ba Da da, ba beep ba and ba ba ba bop beep bum bum Ba- and if only I could remember da da, finish. Good. Okay, that's four sections. You got all that? Let me see. Okay, the last section, let's recapitulate the second section, the lifting part, and you get to put in a turn of your own choice wherever you want and as frequently as you want, okay? And then when we get over here, I think you're gonna get over here, (laughing) You melt down and roll on the floor three times, and that will be the end of our dance. Okay? You wanna try that with the turning? Let's try it. Yep, yeah. Yeah, this is the fun part, figuring it out. Ready, set and go. And one, and two, and three, and two, and two, and three, and three, and two, and three, four, and two, and three, and jump. Two, three, and back, turning. Da-di-da-da da-da-da. Di-da-da-da-di Da-di-da-di-around Two, three, and da. Di-da-da-da-da. Good! And then spill. Two, three a-da. I feel like a referee. Da Da-da-da-da and the end. Alright, good, let's try it. (audience applauds) See if you can stay downstage a little bit. I like you to be in the light, so we can see you. Okay. Do you need to- And you can think about this. Go ahead, ten seconds. Yeah. And so we're gonna use music now, I'm just gonna- I've chosen a piece of music that they have not heard, and we're just gonna see if we slap it together to see what happens. Okay? Because that's one of the ways art is made through serendipity and experimentation. Okay, and as we all know, if you don't know what you're doing, we'll never know the difference. (audience laughter) Okay. Brad? Or someone up there? Can you- ready with the music? I will cue you, okay? I'm gonna go over here where it's safe. Ready, music please. (drumming music) A little louder. Ready, go. (drumming music) [Hamby] Rise. (drumming music with strings) [Hamby] Good. [Hamby] Wow. (drumming music with strings) And finish. (audience applauds) Good. (audience applauds) Well that was, that was- Thank you. That was pretty amazing that you can just go push in, go, record and just do it. Yes. So, that's how a dance is made. So next time you come to campus, call me up if you have your dance ready for me to see. Thank you for coming. (audience applauds) Did you bow? Take another bow here, come on. (audience applauds) - Standing ovation, come on, I want to see some enthusiasm here. (audience applauds) Thank you, thank you, thank you. capstone bancshares inc order The New School.

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