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Write for me capstone project assistance online

Write for me capstone project assistance online do my reflection paper on empowerment technology best extempore presentations ´╗┐hi blog miss it's day 21 so right now we are just about to head out we have to ship back some of Patrick's um photos he printed them out on metal I think I showed you guys that but we have to ship them back so we're going to do that right now it's like four o'clock what we've been doing today in case you were curious is I was editing a Christmas cookie video that Pat and I did and we're really happy with it I think it's funny um and then we started to get out our suitcases which are right here hello we're bringing a lot home because you have gifts for everyone and then like obviously we're gonna be home for like a week and a half what is it like a long time so anyways that's what we've been doing today is just kind of like getting everything ready cleaning up I cleaned the office which it's not very clean right now um I'll show you still a really big mess but um I cleaned up everything that was there and then I made a bigger mess because I'm starting to pack um but I do need to run in to the city to grab last night I thought for whatever reason the store should be open a lot later than they were and they weren't so everything closed on me so I just need to get a few things from Sephora and a few last-minute things because I think we're going to try to film a winter lookbook while we're home um so I need to get a few things for that lots of stuff going on so um hopefully I remember and take you along with us alright we got the package is what it looks like it's massive yuichi against the package you can tell it's Christmas right there's packages everywhere we just finished at the UPS door and it was really great are they the same they're different luxury I think you touch they would be out of my color always all right so we have finished ups which is really exciting so we got his paintings um or his son fixtures mailed off to his house which is good because that was a huge blocker in our living room and then we went to Sephora quick to get some flashes for me because I don't know I've been really liking him lately now that brings us to here we took the subway into the city briefly but then came back and now we are in a cab and we are going to grab some food before I have to go and finish hacking because I haven't packed yet Pat on the other hand you finished packing already good to go he's always like way ahead of me I never back until like 9:00 p.m. I was really official at that time but like it's always late just because that's when I get the most work done ha she's the best favor ever was Audrianna their backseat yeah all right so though for those of you who are curious we just have two tickets the window all right so for those of you curious where we were just eating we were eating at this place called colonies in Brooklyn Heights really good restaurant we go there a lot that people are really nice foods good I know a lot of you guys were asking me on Twitter to tell you guys where we eat more because a lot of you guys when you visit here you want to know so I'm going to start taking you guys to some of our favorite places a lot of them are in Brooklyn but as you guys I think some of you know we live just over the bridge so it's not too far but if you guys live here and have any more recommendations for us please let us know because we always love going to get good food so if you have any awesome places you can let us know that would be awesome I'm sitting here I'm sick here's your shining moment I'll see tomorrow bright and early yeah so our flight we have I have to show you guys I'm we're not done yet bro we got a pack but our flight yep our flight we have to leave at like 6:00 a.m. tomorrow so that's to be so fun it's a really great angle for you babe almost change oh hey do it again yes please that's amazing you're really great at that mm-hmm all right so we have the Grinch on this is the checked suitcase that has a lot of the gifts in here and then I also just put in some like pajamas and shirts and then in my carry-on suitcase I have my coat which I think I'm going to bring two of them and wear one on the plane one in here and then I just have a sweater and another sweater and then here I have some of my New Year's outfit ideas I don't know I might turn it into a video who knows and then I have a good amount of sweaters left which actually sucks because I forgot what it's like to pack for the winter and you have like no room so that sucks okay update I have my airport outfit somewhat laid out not really um and then in here I just have some sparkly tights a bralette a bra which actually could go in there but I just put it there hat sweater um some like a shirt and pair of jeans I really don't know how to pack for this trip so yikes and then here I just have a bunch of sweaters and like a couple jeans now my only issue is shoes which I probably should have done at the bottom but I do have my leg healed booty boots or whatever right there so maybe I don't need these then um because I have the healed Wow alright guys we are done I don't know if it looks like much has changed laid out my airport outfit got my two suitcases and I'm just going to do like Beauty bathroom products in the morning um so yeah done we're officially in Minnesota back in Pat's house hello Michael hi Patrick's brother can you tell they're like twins but um kind of um so what these two are doing is they're wrapping presents how exciting and I'm uploading vlogmas for all of you yay you guys are doing such a great job you have a wrapping station and everything good news is I'm not having Michael Rapha's own gift this year that's good that happened was yep incremental improvement yes look at all the bows what's I'm gonna watch here app you don't want this this is like the least efficient way your weight that's really pretty paper wrappings yes subpar wrapping skills hey I think I saw some presents underneath the tree and they look great those are either wrap by Michael or mother but not myself we're the ones you wrapped I'm gonna see them I'll show you this one when it's done hey fun fact this is Pat's old room oh they get to see your room and he was just you know in high school middle school I don't know how long you've lived here it is like there's nothing in there with remnants of me anymore no true cuz you've been out of this room for a while but this is a fun fact where you you know used to hang out don't you say it now I'm gonna marry P yeah he has a nice place okay there's a lake right there boo boo I reckon you rep look at that oopsy poopsy you can probably just tape it that's the bottom right we can just pretend oh he's like wow way to ruin Christmas you gotta say hi to vlogmas no yep hi pass mom who you've all met before she's making what are you making caramel corn caramel corn can I show him mm-hmm oh yeah look at that great oh my gosh yeah wait it smells so good it's not you camera yeah they knew about that I think everyone talks about that in blogs or videos smellivision Smosh well I again hi I'm some excited for your viewers watching look at the tree so pretty especially mobile those are everything's pretty cancer wrap I promise this wrapping happening all right Michael's rapping what this isn't the last one is it ah would be the last one but you deserted me so I ditched you I had to upload the vlog mistakes 15 right priorities that looks great though you're doing a great job if you need me to tie a ribbon how much may we please back did you miss them Michael took your place for a while we wrapped presents and somehow you pulled that up your thickest and for to what it's going in solely what smashes o little to fall off of the rough Michaels cleaning house right now would you just get four or five in a row something like that well it seemed it seemed like a lot especially off of the break you do my hotel capstone history Mercy College (New York).

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