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Write for me capstone mining investor relations

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mean it's it's just it's one of those things what he basically said that when he played him you know you can kind of tell when players are really strong and he said like as he was playing him he could just sense something about Snake Eyes yes being really really fundamentally sound you know I mean some definitely agree yeah very it's the cool story you know just how his play style just really speaks for itself when you play against him you know a lot of people probably watching like you know I might be able to fight snake eyes and let you fight him and all of a sudden just welcome to this kind of like wall and you're like okay yeah okay well we're gonna move on in the winter side the next round it is infiltration on the right with that display lecture and his opponent is a no one Strider again this is a top-security match here this is a really interesting I don't know what to make of this ah traditionally the counter pick was in the opposite direction a Ryu player would get counter 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done nothing oh okay pressure now for Strider oh he didn't do a step kick before in filtration called it out when he did very nice oh nice using the armor to blow up the safe job oh no ultra that's really interesting psych infiltrator wasn't expecting that stray right but I mean if you used I mean I think Ultra one from 8-ball it deals with fireballs really well so just not bringing out any except for in those those tense situation and again oh wow just I mean that's not a punished by the way Strider could can't block their mm-hmm but he just caught him off-guard it might be that Strider is going for the regular command grab which is throw invincible but it does have a little bit of startup get out of it right that might be what infiltration is tagging him on of course the counter to that has able you just do exe that one is not throw invincible but it is hit invincible will see well he's gonna stick with able because you know he's comfortable with this map Oh Oh oh yeah it's just in 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education Rochester Institute of Technology.

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