Write For Me Capstone Project Documentation Chapter 2
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Write for me capstone project documentation chapter 2

Write for me capstone project documentation chapter 2 write for me capstone logistics forgot password make case study on violence in media for 10 ´╗┐Jack there's a gap in the freeway how big is it yeah 50 feet a couple of miles ahead Jack Jack what if I shift into neutral just keep the engine revving what Laura it's an interchange there might be an inclined floor fine everybody hold on to your seats or whatever you can when we hit the gap heads down that's it the change told we can do let's put this underneath your seat all right put your bags underneath the seat and didn't meet the shit the guy is this really going to work check now we just saw what the blue block did now what's this bus going to do it's coming up to an interchange there's a missing section there in that elevated freeway and the free weights flat that bus is going to go just like the blue block like that that's what has to happen that's what physics tells you will happen so let's see what happens in the movie everybody hold on now just wait a minute here now this was done years ago before computer animation that's boss actually jumped over there but how the heck how the heck did it do it we got to go back and take a look in slow motion here and see exactly what happened all right I'll just rewind this thing back a little bit here and play and then I'll set it up so we can go frame by frame when I want to everybody hold on you at the end of that road is absolutely flat that bus is doomed but watch what happens it will just step along here going frame by frame and soon we'll see the boss there is look there's some ramp here on the front of on the end of the bridge where the heck did that come from and that's there so it gives the bus and upward velocities who could make the jump but watch watch this ramp it goes away ok it's on a hydraulic system and it wasn't ah when we saw the view of the bus coming for it and then it just went up so now when the back wheels come by the ramp is gone c and the boss can make the jump ok so the viewer doesn't realize how this was done because it happened so fast but the stunt guys they know physics and they have to get this buff across the gap and they succeed ok that's really quite cool all right I think that's really neat so that's pretty unexpected unless you know about this hanky panky going on alright so i want to show you another unexpected thing and this has to deal with why things float and why they don't so you probably know this rocks sink to the bottom of the lake and boogie boards float and when the density of an object is greater than water it sinks and when the density of an object is less than water it floats and it's a density of an object to exactly the same as water it will just be neutrally buoyant ok so it's rare that you have a chance to control the density of an object to make it go up and down as you would you would like so I brought along a little a little demonstration that allows us to play around with the density of an object so I need the guys to switch over to my video camera now if they can there we go okay so this is a little a little bottle and I'm going to fill it up with water and any kind of bottle will work for this if you want to try this yourself later on just needs to have a an opening at the top that you can cover fairly fairly well with your thumb and you fill it exactly to the tippy tippy tippy tippy tippy brim like that all right then you get yourself a piece of household aluminum foil and rip off a little square of it maybe an inch and a half or so and then you crumple it into a bar and you press it for all you're worth I mean you really drink that thing down much as you possibly can right okay and then you you pick it up on top of the bottle and it floats now that should surprise you because the density of aluminum is 2.7 and water is one so aluminum should sink but in that couple ball or so much trapped air that the air and aluminum together has a density less than 1 so it floats alright so now I'm going to put my finger up on top of this push it under the water and then push down on the on the bottle and you can see that i made it sink i hope you can see it down there can you and if you want it to go down just tell me to make it go down down it goes and if you want me to make it go up tell me to make it go up up it goes right down up down up middle sure what do you want you know total control right so what the heck is going on here how can I do this so let's just switch back to the the laptop if we can there we go so what's happening here is when there's no pressure I try to make a sketch of the aluminum foil in this solid I guess it's gray I'm colorblind I don't remember what this is might be gray and the trap there is these these pockets here and when there's no pressure applied to the top of the bottle the air pockets are big and the density is low and the thing floats but when you press on the top of the bottle you increase the pressure greatly and you compress the air pockets by the ideal gas law and then the density becomes high and it sinks just with your finger you can control this thing you make it go up and down it's a wonderful way to make to make money a lot like that pickpocket talk that we just saw you can you can bet your friends you know and make this thing go up and down and they're going to see you crazy anyway alright so I've just one more thing that I want to show you and really this is more of a story than anything else we teach electric circuits in physics and it's done in the high schools as well and there are two two ways to connect two light bulbs to a power source circuit one is a connection that would be called a parallel connection and circuit 2 there is a circuit that would be called a series connection and a common question that you would ask students on a test is you know which way would you get more light and if you work out the work out the problem these are 40 watt light bulbs and in circuit one the parallel connection you will get to 40 white bolt 40 watt bulbs illuminated you'll get 80 watts of light but in a series connection this voltage is shared amongst both and it turns out each light bulb only turns on with 10 watts 10 watts so it's really sort of dim so I brought along two circuits like this this one here is the series-connected circuit its circuit 2 and this one here is the parallel connected circuit its circuit 1 and I said circuit one would be bright so I'll plug it in and sure enough and if i plug in circuit two it should be dimmed and sure or not okay so now here comes the story part of their we bought a house my wife and I built in 1929 and went down into the basement after he bought the house and turned on the lights Mike God were they dim I went to look at the light poles and there are a hundred watt cause you're thinking what the heck so went along and followed the wire you're really old wiring lo and behold the bald were wired like circuit 2 in series the wrong way they're wired the wrong way and we saw the owner previous owner of the house you know a few weeks afterwards and I said Tony you know the wiring your basement is is all wrecked he said what do you mean I did that there's nothing wrong with I said Tony it's in series it's not in parallel he said wait a minute that's the way they taught us to do it at CP Allen thank you that's all I've got for you you do my access volume 1 grader project capstone ch 1 3 Lincoln Center campus, Manhattan.

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