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Write for me capstone project ideas online

Write for me capstone project ideas online do my capstone management san antonio texas fotocamera canon subacquea prezi presentations ´╗┐well there might be a debate in the country about whether or not to raise the federal minimum wage but I think we can all agree that NFL cheerleaders should at least get minimum wage as it is now and for Buffalo Bills cheerleaders have filed a suit against the team because they're saying they worked a lot of hours and were paid a fraction of what the minimum wage is supposed to be they're saying they didn't get paid for the games they didn't get paid for the practices in a lawsuit against the bills it it one of the complaints is this it says in addition the jill's they call themselves the Jill's were subjected to weekly physique evaluations during which defendants representatives tested the Jill's bodies for jiggling during the jiggle test defendants scrutinized the women's stomachs arms legs hips and butt while she did jumping jacks the physique evaluations largely determined whether or not any particular Jill would be allowed to perform at the bills next home game so it wasn't just about they weren't getting paid a lot they were also being subjected to you know some sort of workplace abuse as it were on on average they took home anywhere between well the highest paid one took home $1,800 for the entire year the lowest paid one a hundred and fifty dollars the only real way that they made money was by doing events and appearances a lot of which they had to do for free how did how did they end up taking home so little I don't understand they're drawing a salary they know that's that's the thing is that they actually aren't drawing much money they're given for the games they're given a free ticket to the game in a free parking space and then they're sort of given the promise that they're gonna make a lot of money doing personal appearances in other areas and then they get perks right and they get to hang out with the team and you know they know what they've signed on to but then once they get in there they realize they're putting in a lot of time and they're not getting paid much on top of the fact that the Buffalo Bills are worth about eight hundred million dollars they had a revenue of two hundred and fifty million dollars last year and you know quite frankly on television the the cheerleaders are some of the eye candy for television viewers and and even at the stadium itself so they make money by going to appearances but they're made to go to a lot of appearances where they don't get paid at all such as the Jill's annual golf tournament where select Jill's were required to wear a bikini and then go into a dunk tank and they were dunked into the water by the tournament participants and then they were auctioned and sold off to golfers where they had in their bikini ride around in the golf cart where there was no room so they had to sit on the laps of the golfers and they were you know not paid anything for that so mark there are two sides to the case one is compensation and the other is treatment and on the compensation side it seems just based on the available documents pretty clear-cut that these people were not being paid appropriately that they had to take out all sorts of expenses to pay for their career that they shouldn't have that they weren't paid for travel time stuff like that but on the other side of the equation is treatment things like the jiggle test things like being auctioned off which is a lot murkier because you can look at that and say it's not really classy it's not very appropriate it's not something I would want my football team to be doing or it's not something I would want to put a cheerleader through outside of the the cheerleading side of their equation but they're signing up for this stuff and a lot of them are going in there knowing that this is part of the job so where does where does where's the line between finding it distasteful and actually thinking that this is illegal it seems as though there's two different issues here and one and they should be two different suits altogether one is one is a workplace abusive discrimination the other is just not getting paid properly for whatever job it is now the team considers these cheerleaders to be independent contractors and not employees and therefore they're not subjected to to minimum wage they're they're paid on a just a independent contractor basis and they argue against that saying they put in sometimes hundreds of hours a week and get nothing you know they're they have to do rehearsals practices the games which are several hours long travel and the lawsuit also complains this the extensive rulebook set forth by defendants include rules on how much bread to eat at formal dinners how to properly eat soup how much to tip what restaurant waiters in wedding etiquette how to properly wash intimate areas and how often to change tampons this is in their rule book and this is just the Buffalo Bills but it's not the first lawsuit that's that's taking place there's already been a couple of lawsuits one against the Raiders and once and one against the Bengals and in March the US Department of Labor announced it's closed its investigation against the Raiders and concluded that the Raiders are exempt from paying its cheerleaders minimum wage since they're considered seasonal amusement Wow so this is going on all over the NFL yes but but here's the thing I think there's a double standard in here where a lot of people who watch football and who enjoy the cheerleaders are saying you know I want my cheerleaders fit I want them to look good like there are standards that sometimes people aren't even aware of that they have for these cheerleaders but then they get upset when they pull back the curtain and find out that there's this whole protocol to make them look that way now I'm not saying it's not just tasteful I'm not saying it's okay but it's weird that people can enjoy them and then they'll complain about what it goes into making that happen sure the the abuse issues notwithstanding that just the money alone I think that viewers and fans would agree they should be compensated appropriately you know that the team is in business to make money the cheerleaders are there to help the team make money the team does make a lot of my in fact the team the Buffalo Bills got ace get a seven million dollar you know funding subsidies from the county they've just gotten a ninety five million dollar subsidy to build a new stadium and so you think they could pay the the cheerleaders or something right it it's just you know if they were say for instance you know Teller television performers on an a network television show they would get Union scale of some kind which is pretty decent you know they should at least get that why don't they unionize and and then they would be able to get paid at least to be on television I mean these are the conditions that lead workers to unionize yeah so these are this is this might be where we're going but yeah they're they either need to be moved to full-time employee status which would make them subject minimum wage laws if that's what they want or they should just rework the pay scale and make sure that these people aren't paying out of pocket for things that they shouldn't otherwise people are going to walk off the cheerleading squad which is what they did I mean a lot of people are leaving I'm curious to know what what our viewers think because I know there's gonna be a lot of haters so try not to be abusive to the whim they're gonna say hey you know what they deserve what they get they they've signed up to it but you know don't be abusive just let us know what you think about about the situation in and whether or not they've just signed up for it and they they are subjecting themselves to it and it's their choice whether or not to do it let us know what you think and subscribe to the lip TV do my management capstone project ideas for money Sotheby's Institute of Art.

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