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Write for me capstone project chamberlain online

Write for me capstone project chamberlain online capstone real estate services inc barton springs road austin tx for money stage manager show report of danangharbor ´╗┐so there's another hurdle to this technology even if you say okay I'm going to allow this technology because it's important to come up with new possible cures for regenerative medicine there's still another hurdle to the technology and that hurdle is that the immune system recognizes foreign cells and it eliminates them from your body so if I give you embryonic stem cells from a fertilized egg generated in the fashion that I just described to you and you take those embryonic stem cells which we perhaps can differentiate to to into a particular cell types such as a pancreatic islet cell if we put those cells into your pancreas your pancreatic cells and your immune system are going to recognize that that is a foreign cell and your immune system is going to wipe that foreign sell out so given the technology there's still a problem even if you say that you will accept the ethical concerns involved and that and that the moral concerns of trying to advance this technology for the use of carrying various different types of of diseases and indigence worth is worth the research involved so a pancreatic islet cell then made from an embryonic stem cell of an unmatched embryo is still going to be rejected by the body so what other methods can be used to generate stem cells with broad potential for regenerative medicine well scientists have thought about this a lot in fact we've worked on this a lot and one technology that has been developing over the last five to ten years is that of nuclear transfer research this is the technology that's often mistakenly referred to as human cloning the technology that was used to create Dolly which was the first cloned animal happened to be a sheep which was made in England some years back so this technology has the capacity to generate more and more and more of perfectly genetically identical animals so what is this technology involved in how can it be useful in regenerative medicine so let me just point out from the very beginning that scientists and society are opposed to human cloning so what is this technology then how can we use this for regenerative medicine how can we use it in an ethical manner so let me first describe to you the process of nuclear transfer in this process what we do is to take an unfertilized oocyte in my laboratory does this type of technology we work on mice to be able to understand the process better so what we do is we take start with an unfertilized oocyte a single cell coming from a female and we then remove and discard the nucleus of this Oh site so this is effectively an O site now but it has no genetic information so now we give it some genetic information we take and replace it with the nucleus of an adult stem cell or any other type of somatic cell so we could take a small piece of my skin pull out the nucleus from that cell and implant it into an unfertilized oocyte we do that process from mice so what do we do next so we now have generated a hybrid cell the cytoplasm of the cell comes from the unfertilized oocyte the nucleus of this cell comes now from an adult somatic cell this is a diploid nucleus because all of the cells of your body the somatic cell is basically diploid so even though this started out as an unfertilized oocyte with only the cells from the female basically what the cell now has is a diploid adult nucleus sitting in a row site cytoplasm so what good is the cell now well what this cell can now be used for is we first take the cell we've put these cells in culture and again I work on the mice take these cells and put these cells in culture just as I described to you on the previous slides we generate embryonic stem cells just as I described to you from the previous slide we can generate blastocysts many blastocysts just as we described again everything in vitro at that point but then we take the blastocyst and now we take those blastocyst so we put those blastocysts into a female host and what that female does is three weeks later produces pups mice and some of those mice not all those mice but some of those mice are healthy and those mice then continue to grow to adult age and in fact these mice now are several years old and these mice are perfectly healthy and we cannot tell the difference between these mice and a normal Mouse and yet these mice came from an oocyte with a diploid somatic cell and that somatic cell came from a skin stem cell the type of cells that my laboratory works on so these healthy mice then are great the problem is that there's still a problem with efficiency and in fact even though we've got a couple healthy mice in fact we have more than a couple healthy mice the problem is is that even on the best of days there are still only about 5% of all of the blastocysts that end up surviving to this point and there are many embryos that do not develop properly so this technology is obviously not perfect and there are problems with taking an adult nucleus and putting it in the OSI cytoplasm even though those hybrids in some cases can give rise to normal healthy mice but now consider the situation for humans I already told you that we as scientists are completely against the notion of of human cloning so we don't want to get to this stage the only stage that we want to get to is a stage of generating human embryonic stem cells from nuclear transfer so what ideally we would like to do is to take cytoplasm from a human Oh site and put into that cytoplasm a nucleus from your skin cell for instance if in fact you are the one that is going to be in need of regenerative medicine and from that we then want to culture those cells to produce embryonic stem cells but now so now we take the exact same step that I just described to you the nuclear transfer experiment and we now put the cells into culture just decide ascribe to earlier culture them to the hybrid cell stage to form a blastocyst and then the third step is derive our embryonic stem cells from the blastocyst and now the benefit is that now we have embryonic stem cells that perfectly match the patient's DNA and that means the if we now generate pancreatic islet cells from those embryonic stem cells that are perfectly genetically matched now the patient's immune system is going to recognize those cells even though they came from a hybrid the genetic content was in fact the patient's genetic content and so this cell basically is not going to be rejected by the immune cell and so by generating embryonic stem cells from a skin stem cell and making neurons or muscle cells and culture the resulting cells are not recognized as foreign by your immune system so right now scientists have potentially gotten around an enormous hurdle that just a few years back presented a serious problem but now what are the problems remaining well unfortunately there's still the problem today of generating healthy human embryonic stem cells from human Oh sites and somatic cell nuclei it works quite well in fact quite beautifully for mice even though the efficiency of producing healthy cloned mice is only about five percent two percent one percent depending upon the various different researchers and the very various different cell types involved in fact it turns out that to date there's very little evidence of any evidence that that in fact we can adapt this type of technology to humans that said I think scientists feel very optimistic that it's just a matter of learning more about differences between mouse embryonic stem cells and human embryonic stem cells and a matter of learning more about how to improve this type of technology and how to adapt technology that we can already use for the mouse and adapt that to human do my leadership capstone project examples cheap New York Theological Seminary at The Interchurch Center and Union Theological Seminary.

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