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Write for me capstone project 2018 information technology order

Write for me capstone project 2018 information technology order do my coursera data science capstone week 3 quiz do thesis on tax plz ´╗┐alright so I intend to do a writing test with some of the most flexible pens that I have gathered as of yet across brands I have a on example from watermans example from a wall over sharp from Schafer and from maybe Todd today also are all four of them rather are rather exceptional pens that could be the pinnacle of anybody's collection actually I have two from Walt and I guess so yeah I'm a big enthusiast of flex riding with fountain pens and so I have collected quite a few what some would call wet noodles not all of them i guess art you know there's a debate to be had with every pen that one person will call wet noodle one will not but anyway figured it would be cool to show some of the plexi offends that i have so i have hearing large blank piece of Rodia that bed that we will be using my rather poorly lit family room but that's right happen to be saying this isn't a very serious video all of these pens were prop will probably be for sale at some point on my ebay channel maybe not immediately some of them maybe not even that soon but at some point they will all be for sale let's see so let's start with the walls first one i have is a wall of a sharp skyline this is a smaller skyline i'm not sure if they're called juniors or this one I got from greg- skin this is actually a nib that he ground to be extra flexible which he does very well it is rather soft rather flexible it's very very fine point needlepoint he calls it this pen will write about 1.75 millimeters or so it's very soft in it and it's a needlepoint and has a little ink window their visual aid section really nice writer so to start off we'll do that a little example here this pen has a rower and clinger all gold gruene in it right these pens were made I believe this one was me in the forties really nice pen all right there's the first one I'm kind of sticking with the wall eversharp theme the next one I'd like to demonstrate is an earlier wall pen this one's called a 73 this pen is has that number three size nib on it which is a little bit longer tine set up I can't with it with the crappy light out here i'm not sure that you're gonna be able to see the 73 on it no you can't but does say 73 on the nib this one I was a number three sides nibbling a set or on the end of the barrel so there's a number three sides neb like I said hands down one of my favorite flex pens this is a really nice writer fine fine point regular writer it's a little bit on the stiffer side but because it's a long time you know the size 3 nib it really has some pretty good line variation this pen will write two millimeters plus if you put a little bit of a little bit of pressure on it very nice ring pen though see what I can do here give you a little demonstration this pen has euro shizuku shinkai in it definitely one of my favorite flex pounds all right next up I would like to do my this is a maybe Todd Swan sf2 as a number two sides number two sides maybe Todd artists flex nib the nibs on these are pretty cool looking they're a little bit kind of like a long time number two sighs nib which is not all that common i would say see their own more triangular in shape I guess you would say vm the exposed part of the nib is mostly you know I trying trailing triangular cut tine the straight part of the nib is only maybe four millimeters or so you can pick these pens out kind of easy on ebay they have a definitive shape to them and they're very flexible and I like the SF 2 because it's a full-size pen it's very similar in size to the Waterman 52 and they're rather cheap on there sometimes you find you you'll end up with one that's not so flexible but everyone's why you get a really nice one and this one is definitely very flexible see what I can hear this one this one I believe also has shin kind sorry it didn't change up the tank so well all right this one is a fine to triple broad easily two millimeters plus I think most people would call this so what noodle this pendant this nib is very soft very very nice to write with really nice writer this one particularly has a gold trim I mean has a swan clip on it which I really like it's a little bit Brown but not bad the chasing is still very good with the gold trim really nice bun all right next one again switching brands is not so popular in terms of flex this is a old Shaffer it's abby black chased ebonite pen I don't know that they have a name for these pens if they do I'm not aware of it but this pen is really cool it's definitely a rare specimen you don't see a lot of these old chase hard rubber schaeffer's pens especially not with nibs as flexible as this one this pen is in extremely soft nib on it fine to one point eight millimeters or so it would write more than that but the feed doesn't really keep up the limiting factor and this pen is definitely the feed but it's definitely one of the ones one of my favorite Ben's is very nice chasing on the cap this pen is still dark black it's a really nice one definitely one of my favorite flex pens to write with is a little bit on the shorter side but not it's about the size of a water miss 52 v this is a chaffer number two they call it again another pretty long time neb especially for a size 2 nib alright see we can do here this one as ero shows ooo coo foo you co bond in it another thing about this nib is it is an awesome awesome no flex writer and it's soft enough that without trying you will get a little bit of flair to your writing if you don't just a little bit extra pressure I like to think too it's good for like a dark gray and it's good for nice shading all right the final pen and I have chosen to display is very popular brand this wednesday at watermans 12 I have a normal number of waterman's flex pens at this point this one is the most flexible that I have this pen is a smooth hard rubber smooth at night with the silver here pocket clip nickel trim pocket clip it's a push fit cap this pen is in really good shape it's pretty dark slightly faded but good chasing pretty dark the nib on this pen is absolutely spectacular it's like none I've used it's incredibly soft you can barely write with the pen without flexing with it what's awesome about it is it looks like any other number to watermans nip this nib is not cut you know it's a full-size Waterman's nib it is ridiculously soft it's really cool throughout with this pen will write three millimeters if you really push it i do not do that with it but it will do it it has no problem writing two and a half good old 12 at work again roar and cleaner out gold gruene and this pen is unbelievably flexible it's very difficult to write with it without flexing that right there is just retarded I mean those are you know these dots are five millimeters apart it just drops like you know that's not pushing very hard and those are at least two millimeters alone it literally is like a paintbrush it you can tell it's metal obviously but it's the same as writing with a paintbrush really cool love this pen love my 12 anyway those are a few of the most flexi pens that I have in my collection thank you for watching like I said many of these will be for sale on my youtube or my ebay channel account soon so keep an eye out for them I have a lot of other flex pens to that are right in the same ballpark was very difficult to choose even these five so again thanks for watching I'll see you next time copthorne hotel cameron highlands hantu State University of New York Maritime College.

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