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Write for me capstone project ideas nursing order

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this every sing one of those rounds just registering in the chrono that's good got about 45 minutes till sunset all right yeah you did bring the gun so the numbers on the IMI 77 grain look like this is out of an 18 inch again SPR barrel all 20 shots on that mag registered hi was 2807 low 27 37 average 27 70 extrange spread was only 70 that's not bad standard evo 20 that's really good temperature right now is about 70 degrees by the way relative humidity I would say is 40% we're at an elevation of a 16,000 feet in Bolivia let's go see how you did book it you like that gun don't you so nice the thing is is that when I review any other task of carbine it's basically stacking up against that oh yeah in everything accuracy reliability ergonomics lightweight I think weighs 7 pounds naked and it with an 18 inch barrel it's pretty cost-effective too well the components I used on it like I said in the video they're not cheap huh that's probably a $1,500 just parts in parts gun but compare it to something you know like a Tavor actually more than that because I bought that SPR and the gun itself was I think 17 yeah but if I put an SPR together about 15 just in part well that's the thing you're 15 in parts when you're building an SPR you're doing it for the ground up so you can put everything you want on it yeah like II see an artist amazed at my fav when you go up with all these new next-gen carbines you're paying two grand to get the gun then invariably you want to change a bunch of stuff on it you know you get it to war and spent 300 bucks on a trigger any other 150 for a cute little muzzle device is there anything set up about this shoot by the way anything artificial fake huh do we have any agenda other than looking for our own stock up ammo absolutely not yeah oh I would love it man if I am I gave you a call man that is not set up that is off a motorcycle I am I out of that gun that was your first one right here that first group that's from a later part but that was the firt when I ran down I saw that that's a scope correction shot off of the freaking bike that's that's mine so there's three shots right there one two three that's MOA this is I'll call that three quarter MOA that's just over MLA off a damn motorcycle that's I'll call that just over MOA and that was the one I called I said that was me and their son struggling to keep up with dad all right you did a damn good job on I mean look guys don't really get when you're looking at that how Wiggly it is but it's so far that's like a bed tres group right here that if you're a Tibetan should arrange at this distance I would see that and go yeah that's pretty cool off of a freaking bike like that not set up in all your weights back because it's not at my ear so you're holding the gun like two feet out I'm sit there trying to balance the rear and it's dude off a motorcycle that's a great group oh it's insane yeah it's absolutely fantastic okay once again this is the hundred-yard portion not set up so I'm gonna give grade A to this I am i oh just off this initial shoot it looks to be sub Emily ammo comparatively speaking speed wise against other 77 grain loads I'm just going off memory but it seems like it's a it's pretty hot for a 77 damn Sun that's cool here I'll take a picture and post it to Twitter to our Twitter followers that's a pretty good yeah cover up my group and then there we go guys to just watch the videos faster we could post them faster right yeah got anything else eh now I always fight about it cuz you always want to release so much unless I do doodle so slow down I did do it say what's to let the video run one per week yeah one to two a week that's about the right guys watch it I feel like you get stacked you know I got so much content though there's so much to say so much to review so much philosophy so much political videos to put out over now TMP this I my stuff looks to be pretty solid buy with confidence systems engineering capstone project online Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development.

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