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Write for me capstone project report format order

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weekend in the NFL in 1951 that Norm Van Brocklin the Dutchman for the LA Rams against the New York Yankees threw for 554 yards we didn't see that as a matter of fact on this day it was defense a head of offense in most of the games well and I think that's typical of the beginning of the NFL season defense usually is a head offense about the first two or three games of the season but those teams that have a refined running attack I think will be more successful offensively than the teams that really have to predicate their offense on passing the football the referees yeah everybody wants to see the regular reps back we do it and just players do the coaches do they didn't do poorly the Evan flow was pretty good they did well in that situation but I don't think you want to go that much longer well we'd all like to see the regular officials give back but I think the question is going to be will the owners let them come back and will the fans miss them if they aren't there you know what we missed we missed football welcome back for Tom Jackson I'm Chris Berman thanks for watching NFL primetime ba599 capstone project business plan Wagner College.

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