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Write for me capstone project subjects

Write for me capstone project subjects kapstone paper and packaging corporation locations for money gfk custom research harrison ny ´╗┐there's been a lot of debate and you know a lot of people have been discussing now what did a Giants do at number two really for the longest time it was either takes a qualm Barkley or get a quarterback get three of the four that'll still be on the board you take what would appear to be either Josh Rosen Josh Allen or Baker Mayfield now all of a sudden Jason pierre-paul now going to Tampa Bay a lot of people are saying you don't make that trade if you're not taking Bradley Chubut number two and there are a lot of ways that the Giants can do this I mean you have the number two pick in the draft there are a lot of things to consider before Dave Kettleman hands in that card in Dallas on draft night in just a little over a month away you really have to consider the quarterback here Eli Manning had a bad year last year and he under no circumstances deserve to be benched for it cuz a lot of it was not his fault all the wide receivers weren't hurt the running game didn't exist the offensive line was made out of sugar packets the head coach was clueless the general manager didn't even know how to spell general manager the owner had no idea what he was doing the team imploded from week three so a lot of it wasn't Eli's fault but let's not beat around the bush here even in times when he had the opportunity to be good he was not good a lot of people are now saying well he should be due for a bounce-back because of what the Giants did in free agency and what they could do in the draft I think I'll have a better year there's no guarantee that Eli Manning will be the quarterback of the Giants in 2019 there's no guarantee that he could be the quarterback halfway through the season the quarterback option needs to be considered with the number two pick in the draft you have four quarterbacks that will all likely go in the top 15 of the draft in sand Arnold who will probably go number one a Cleveland Josh Allen Josh Rosen and Baker Mayfield all four of these quarterbacks will likely go within the top 15 top 20 and all four of these guys I feel can one day be franchise quarterbacks I understand you need a running game and I understand the o-line has improved as well and if say Kwan Barclay is there you're right it's gonna be a tough pass if they decide to go quarterback just like it's gonna be a tough pass if they decide to take say Kwan Barclay just like it'll be a tough pass if for whatever reason that Jason pierre-paul trade was all about bringing Bradley Chubb to the Giants it is gonna be tough pick regardless and the funniest part about the whole thing is nobody knows what the Giants are gonna do in fact there's still the possibility the Giants could trade out of the pick nobody knows where this pick is going and not to me is the most interesting part of this whole draft what do the Giants do at number two and yes you can take say Kwan Barclay and be happy with that you could take Bradley chubbs so that you don't miss a step on your defense best defensive end in the draft no doubt at NC State but at the end of the day when you look at these quarterbacks in the NFC this year you eye Manning doesn't match up when you look at the quarterbacks in the NFC East he's the fourth best out of the four teams I'll run you down the list Carson Wentz Nick Foles if he has to play Kirk Cousins dak Prescott Alex Smith Matt Ryan Cam Newton Drew Brees Jameis Winston due for a much better year this year Jimmy Garoppolo Russell Wilson it's weird for me to say this the one quarterback that Eli has over right now in my opinion is Sam Bradford so you need to consider the long-term future and you'll be doing that with whatever pick that the Giants decide to do honestly in my opinion this could be one of the hardest picks to get right because the Giants have to get this pick right no matter what they do whether they take say Kwan Berkeley whether they take either Allen or Rosen because there'll be the next top to up there whether you decide to take Bradley chubbin and try to improve that defense more than it already is but this is the thing do you need to get the pick right that's what the Giants fans deserve and that's what the Giants deserve they need to get this one right there you haven't had a running game in a long time their defense got them into the playoffs two years ago under that McAdoo that defense got him into the playoffs Eli Manning was not that good you need to sit back and understand that Eli Manning is probably not gonna be the quarterback of the Giants in 2019 so do you trust Davis Webb to be the next guy do you draft a quarterback because you don't trust Davis Webb or do you trust Davis Webb and you take the running back in say Kwan Barkley or do you do neither of that and the jpp trade was all about bringing Bradley Chubb to New York and Tampa is gonna get a steal with Jason pierre-paul you know you thought that when he had the accident in a couple of years ago with his hand that he step back he really didn't he had a really good year two years ago we had a great year this year and now he gets to chase around quarterbacks like Cam Newton Matt Ryan and Drew Brees that's a win for the Buccaneers no doubt you don't know what the Giants are gonna do with this pick and you won't know what they're gonna do until the Commissioner reads the pick now in my opinion I personally think they need right now to get the next guy in I don't trust Davis Webb to be the next guy after Eli I think you need to get the quarterback you need to get either Allen or Rosen get them a year under Eli and have them ready for 2019 because I don't think Eli's gonna be the quarterback in 2019 I don't you have the number two pick in the draft you must consider the quarterback if you decide to go say Kwan Barclay whatever if you decide to go Bradley Chubb that's probably the more shocking way to go the giant have been talking about say Kwan Berkeley for a while that's been the rumor that they were gonna take him again you have the number two pick you need to consider drafting Eli's replacement plain and simple you look at the quarterbacks that Eli has to contend with this year Kurt cousins with the Vikings Alex Smith with the Redskins dak Prescott is due for a better year Carson Wentz is likely to repeat Jimmy Garoppolo in San Francisco Russell Wilson's always a good quarterback Jameis Winston's gonna have a better year drew Brees Cam Newton honestly with the quarterbacks and the teams that Eli's got to contend with this year I'm sorry they're not doing anything this year they're not going to the playoffs this is a rebuilding year and it starts with the number two pick in the draft now to their credit they've made the signings they need an eight solder and I thought that was a great signing it definitely helps improve the o-line I'm not saying completely write offs a qualm barkley I'm not saying completely right off Bradley Chubb which is in my opinion one of the more unlikely scenarios but again with the departure of Jason pierre-paul to Tampa Bay it may seem a little bit more possible because the Giants have the number two pick in the draft and they will have the best defensive end in the draft sitting right there in front of him but again with the year Eli Manning had last year and again a lot of it wasn't his fault but he did not have a good season by any means he's getting older he's had a good career I wouldn't say stellar I wouldn't say iconic but he had a good career too Super Bowl ring one by the defenses but he has two Super Bowl rings we're getting towards the Twilight now do you really trust Davis Webb in 2019 go ahead and drive see Guam Berkeley or Bradley Chubb with number two you're gonna trust Davis Webb to lead your team to the playoffs you have the number two pick in the draft consider the quarterback capstone homes logo order Cornell NYC Tech.

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