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Write for me capstone logistics new orleans

Write for me capstone logistics new orleans write for me capstone classic naacp annual financial report forms ´╗┐hey what's going on everyone my name is mundane Matt and in 2015 we have seen a high amount of shootings in the United States as well as what seems to be a number of police infractions against civilians or perceived infractions really however in this particular case 14 did the other and I wanted to talk about that so in spotsylvania county right and this is in Virginia police have said that they stopped a planned school shooting attack now that's not something you get to hear very often because most of the time the people who do this sort of thing end up carrying it out before they're stopped right I mean in some cases people have stepped up and said something that they saw that was suspicious and it's been able to maybe thwart one or two attempts but the overwhelming majority complete their goals and that sucks at least now loss of life has been prevented so at the river bend high school in spotsylvania county to students are currently being held at a juvenile detention center one is a 15-year old and one is a 17 year old the police have not released their names what happened was is these two boys had come up with a plan to phone in a bomb threat and then basically stand outside of the school and just start opening fire on people as they were running out right and what happened was as a school resource officer caught wind of this and arrested the 17 year old male originally over making a threat on the internet that's how it came to his attention is you know the guy had made a threat someone reported that threat to the resource officer the resource officer then came and arrested him and then during the investigation they uncovered that a 15 year old was also linked to the planned attack and they had access to weapons that they said they would use in the incident most likely being weapons their parents owned and right now police are saying that no other suspects are believed to be involved the police captain says we stopped them cold and you know they did they did we don't know when they were going to do this because the timing wasn't mentioned but they were planning this and it's been stopped it's been thwarted by people who were paying attention and saying something when they saw something and I don't know about you guys but I'm like really really really happy that this particular plot was foiled and it really makes you wonder how many people out there are talking about these potential situations right both realistically and and you know just for shits and giggles like when I went to school I was a junior in high school when Columbine happened right and you know people in my high school are freaking out the next day they banned trenchcoats I'm not even kidding you they banned trench coats one kid or a business suit to school every single day complete with a beige trench coat and they suspended him because he wore what he always wore every single day you know and he then became a greaser I shit you the fuck not he literally changed his appearance 180 started wearing leather jackets with studs right like combing his hair like that I think even as a yearbook photo for being a senior was him dressed as a greaser as a subtle fuck you too high school and I completely get that we need to be more vigilant for these kind of things right and it's difficult in today's current society to do that it is it really is difficult to do that in today's society because a lot of it does feel like shit posting especially when you come across these particular shooters that post on 4chan and other anonymous message boards like the guy behind the Umpqua Community College shooting allegedly had posted to 4chan and then people were egging them on but then again you go to 4chan you're like look I want to shove this potato up my anus and there are people that they're going to be like pics or it didn't happen you know oh you posted pics put another one up there faggot or something like that like they're going to kind of egg you on in these situations so it's really hard to determine what is legitimate and what is illegitimate right but at least in this particular case they had an actual threat online to pull from they were able to then investigate it further and discover that there was an actual plot that was being developed at that moment in time and I am really really really glad that they stop this um you know in my opinion these type of events are more of a mental health issue than a gun control issue and I've been saying this for a long time and I really hope that what they what they tell these kids that they could have gotten help what this shows anyone who might be thinking the same thing that you know like one way or the other you're not going to come out on top you know what I mean you're not going to come out ahead at the end of this situation there's no winners here you know you're not going to be immortalized on a plaque somewhere there's not they're not going to put you on a statue in front of a courthouse building or something like that this is not going to happen eventually the more and more and more of these shootings that we see the fewer names that we remember because they become so commonplace right you know the kid from Umpqua can we remember his name no I can't write Charlie's Charles something I have no idea okay but back in nineteen ninety seven before Columbine there was a shooting in springfield oregon by kid named Kip Kinkel I remember that name because at the time it was oh you know still unheard of or it was so rare that when these events happened the media swarmed on it this year there's been so many attacks by by mentally deranged individuals that we just stopped getting their names unless it's something that is unique and different right we remember Dylan roof because it's a white kid that walking to a black church and shot it up we remember James Holmes because he dressed as the Joker went into a movie theater and shot it up and I'm not saying that people need to find you know better targets I'm not saying that at all I'm just saying it's like when you start seeing these events happening more and more and more and more and more you tend to just kind of lump them all together and fail to remember the people's names and ultimately the people who are doing this want that level of tension and and it just you know they keep saying if we don't give them give out these peoples names they don't get that level of attention than other copy cats aren't gonna pop up and I think at this point we've learned that that doesn't happen people are going to do this kind of shit regardless so at the end of this I'm very glad that police were vigilant I'm very glad that people said something when they saw something and I'm very glad that these kids at this high school are alive to see another day and I think if more people at least say something because these kids in my opinion at least they're putting something out there's a cry for help they're putting something out there as a way to to get attention right and so they're gonna slip up they're gonna say something and I think it was even Columbine there was supposed to be more kids than just the two and they just didn't go to school that day but no one said anything right so it's one of those issues where it's like people who haven't said something have have possibly you know have led to helped lead to the death of many others at least in this particular case that didn't happen so that's really fucking good but those are just my thoughts what are yours let me know in the comments below and as always please remember to thumbs up the video subscribe to the channel share it around and if you like what I do here please consider supporting my channel in other ways links below in the video description thank you guys again have yourself a great day and peace out capstone turbine corporation investor relations order Metropolitan College of New York.

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