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Write for me capstone project ideas for high school cheap

Write for me capstone project ideas for high school cheap write for me gmu capstone project apa style referencing 7th edition ´╗┐for helping you get in touch with something that was there if something negative comes up with you it wasn't invented in that second it was already there so thank me for it bringing it up so you know it's gonna be big so today I'd like to initiate this class by realizing yeah things happen and terrible things happen let's talk for a reference mark and my occasion here is not to talk about all the various therapies and healings because you already know that I'm more interested in stuff has happened horrible stuff has happened to you to family members friends Healing is occurred therapy rebirthing all sorts of things my place is to encourage you to remind you all the work that you did recovery recovery is a big word in this context recovering yourself how important it is for you to know for you to be able to say the story's done I have faced this I've done everything to heal it I have even realized something critically important but in all the therapy we take counseling healing sometimes the final instrument that we use to be free of something to be free of a boulder a burden that's sitting in our emotional body even after all the therapy we have to recognize that that substance in our emotional body that's become qualified with what happened and sometimes it's been with us sometimes it took years to to heal ourselves and sometimes the last act of healing because that energy it's qualified energy it's hurts its wounds and whatever else it's evolved into a hurt and a wound and addressed can evolve into anger anguish depression all these things yes but you may find that at the end of the day when you're almost done there's one last step and that's you you have to say to that wound to that place I'm setting you free now you can go you can leave now I have loved you free it's like an energy it's still there you've done all the counseling all the healing everything but it's like an energy there and you almost have to talk to it and say you are free to go now you are free I'm setting you free you understand yet beyond that then there comes to a place and some people intuitively instinctively now the context everything we speak of is also in the context that you are a spiritually awakened person you are a spiritually awakening person you are a spiritual person so we all must always must remember that this is the bigger context in which we address things yes so some people the healing journey is done the letting go journey is done all the therapy the counseling the rebirthing sessions and some people intuitively instinctively come to this place others need to be guided to this place so people who intuitively come to this place will say the following I bite often to themself it is done I am free now the next thing is what's most important I will not speak of this again but you see it's nada I will not speak of this again from a place of denial no no no you've spent a year you've invested a year in recovery and healing and therapies right you have done the work you've faced the problem you invested a lot of your time and energy but you're spiritually awakened you see and you know truths about the law of attention you know that in decrees to be free of something there is a little there are some words in which a decree to be free of something is right at the end mighty God within me let's just use an example mighty God within me beloved goddess of compassion kuan-yin goddess of redemption goddess of love mercy and forgiveness great saint germain and your violet flame I ask you now to take the last of this condition let's say it's depression or anger or anguish take the last of this condition right out of me now here's the next part it's caused effect record and memory it's cause effect record and memory so you asked to have that taken out and it will be done now if a week later you allow your attention to be placed back on it and you haven't been mentored you haven't been tutored that once you've done all the work and you are recovered you are like new again you have to be counseled that the law of attention says that if your attention goes back on something and you start speaking into it and you speak into it at any length or it becomes when you get together with your male friends or your girlfriends and it becomes social chatter oh this is what happened to me this is my story then your attention is back on the condition now the final healing for those spiritual and no of these laws and no of the help and I love Quan Yin because remember she can she can act as an act of compassion you see act of compassion does not require deserve ability that's a wonderful thing about compassion and redemption so when you ask that something be finally removed cause-effect record in memory well that record in memory part the record of the injury you've recovered from it you've done everything you you need to do to set yourself free cause-effect record now you have left memory you have the memory there that memory cannot touch you unless you deliberately put your attention on it and start recounting the story of the tragedy that happened to you maybe once a year to three minutes that's nothing will happen but if you recount the memory of the tragedy that happened to you that you set yourself free and you recount it when you gather with your friends because everybody else is talking about it and you do this like almost every month then you're connecting with the memory of it the memory will go back and even though it's in the ether it's actually out of your body but it's in the etheric records your memory will go into the etheric records pull the record of it and if you keep putting your attention that record will bring back the effect of it and you're right back into it so for those who are spiritually growing it is really important for you to know yourself and only you can determine the amount of healing the amount of recovery that you can say to yourself I am now free of this it's gone I don't feel that boulder and I'm using that term because a beloved precious heart wrote to me she wrote to me about how she has so much more happiness and joy in her life and as a result of the spiritual path but she wrote to me because she recognizes there's still this boulder there's something catching here do you see what it is so she recognizes that she recognizes that even though there's greater joy and happiness that there's this she called it a boulder something in her emotional body and she said all it takes is something to be triggered by it and then it comes up and then it takes her down for a couple days but she still and in the rest of her emotional body she's got lots of joy she's got happiness that she's recovered in her spiritual life but she's got a boulder there and so let's go to what's in the news today Harvey Weinstein and so it's interesting how situations or individuals become instruments of what needs to come to be to the surface what needs to be addressed what is no longer acceptable what actually belongs sexual abuse what actually belongs in the dark ages and so even though let me be clear one is an instrument that does not excuse the instant instrument of what that one initiated so this this student who wrote me this letter this whole thing with the Harvey between Weinstein thing it just brought everything up for her so there must have been some tragedy you you you you you ieee paper on web technology pdf School of Visual Arts.

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