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Write for me capstone project title for information technology 2017

Write for me capstone project title for information technology 2017 write for me capstone lighting manual blinn college admissions address bryan ´╗┐hi guys so this is for the collaboration that I'm doing with faith um and in it or Kimberly and we decided to exchange all tweet boxes that have little scripture parts in them so I'm gonna do the unboxing triangles so this was a super fun project to carrea enjoyed it so I cannot wait to see what she created so you guys will be able to see our process videos and then you can watch her advice among the fabulous little outfit box that I altered for do this okay we're in business oh my I think she sent me some extra goodies too which is unbelievably kind and everything is wrapped so beautifully thank you Kimberly this is great so there's a card fun oh cool so this is great she said that um when I open the cards there's going to be a free file that you can download to make our own scripture hearts that's a really great idea right so look at this beautiful tissue paper do you see this gorgeous I think this is the altar this is beautiful oh my gosh Wow so oh my gosh this is gorgeous and she signed her name can you see that paper edited with the stamp and it's actually the Bible look at that and then oh my gosh there's these tiny little flowers and I think she has a tutorial on that one and then this is so pretty it's an angel kaizena so she has here and this is just gorgeous oh my gosh and the burlap absolutely beautiful let's open the inside and you see I added stuff around my edges so hopefully she can open it and then there's a butterfly there and love butterflies oh my gosh this is so oh my gosh and look at these gorgeous parts so Luke 1217 and they're so cute and then there's on the back there's a little place where I can write little notes aren't these beautiful Joshua 1:9 oh my gosh songs 138 won yes these are just gorgeous Oh blessed achieve who believes for there will be fulfillment of all those things which were told to her from the Lord about wonderful there's Hebrews this these are just gorgeous oh my gosh how pretty I hope you guys go download these I think I'm gonna go download something too good but how fun and I'm going to keep this on my desk you know just took it's so wonderful to have positive words to have scriptures near you it helps proverbs 11:30 the fruit of righteousness is the tree of life and he who wins Souls is wise isn't that pretty and they have I mean I think that maybe it's scrapbooking paper and then but there's like faint writing on the back too so it has so much layers it's just beautiful and the edges are inked and rounded this is just gorgeous I love these scriptures too this one is one of my favorites Isaiah 41 31 but those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength and they shall melt they shall mount up with wings like eagles and they shall run and not grow weary and they shall walk in nothing that one is my favorite ever that all the time when I was sick this is just so beautiful oh my gosh you did such a great job oh I can't wait to see and then there's a little butterfly two guys see this it's so cute and the wings are just gorgeous oh I cannot wait to see the process video superb as I should see thank you so much I just put a few goodies in your in your case I made a quick little book for you see refresh nothing is beautiful oh my god she's altered little paper clips aren't those fun then they have little butterflies oh my gosh I love her work I hope you guys check out her channel she has so many great tutorials on fun little embellishments and it's so great she has such a beautiful spirit and I just love listening to her talk isn't that fun and as I said her channel is all about encouragement and these are just beautiful alive promise and they love how you enter the little words that's just the cutest thing these are adorable eyes to find especially use for them and then there's a part for her to artist and slash spring it wasn't that cute so those are fun I have to keep those in a special place oh are you serious this is so beautiful this is one of her gorgeous diamonds that she's selling can you believe this and she made this one for me this is so pretty oh my gosh I love it and she does have it tutorial if you want to learn how to make it but just look at how beautiful and green her work is it's just gorgeous and she's selling these too I think she has a lot of orders but yeah but that's a good problem to have isn't this beautiful oh my gosh and the rickrack this is absolutely gorgeous and all you do is you just open it I still have to make one of these with her tutorial just gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous and it's from the composition books and she's a frugal crafter like me you know she makes she uses a lot of like unusual things and makes them beautiful oh my gosh Wow and then there's a little pocket here Oh with the rickrack oh my gosh and she has a video on how she made this gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous tag so pretty well thank you so much for me for doing this collaboration with me god bless people isn't this great look at how pretty that is in the front is just beautifully textured take heart and hope and this is such a gorgeous image and I love how you did her hair and there's just so many layers and stamping and that paper is absolutely gorgeous you are amazing this is so great oh my gosh and then you look at this gorgeous fabric there's organza my goodness this is just beautiful mantle so I could just stick that back in there oh and love this and then look you open una I have to find a special oh my gosh there's more oh my gosh they're stickers isn't this great Wow I hope to know where you've got these stickers this is great well actually they're words and it looks like you can just cut them out so a lot of them are scriptures this is so beautiful so they have seeing his praise give it to bad rejoice in him trust God love sets faith in motion this is so beautiful and she gave me a couple of them so I can cut him out and use them in my art isn't that great kind of like the Tim Holtz woody but he made I love them he is never more than a pair okay this is so beautiful oh my gosh rejoicing in so pretty Wow she definitely sent me a lot of extra goodies good thank you so much can really you are so unbelievably generous and look then it's a little tag and that's how you close it this is just gorgeous oh my gosh I'm in love with everything it's so beautiful absolutely gorgeous I'm even Ganesh volunteers in the that well maybe this would be I don't know maybe I'll make it a scripture journal or something fun or a prayer journal those are funny like I told you guys I pray with Scripture so that's would be a great use for this beautiful book Wow gorgeous so thank you guys so much I truly appreciate it it's such a fun and beautiful collaboration it's been such a joy to make the cards and everything and you know what I am inspired if I can really so I am gonna give you a free printable two of the cards that I need to so I will link them in this video below and you can click on them and download them for free isn't that great these are so pretty this just gorgeous absolutely beautiful so thank you guys make sure that you check out Kimberly's channel and when you do tell her that I sent you tell her Jimmy said I prefer but you won't be disappointed she has a wonderful channel a beautiful spirit and I love watching her videos and she has amazing projects and there's a couple that I'm going to be doing for this channel so I'm so excited and I mean this is just so beautiful and just blown away so thank you guys so much for watching hopefully you enjoyed this collaboration and let me know what you think if you would like us to do another one and have a talk to you guys on the next video write for me sample nursing capstone paper New York Chiropractic College, Seneca Falls.

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