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Write for me capstone paper titles cheap

Write for me capstone paper titles cheap write for me capstone concrete pulaski write my creative writing on death penalty plz ´╗┐okay so my review today is of Winco Golf Course in Oxford Pennsylvania now this course popped up on my radar screen because I was on golf now looking for some decent hot deals and I have a dilemma now there are some courses that I want to play that I know I want I know the courses that I want to play and the question is can I get a tee time can I get a hot deal on them and so I was fishing for tee times of high feels like Eisenhower is a they want you to play twos so you know you can't it's hard to get a single on this on Eisenhower that's a hot deal Blackrock some other courses you know Reston national I'm sort of in a position where I'm I've played a lot of the courses in the area and now I'm charting I'm starting to have to pick and choose which courses I want to play versus just picking a course or that the first convenient course that I see in golf now although I'm doing there's still a lot of courses that haven't played so it's not like impossible do that so what I ended up doing was I was searching through the hot deals and I found this course it just popped up it was a hundred and forty slope it was a five-star course wind coat in in Oxford Penn something up Pennsylvania so no I said I've been this is this is sort of like you know that part like Star Wars where you realize that you know the dark stars out there pince going out to Pennsylvania to play is something that's always been on my radar but it's been on like just over the horizon so sure enough you know this course comes up it's a 140 course so I can't pass up a 140 course with a $38 hot deal and so fine book it luckily it's just over the border it's not that far you know it's like like in central Pennsylvania or something it's just northwest of however degrees on Route one a two hour drive no problem to get to I go up there and it's rolling farmland it's sort of the horses half rolling farmland and another half is around and behind some McMansion style places with a pretty decent amount of laying up there around each house the houses are not actually on the course they're closed and most of the holes are in a valley right behind the clubhouse nice Clubhouse certainly had good food good dogs good dining area good sort of place behind the clubhouse I mean it's all right it's it's nice you know kind of scale but not bad showers everything not a complaint about that at all so the thing is it was a bright bright bright day there's virtually no tree cover on the course there's certainly some trees it's not like there's it's barren it's all farming and there's some trees in some places but most of the course is just wide open in terms of sunlight you know you can see most of the other holes you can hear unfortunately everything going on within like a mile of the course and unfortunately as I found out with most a lot of these upscale courses tend to have greens keepers running around the course when it's your play during the week which is unbelievably obnoxious there's one thing I really hate when I play golf is having somebody who's not playing not part of the group I'm playing with or even any other group sitting there and goofing around and running around the course I hate that I hate that it was about as bad as I've ever seen I mean Beth when I played Bethpage Black that was the worst no question with the green they were just everywhere but here um and I was on a Friday this was a Monday there were two greens keep the first hole in a 10th hole shared green there's a lake next to green there are two Greens keepers in net lake fishing for balls the whole round until I literally drove by them while I was going up to the 10th green and said dude you guys are obnoxious as hell it sucks playing a hole with green keepers on it the first couple holes I was having to deal with the guys cutting the grass okay on the first fair on the rough in the first and on the tee box on the second got past that calm down a little bit and it was you know okay from there I can't say that this layout is really brilliant I can't say it's highly entertaining but it's decent and if you combine the copious waste and I mean you will see a lot of waste in this course with the fairly tight fairways the modest verticality and whatever wind you know there is out there it can it's quite a challenge to keep your balls out of that waste let's put that way I mean I even if you're a fairly decent I think you're gonna find in a challenge because it you always have that choice between hitting long and hitting short hitting left center or right playing cut shots trying to hit a straight shot you know how much of the fairway do you try to bite off off the tee you know how many shots do you take to the green do you take two or do you go for it in two or do you take three lay up and go for three you know do you try to go for the green or do you hit short you know and it's it's a challenge every it that course accentuates every difficulty associated with golf that's why it's so tough it takes a regular golf round and sort of cranks in a couple of degrees of difficulty not that it the layout is tough or you know or that and but but certainly there are some holes where the there's no question there are a couple of two or three-year holes on their course where the layout is tough no question about it but even then I wouldn't say it was really tough in terms of a layout it's a fairly modest layout it just requires you to consistently hit good shots time and time and time again or lose your ball period and and and I think that is the thing about it I wouldn't say that it was a really hard course I wouldn't say it's a really interesting course I'd say it's a decent course it is above average difficulty no question about it it's long enough 7,200 yards in the back tees it earns I think it certainly earns a 140 slope in a decent manner in a respectable manner it doesn't make you take goofy shots or play goofy holes or or have a lot of slope like dag the slope left to right on the fairway it doesn't have these you know giant vertical shots it's a respectable course it's an honest course it's a decent course and if it didn't have those damn Creek keepers out there I probably had a much better time I I can only say I hope when if you come up and play it you don't have the same problem the houses were certainly there you can certainly see him but they weren't on the course thank God I didn't have any you know didn't have to hit out anybody's backyard like I had to his South Riding you know um and I've had to do that at a few other courses also not a problem here there's there's copious amounts of waste between the course in the houses there's OB you know keeping fear not just OB off the cart path but OB OB solid OB although you do see some of it in in the middle of the course which is kind of strange it's a good course I I have to get this course at least to be I can't quite give it a b-plus certainly not an A due to the limited views I mean it's there's ok views not great views the and the limited sort of entertainment value of the course itself and the greenskeeper fouling I'm not going to give it an a it's it's a beep a solid P course that's wind coke golf course in Oxford Pennsylvania a good round bring a hat or you will get Bates and certainly I think it's an enjoyable round a good challenge but not at any course no it's not that good and while it is a solid B course it's not an A course I certainly think it's not a beginner's course you you have to if you bring a beginner out there I think even even a moderate amateur I mean I'm sort of like an intermediate they're gonna have a rough time with this course it's real easy to lose your ball on this course and then if the wind kicks up it's just a terror not an easy course wind Coast golf course in Oxford Pennsylvania coursera data science capstone final project github Watson School of Biological Sciences, at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

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