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Write for me capstone project vs internship cheap

Write for me capstone project vs internship cheap capstone classics review suffice definition example essays ´╗┐and I do practical page wheat and practical Preppers yatha to rule South Texas heap of junk practical nurse just want to show you a couple of things here really quick hold on just second I know he's back there somewhere I want to make sure he's not in there in the behind the target okay I found if he's off to the side down Hey always check downrange folks safety first safety always okay anyway let's get back with this let me show you all something here that I saw and I also want to show you what I do with my shotgun here my 12-gauge here make sure it's safe nothing in the chamber this is it all mice have painted up I showed you all this little four in the other day and decided one to paint it modify it took some of the rail off this one so I get my hands on there better want to show you how I use this because I'm watching people do some defensive reloads and I don't negate or say that what they're doing is wrong but I'm gonna show you my method because mine is more geared towards like people my age over 50 when arthur comes calling in and motrin and bengay becomes your best friends and probably some of the ladies because this is something that i showed them that some of them like to use alright 12-gauge shotgun homestead two fans home two fans however you want to put it probably one the shortest barrels that you could legally find okay watch this now i'm gonna load this thing up and explain to you as i go why do it this way i don't use one of those little saddles that go over here because i kind of to me that's a little bit uncomfortable doing the reload seems like to me is just a little bit too much twisting and turning so I have when I call this buttstock shell holder I call it a sock ship people ask me and you can get this off Amazon I found this one at Walmart and I'll try to remember to include a link in the item description hold on I'm putting the wrong shells in there for demonstration here alright today I'm going to be using just a number eight birdshot but I will show you what also I keep in mind for homestead definitive purpose use alright so this right here just number eight ship birdshot right here target shot nothing fancy folks again whatever I can find on sale you know what are the cheapest stuff that there is alright let me show you what they're teaching people to do and I'm gonna show you how I do this in a situation click no bang okay rock that thing open what they're teaching is to hold the shotgun like this with this wrist okay pull the shell from above or below whichever is comfortable put in your hand okay not negating that not negating that at all it's just for somebody like me who's older okay holding it like this alright yeah starting to feel the tingle start to feel the burn there okay old Arthur's come creeping in okay doing twisting turning putting it like this throwing it in there okay seems like a lot of movement for me okay it just does so let me show you how I do this set that down alright again say this click no bang slide it open watch okay this hand right here this hand right here that hand right there that hand holds it feel how more stable that is up against your shoulder okay turn observe your chamber okay pull it out of the sock like this and just drop it in you're ready to rock look at that that's all you have that's the only motion that you have to use now ladies because you have beautiful curves okay this is what I recommend they do okay and you might be a little I'm 6 feet tall folks so I have a little bit of length here alright but ladies maybe a little shorter maybe not okay or gentlemen you can do this to put it down here right on top your hip all right put this back here for demonstration purposes all right turn it just like that again all you're doing is put it in okay and if you have if you're out start start pumping rounds start pumping shells in there okay if you've shot two shells and you're still right like hugging corners and whatnot put two shells in while you got that break okay but you were still in a pretty much defensive you can still shoot that way alright no question about it you can still shoot it that way basically folks we're by distances is 35 feet at this very moment okay you know I want to show you all that again let me show you it one more time whoops pull this one right here again all you're doing folks okay all you're doing is just reaching and pulling dropping it in that's all you're doing okay to me that's a lot simpler from a product that on Amazon is less than five dollars and I'll try to remember to include a link at the item description if I haven't said that already okay this is so cool alright so let me show you why I do this like this right here if you put it flush it's kind of hard for me to get my fingers in here so I will pick them up about the level of where I see the brass of the steel so I can get my fingers in there again and drop it in nothing let me let me grab my shells here okay just like that just like that nothing fancy folks now before I demonstrate how I do this I want y'all to see what it is I keep in mind in my rifle here okay I'm sorry my shotgun what I like about a shotgun is you can use all kinds of different loads in there the first one that I put from my homestead defense one is in number four now this was a real much thanks to knocked in loader Lampasas Chris you're awesome thanks for turning me on to this this is number four game load okay high brass alright there's that that's the first one that goes in that one didn't that's one locked in the chamber then I'll use whatever folks whatever double-aught buck I can get my hands on be it cellular below Remington hey supreme' whatever is on sale folks that I that's affordable for me okay but that's what I loaded up that's what I keep this thing loaded with all times now in my butt stock stock right here let me show you what I keep in there I will keep three of these Winchester PDX 112 shells at the ready and then after that I will keep two deer slugs now folks it's a trauma nurse I'm going to tell you this ain't nothing walking away from that okay I don't care where you hit it ain't nothing walking away from that when it comes to the defending your homestead your family yourself spend a little I will tell you this folks spend a little bit extra cash on there okay on that type when you got to reach for what is left in that sock get okay now let me show you how I do this okay I'm gonna try to get out of the way the targets here excused a little bit of darkness caliber to overcast with it's still 90 something degrees out here though but just for y'all I'm gonna do this so the on range I got a few targets and I want to kind of show you how this works again alright click no Bank open it up okay no drop that one in okay just like that ready click no bang reach in grab a shell open up that chilled okay drop it in your raider rock alright if you have used more than one if you have used more than one start pulling them out start pulling them out your amp t nothing start pulling them out okay load it load it quick alright I'm just trying to make sure y'all can see me here okay again I got my rifle pointed downrange I got it I can see it again folks if you want to use this method that's fine here we go look out jock tada there you have it alright this rifle I'm sorry the shotgun and I call them all the rifles this shotgun holds five rounds in the tube one in the chamber okay so maybe this might be something you might consider getting when you want to add another firearm to your homestead defense weapons collection okay just just for that folks just for that but I just wanted to show you that folks because to me it just seemed like an easier method questions comments leave below until I see y'all again I'm Johnny practical nurse out here write for me capstone project in networking Clarkson University.

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