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Write for me capstone project 5th grade for money

Write for me capstone project 5th grade for money write for me latest topics for research in management mat 011 beginning algebra ´╗┐we're here at the Kobe beef burger grill Deeley in Glendora California miss time for challenge you're looking at the undefeated king crave challenge that's three pounds of burger stacked tie between buns with three large sides of french fries sweet potato fries and onion rings there's also a peanut butter milkshake on the side to help wash it down could we defeat King crave or did the challenge prove to be too much you'll have to watch and find out [Music] whoa three is more excited and driven for this than I've seen them in four years no fanfare no BS no Stalin it's time for another challenge here on freakeating so welcome back to the show thank you all for tuning in and I wish you a fine week ahead so what you're seeing here is a special challenge by special invitation the crave Kobe burger grill located in Glendora California wanted to start up a brand new food challenge and they called up reckless eating to be the first guys to take a stab at it since I'm technically a member of wreckless eating Matt Zion messaged me on Facebook and said hey man you want to eat a big burger with us next week I said sure and that's how my participation in this event became a thing you can't see them but right outside of my camera view is Chris reckless and Shawn Brotherton also attempting to King crave challenge you'll have to check out their respective channels to see how they did and they got them linked below I got em both link down below now on to the challenge itself the burger consisted of six beef patties at a half pound apiece so you're talking about three pounds solid and that's not counting the cheese the bun the vegetables or anything else that's in the challenge I asked for my burger to the medium well and while it gave me a taste and texture that was really delicious the way that cheese melted onto the patties made it very difficult to eat so they're very soft inside but they're kind of glued together that's why I resorted to using so much ketchup and Powerade to get the beef down the woman from those old where's the beef commercials couldn't have said a damn thing about this beast of a sandwich obviously drinks are an important part of the food challenge experience the rules do not actually require a drink at all but they do require a peanut butter milkshake you can see the fancy milkshake glass on my table but do not be fooled the spare blender cup was nearly half full with milkshake as well so we had quite a bit of milkshake to get through if we wanted to beat this challenge hopefully none of us were lactose intolerant before we began the owner asked me what I thought a fair time limit would be for this challenge and I said 30 minutes he was relying on me because he knows I do lots of these challenges and it seemed to me that a lot of places with burger challenges likes to do a 30 minute limit and it felt like a decent amount of time for this challenge so we stuck with it from my point of view what makes this challenge truly difficult are the sides there's three of them and they showcase the major side options the restaurant serves as combo choices unless you want a salad but who really gets a salad at the side when you're eating a big burger french fries are the gold standard and they're starchiness will stop you in your tracks after you've wolf down the burger I like Kelly left the skin on some of the fries but overall I feel like a thicker cut of fries would have been a more appropriate fit for this challenge experience the onion rings might have been the most difficult side to consume they don't appear in many challenges so seeing them here was a nice touch there's no simple way to mash them up and get them in your mouth and the layer of batter on the outside requires a certain amount of chewing so you can swallow them safely plus the fat content provides a level of richness that makes it hard to want to eat a lot of them on that note I'd love to see a restaurant start up a five pound onion ring challenge because I'd be curious about the success rate I'd also be willing to take a shot at it someday if anyone's listening so let me take a moment to talk about the prize if we won aside from getting the meal for free I believe it was somewhere in the thirty five dollar range we'd also get a free t-shirt unfortunately the t-shirts weren't ready on the day of the challenge but the idea is pretty cool you can't really have enough t-shirts in this world so I'll take a second to talk about some of the other things I've been doing outside of YouTube lately I've been getting more active in the Yelp community writing more restaurant reviews so I'm linking my Yelp page down below in the description there will be a review of crave up very soon I plan to review all the restaurants I did challenges in before and that's also a goal for any new restaurant challenges going forward into the future I've been posting on Instagram and Facebook as well so if you keep up with those platforms you'll be able to see what I'm up to finally I do have a page on patreon I signed up many months ago but I never really knew what to do with it it's just kind of sitting there collecting virtual dust but once I figure out some special incentives I will talk about it in my future videos but for now it's not really doing anything I also have a page up on Twitch but I haven't done any gaming on it since I mentioned it in my burrito video I think it would be cool to go on there sometime and stream some old-school Legend of Zelda [Music] so back to the challenge the diamond-in-the-rough the true MVP the secret weapon this restaurant possesses are the sweet potato fries I had no idea how good they would be until I took my first bite I don't often have a WoW moment in the middle of a challenge but this was a WoW moment they were so good so hearty soft without being mushy and crisp without being hard or burned and the flavor of the sweet potato was strong I wish I had more of them or at least I wish that all three sides could have been sweet potato fries maybe I'll have to go back and talk the owner into setting up some sort of sweet potato fry challenge in the future because they just impressed me that much after doing this food thing for so many years it's a nice touch to be impressed by someone's cooking now and again it doesn't happen often but when it does I have to tip my hat this was awesome stuff last but certainly not least we come to the peanut butter milkshake it also had chocolate in it and there was chocolate pieces at the bottom so I guess it was kind of like drinking a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup if you blended it with frozen milk the flavor was outstanding so rich it was a great way to cap off this challenge and the cold sweetness really helped to break up the flavor of all the meat and starch and the onion ring batter I began to go back and try some of the other milkshake flavors one day [Music] my all-clear came at the 25 minute mark but the real question is how did the gentleman over at reckless eating do you'll have to check out their channels to find out if you enjoyed this video please do that awesome thing or you hit the thumbs up button we have more videos coming up here so subscribe if you haven't and make sure you hit that Bell icon so you get notifications about all of my video uploads I will see you all next time stay in school don't do drugs and eat like a freak thank you for watching it's so much on the planet I would I'd repeat how rather redo that main show new method to beat this right now you got you want to see the whole bird Kennedy's assessment five minutes to me okay five minutes left my fence left gentlemen won't let you know how matter did actually an indication of how he didn't slightly say good-bye five minutes who is which one of you is going to finish that burger you capstone degree cheap Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education.

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